Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 87

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 87: Using unique physique to strengthen oneself

Tokyo Area 39, Fairy Tail…

Inside his own quarters, Noah tossed aside the cloth sack he always carried and he just let himself go on the sofa. He massaged his eyes, it\'s obvious that he\'s very tired.

Noah would rather fight Gastreas for a whole day than verbal arguments with Seitenshi and Kikunojo.

It\'s frankly very tiring on the mind.

Even after a year of being harassed, Noah didn\'t want to go through this at all.

In one year\'s time, he had already more or less grasped the sinister side of a human\'s heart. In this world of despair, he had realized how Fairy Tail is a paradise compared to his days in this world.

Noah started missing Fairy Tail and the comrades he grew up with.

Due to Noah\'s influence, Fairy Tail came into existence in this world.

Noah is going to protect this Fairy Tail as if it\'s the same one on his old world.

Getting tired or criticized is par of the course, the important thing is that he protects Fairy Tail and what it stands for.

"Screw it, I am not going to think about it."

Noah rubbed his temples and then he stood up while heading towards the door to a certain room.


Opening the door, Noah entered the room.

It\'s a dark room with very low illumination.

There are no windows or lights here.

In this dark room, there\'s an apparatus about as tall as an average male adult.

Inside that apparatus is a thumb-sized vial.

It\'s filled with an unknown liquid, it\'s bubbling as if it\'s boiling.

If there\'s an expert here on Gastrea, the expert would no doubt recognize it as processed Gastrea virus.

It\'s not something taken out of Gastrea monsters. It\'s the virus in its purest most potent form.

Normally, humans and other complex lifeforms are infected through the blood.

Gastrea virus can\'t infect people through the air. If it did, there would be no more humans in this world.

However, the Gastrea virus is still in the air.

The experts found out that certain strands of the virus can be found in the air. Once it enters the host, it will not induce transformation, this has been proven through countless less than humane experiments.

It might not cause transformation into Gastrea monsters. but a different type of infection occurs that does not result in the death of the host.

If a pregnant woman inhales Gastrea virus, her fetus would inherit some Gastrea traits.

The cursed children are mainly born this way.

This apparatus extracts the Gastrea virus in the air and collects them into a concentrated solution.

The thumb-sized vial contains at least 100 different strains of Gastrea virus.

With such a concentrated solution, if anyone even so much as come into contact with less than 1 milligram of this stuff, said victim would turn into a monster in no time.

Noah knew about its effect.

However, Noah is about to do something that would make anyone watching faint in surprise.

Noah reached out and retrieved a syringe attachment from underneath the vial. He stuck it into his arm without any hesitation.

The liquid inside the vial entered Noah through the syringe.


His eyes shook and for a moment there, his eyes turned a deep shade of red.

Those eyes are identical to the ones cursed children have.

Throb throb

His heart raced faster and faster.


His body released a surprising amount of heat and his vision started blurring. Even his senses are telling him that his limbs are going to expand beyond their mortal limit.


As his muscles all felt like they are going to spontaneously burn, the syringe in his arm shot out like a bullet, having been rejected by his body.


He can feel his chest expanding, even his bones are rubbing against each other.

The virus strengthened Noah in a way that would seem impossible to other humans.

The cursed children got their regenerative power and strength from the Gastrea virus in them.

The cursed children also got special powers from the animalistic trait contained in the virus.

With over 100 different strands of Gastrea in him, the strengthening effects are at least a 100 times that of a cursed children. Not to mention, the different animalistic traits he had absorbed through the concentrated solution.

If Noah continues on this path, common sense would dictate that he would turn into one of the Gastrea. However, only Noah knows that he won\'t turn into one.

The next instant, his belief is proven to be true.


His body finally settled down after a bit of time, his trembling body had finally stopped.

His red eyes also faded back into its original black color.


Noah released a sigh of relief. He examined his arm and his strengthened body.

"My body surprises even me…"

Noah\'s body had special features.

One of it allows him to negate negative effects on his body including poison and toxins.

Under this effect, the virus can\'t transform him and got neutralized, it can\'t even lay dormant in his body as it is deemed a foreign harmful material.

Instead, Noah\'s body kept the strengthening effects and the animalistic traits carried by the different strains.

Within the span of a year, Noah had injected himself with this concentrated Gastrea injection at least once a month. He utilized his body\'s unique feature to assimilate more power.

Even as he is busy with Fairy Tail\'s operation, his strength had grown tremendously.

He returned the vial to the apparatus and let it continue filtering the air for Gastrea virus. Noah exited the room as he had no further business here, until 1 month later, of course.

Ding dong

As if waiting for this, someone rang Noah\'s doorbell.