Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 92

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 92: Godlike skills

Noah\'s current scenario involves an armed conflict with 30 well-equipped hostiles, each of the hostiles are armed with modern firearms.

The terrain is also unfavorable for those with an inferior number, it\'s hard to move around and it\'s hard to defend an attack from multiple directions.

The hostiles are moving in a formation, using the dunes and barriers as shields, they also won\'t attack automatically.

The challenges here are not easily surmountable by anyone.

Not even a squad of 10 elite special assault squad members can beat the hostiles. This scenario presented a very formidable challenge. These squad members are more than strong enough to handle average promoters. A squad of special assault members are also tough targets for initiator-promoter pairs to handle.

At the start of this scenario, the participants will be confronted with multiple snipers from all directions. This is why nobody made it through this scenario even once.

"Hey Miori, Noah just wants to test the gun. Why did you throw him into this scenario, isn\'t it a bit much?"

Rentaro doubted Miori\'s judgment.

"If Noah got done in easily like this, he probably won\'t buy your products due to the disappointment, is that fine?"

"Rentaro, you don\'t have the slightest clue do you?"

Miori waved her fan while looking at Noah through the screen.

"It\'s the same as the first time I met you, I can feel that this man is not a simple man."

Rentaro said no more.


Miori laughed.

"I am looking forward to what this guildmaster can show me. Not to mention, that gun is quite an oddity."

The scene being displayed by the monitor made Miori froze up.

Noah is standing there with his eyes closed, he is not even getting into a battle-ready stance.

"Is-is he an idiot?!"

Rentaro and Miori cried out.

At the start of the scenario, he is going to get assaulted with bullets from multiple directions.

Does he think he can get through this with his eyes closed?

Is he suicidal?

The two of them are in for another surprise.

Bang bang bang bang

Just as predicted, shots were fired from different directions.

Fwish swish fwish

The sound of the sound barrier being broken could be heard.

Noah raised his head and he swung his gun around.

Ting tang ding dang

The gun in his hand transformed into a series of afterimages that deflected the incoming bullets with incredulous accuracy. The sparks are the only indication that bullets collided with the gun.


Rentaro and Miori got closer to the screen to get a better look.

Did he just block the bullets with a gun that had less than 50cm square in area?

He did that with his eyes closed?!

Is that even possible for a human?

Bang bang bang bang

Ting tang bing ding

Oblivious to the reactions Miori and Rentaro are experiencing, Noah kept blocking bullets like nobody\'s business.

The rain of bullets stopped after a minute or so.

Noah tightened his grip on the gun and he shot a round at a certain direction without any cue whatsoever.

He accurately did a headshot on one of the hostiles who popped up his head through one of the dunes. The soldier fell to the ground like a doll with its strings cut.

Bang bang bang bang

Noah didn\'t open his eyes. He spun around and shot at 5 different directions in almost an instant.

Another 5 soldiers got shot down before they can begin their next volley of attacks.

Noah opened his gun chamber before he tossed 6 bullets into the air to reload.

The bullets fell into the bullet chamber without any hitch like he had threw the bullets in the perfect trajectory and timing required. He snapped the bullet chamber back into place with a flick of his wrist.

He finished reloading and if anyone was recording, they would find that he only used 0.7 seconds to reload.

He kept popping heads like a kid with bubble wrap. He also parried bullets like a star, it\'s as if this is all a performance to him, he incorporated technique and finesse into his moves. Miori and Rentaro started doubting their eyes.


Rentaro can\'t find any other adjectives to describe his honest feeling.

"What is this? What is this I don\'t even…"

Miori is so excited from the intense fight that she can\'t sit down properly.

"There was a man like this in the world?"

Miori\'s modified revolver has ridiculous firepower but the ammo capacity, gun weight, and recoil made the gun virtually impossible for any human to handle.

It is a must for the operator to have the strength and technique to wield this gun to its maximum potential.

Judging by how Noah can shoot the gun consecutively while being unfazed by the recoil and weight, Rentaro and Miori knew he had the strength to wield it.

Noah also isn\'t impeded by the small ammo capacity due to his ridiculous 0.7 reload time.

It\'s as if this gun was made for Noah. Their affinity is through the roof.


The last of the hostiles went down just like his comrades.

Noah returned to the original room.

"Incredible! 21000%"

Miori yelled like a giddy schoolgirl. Noah had to cover his ears due to her sheer volume.

"What do you mean by 21000%"

It\'s an average of Satomi performance over 3 times of attempting this scenario. We use that as a basis for 100%, according to your numbers, you are performing 210 times better than Satomi!"

"210 times stronger huh?"

Noah looked at the gun with a satisfied look.

"Miori-san, I will be taking this gun."