Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 88

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 88: Tendo Minkan Keibi Gaisha, Tendo Civil Defense Corporation

Ding dong.

He heard the doorbell just as he exited the room. He used his extraordinary senses to gauge the person behind the door. He rolled his eyes when he figured out the identity of the person.

Noah opened the door and 3 figures entered his vision.

It\'s a pair of male and female teenagers aged around 16 to 17, there\'s also a young girl who looked like she\'s 10 or 11.

The young girl stood in front of the teenagers.

She had very fashionable small orange hooded-sweater with orange and red square designs on the inside. She also wore a thigh-length skirt held up by a large, thick belt. She had a pair of knee high boots on. Shaking at the side of her head appears to be knee-length ponytails tied by two large, black tags tying her hair with bunny designs printed on them. Oh, she had a sunny smile as well.

Can\'t say the same for the guy who looked like he could drop dead from fatigue behind her.

He had a western suit-esque student uniform. There\'s a school logo emblazoned on it. He had a gun at his waist, one look and one can tell he\'s no ordinary student.

The teenager behind is a real black-haired beauty.

Her jet black hair looked smooth and silky just like her lustrous skin, forming a beautiful constrast. She wore black sailor uniform.

The 3 of them appeared in front of Noah in this manner and they were smiling for some reason.

The little girl is smiling because that\'s just how perky and cute she is. The teenagers behind her, however, they look like they are going to ask for some type of favor judging by their sycophantic smiles.

Noah ignored the teenagers behind her and he greeted the little girl first.


"Guild master!"

Enju glomped Noah and she hung from Noah\'s arm.

"I missed you! Guild master!"

"Liar! I remember greeting you in class this morning!"

Noah mercilessly shot Enju down as he put her back down on the foor. He didn\'t care that she pouted t him. He patted her head.

"Uh Oh, looks like somebody has grown?"

Enju beamed up in an elated manner.

"Is it my breasts?!"

Noah gave her a good knock on the head.

"It\'s your height!"

"Hey hey hey! Guild master Noah!"

The female teenager who got ignored didn\'t seem to be amused. She pointed at herself and made her presence known.

"We are here as well! Yo!"

"Oh, it\'s you guys!"

Noah replied in an indifferent tone.

"Tendo-san, Rentaro-kun, long time no see."

"Don\'t call me Tendo, call me Kisara!"

Tendo creased her nose, she seemed a bit upset.

"Guild master Noah, you aren\'t doing this on purpose right?"

"I wonder."

Noah replied in his distant tone.

"I am sorry."

"Say, Noah, do you have to be this cold every time you see us?"

Rentaro said in a slightly frustrated tone.

"We are already friends with a year\'s history behind us, we are best friends by that definition right?"

"Then, dear old friends Satomi Rentaro and Tendo Kisara-san, to what do I owe this pleasure? Let me guess…"

Noah grinned.

"I am guessing that since Tendo Minkan Keibi Gaisha had close to zero sales last month, the trend should continue into this month. Thus, with no profit or sales to even justify your living expenses, you two are here to ask me for some jobs that were assigned to Fairy Tail."

Noah looked at Rentaro and Kisara who had frozed up, he narrowed his eyes at them.

"Is that on point?"


Rentaro and Kisara awkwardly laughed while Enju jumped up and down in joy.

"As expected of the guild master of Fairy Tail, you are correct!"

"I see."

Noah looked at Rentaro and Kisara.

"I would be hard-pressed to find another civil defense firm that would have to stoop so low as to ask for missions from another organization."

"Wh-, hey, what choice do we have?"

Kisara yelled.

"I blame this on my incompetent staff who can\'t build up a good reputation due to being so weak. Nobody wants to give us jobs!"

"Is that really so?"

Rentaro retorted.

"I think the issue starts with how our office is situated in the same block as a gay bar on the ground floor, an adult entertainment outlet on the second floor and a loan-shark firm on the fourth floor."

"If Satomi-kun is a great civil defense office then the customers won\'t care about that!"

Kisara glared at Rentaro before she used a business smile on Noah, forced as it may look.

"Come on, Fairy Tail gets a lot of mission every day right? Just a few mission is chump change to you guys right?"

Civil defense firms are mainly tasked with Gastrea-related missions.

Compared to pure civil defense firms, Fairy Tail is more generalized in its work.

Fairy Tail has dedicated facilities like schools, hospitals and housing units for cursed children. It also has an Initiator training program in place. Noah funds almost all part of the organization\'s work from his own pocket.

He got his finances by killing Gastreas and selling their bodies and parts to researchers.

Noah got his money and he used the majority of it on building Fairy Tail thus giving birth to Fairy Tail in this world.

When he got Fairy Tail up and running, he assigned Initiators to trusted and competent promoters, he then sent them out as agents of Fairy Tail to earn money and reputation. He did this continuously until Fairy Tail became what it is today.

Civil defense officers working as agents of civil defense firms usually get wages but their commissions are given to the company.

Noah decided to adopt Fairy Tail practices, he posted the jobs on a board and the officers decide which job they want to go on, they would get 70% of the job reward.

This modus operandi attracted a ton of external officers.

In this model, if one worked hard for Fairy Tail, they can earn a much better living than if they had worked for a typical firm.

Fairy Tail\'s great work had earned it the recognition of other big players in the field.

Fairy Tail is already a very well known civil defense firm in the Greater Tokyo Area.

It also explains why these 2 thick-faced individuals had appeared in front of him.


Kisara gave Rentaro a punch in the stomach.


Rentaro collapsed to the ground while hugging his stomach.

Kisara knelt down, she also didn\'t forget to press Rentaro\'s head down.

"We will abide by Fairy Tail\'s rule, we will only take 70% of the job\'s reward. Please give us some jobs or we are really going to starve to death!"

Noah sighed for a long time.