Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 93

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 93: A problem that originated a year ago

"Is that really okay?"

Noah touched the gun currently strapped to his waist, it\'s currently concealed by his coat.

"Including the modified gun and the varanium bullets, it is sure to cost a fortune no? Is it alright for me to receive this for free?"

"Since she said it\'s good then you should just accept it in kind yea?"

Rentaro said in an indifferent manner.

"I mean, look at me, she\'s sponsoring me, what\'s so surprising about sponsoring someone who is 210 times stronger than me? Moreover, I am pretty sure you can do more than just shoot with eyes closed, you didn\'t even use the close combat techniques you used to dominate Enju. I reckon your true strength should have been something more than 500 times so if Miori really let you go like that then she\'s not the Miori I am familiar with."

It\'s common for prominent civil defense officers to get sponsored by arms dealing companies. It\'s actually a win-win for both parties although it would seem the officer is getting the most benefit out of the deal.

These arms dealing companies can use these outstanding civil defense officers as their poster child to promote their products, their business can also improve significantly depending on the fame of their sponsored officers.

Of course, the companies have proper procedures in place to vet sponsor candidates, these protocols are designed to be extremely stringent.

A year ago, the Tendou Civil Security Corporation was just starting out, they made an application expecting it to be shot down during the vetting phase but somehow they got approved even if they didn\'t have any real achievement under their name yet.

Noah isn\'t sure why the got approved either but since Rentaro is going through all this banter to convince him, he just smiled bitterly in response.

It\'s true, he could have a higher score if he used his martial skills but Rentaro made a slight mistake in regards to his no-eyes 360 headshots. Noah actually cheated during that part.

He wouldn\'t have been able to hit anyone if he didn\'t close his eyes.

Today is the first time he used a gun, he shouldn\'t have been able to achieve a 100% hit rate.

To avoid missing his shot, he fired up his godly sensory skills to gather information from all kinds of parameter like their relative positions, movement, possible moves, area, and other factors to compile a pseudo-real-time view of the battlefield much like a radar.

This is the reason how he could shoot with 100% accuracy.

He had his advanced sensory perceptions working for him, if he did not have them, he wouldn\'t have been able to hit a single target at all.

His bullet parries and godlike reload techniques are the real things though.

His shooting skills, unaided by his superhuman senses, would be slightly worse than trained experts.

Noah got turned into a more prominent poster child than Rentaro, something he is relieved about, she kept asking him if he needed anything more than the free guns and bullets. She also made him promise to come back if he wanted to resupply on ammo or other guns.

Rentaro asked something that had been bugging him.

"Actually, I\'ve been meaning to ask you, why did you approve of me as the promoter for Enu?"

Rentaro asked with a serious face.

"You are so strong, plus, you personally trained Enju. In my opinion, her ability as an initiator is top-notch, if you paired up with her, you could easily get into the top 300 in the IP ranking. You also don\'t have an initiator in the first place, why not make her your initiator?"

Noah stopped and he replied.

"I am going to shoot straight here, when I first saw you, not only did I object to making Enju your initiator, I was half a mind to kick your ass right out Fairy Tail\'s doors."


Rentaro gasped.

He probably expected a lot of answers but never this kind of response from Noah.


Noah stopped dramatically.

"You are from the Deprived generation aren\'t you?"

Rentaro flinched.

"I remember when you submitted an application for an initiator, I also remember what you looked like when I called you in for an interview."

"When you talked about Initiator, your eyes didn\'t have any feelings at all, you were looking at the cursed children running around in Fairy Tail like animals. If I am not wrong, you were no different than those who either hate or are apathetic to cursed children."

Rentaro said nothing to deny his statement.

"The objective of Fairy Tail was simple, made sure these kids had a normal life just like everyone else."

Noah said with an absolutely resolute tone.

"Even if there are children who wanted to become initiators, we made sure to look for promoters that will make sure to look after the cursed children. If they can\'t even do that, we will deny any applicant from further processing."

"Why did you choose me then?"

Rentaro asked.

"I wasn\'t qualified back then right?"

Rentaro\'s question drew a laughter from Noah, he closed his eyes.

"Do you know what attitude Enju had for other people aside from me and others of Fairy Tail?"

Rentaro stopped.

"Enju is hostile to basically anyone outside Fairy Tail, when you saw her personality, I saw your eyes."

Noah stopped.

"Rentaro, you had a change in perspective, I can see that you saw the world differently from that point on, a change normal people from the Deprived Generation wouldn\'t be able to experience."

"I decided to give you two a chance so that Enju who had always hated other people can learn about outsiders and change her attitude. It is also so that you have the chance to re-learn about these kids, to open up your mind!"

Noah looked at Rentaro and he grinned.

"I was right, you two bid farewell to the hatred in your hearts."


Rentaro bitterly laughed.

"I am in your debt…"

"Think nothing of it."

Noah laughed the matter off.

Ding Ring Ring

Noah and Rentaro\'s phone went off at the same time, their eyes changed instantaneously.