Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 85

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 85: Noah is a threat to this world?


The door slammed shut as if to make it known to everyone in the room.

Noah ignored this obvious attempt to scare him. He looked at the two other individuals aside from him.

1 male and 1 female.

The one that got his attention the most would be the pale-skinned lady sitting on the expensive-looking sofa.

She looked about the same age as Noah, maybe 1 or 2 years younger even.

She had a fancy white dress that looked like she\'s wearing a bridal gown. She also had a sunhat that had white flowers as decorations. Her overall appearance easily attracted everyone\'s eyes to her.

Porcelain-white skin, slightly curled hair that reaches her shoulder, and perfect facial structure, it\'s as though some painter took a long time to come up with this beautiful design. Noah reckons that nobody could ignore her even if they wanted to.

Noah narrowed his eyes at this beautiful girl who is as fair as the snow.

It\'s not the lady\'s real name.

It\'s a designation passed down like an inheritance to people who are occupying the same office as her.

10 years ago, amidst the threat posed by Gastrea, Japan was split into 5 areas.

This young lady who is about the same as Noah governs the Tokyo area where Noah is currently operating in.

The other male is someone who looked like he is way past the age of 70. He had a stern expression and a firm posture that supported his fit build. He wore a white haori and a pair of hakama. This man is in charge as an aide to Seitenshi, he holds considerable political influence as a result of this position,

These 2 people are the individuals with the strongest political powers in Tokyo area.

Noah subconsciously scanned the two of them who each had considerable control over the political sphere in Tokyo before he approached them.

Looks like they were waiting for Noah to approach. Seitenshi greeted him first.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance, guildmaster of Fairy Tail, Dreyar-san."

"The feeling\'s mutual."

Noah said in a curt manner. He diverted his attention towards Tendou Kikunojou.

"But, I can\'t say the same for this one over here."

The mood fell to freezing point. Kikunojou stared back at Noah, their gazes look like it could generate sparks any moment now.

Noah had already met Kikunojou on multiple occasions.

Fairy Tail was built in the Outer regions of Tokyo Area, an organization founded by Noah that changed the tragic lives of many cursed children, a sanctuary for those who are persecuted in an unjust manner by the world.

This old man who looked as upright as he is uptight is someone who Fairy Tail will never get along with.

Ten years ago, the Gastrea War brought humanity to its knees.

Some 8 billion humans were curled down to a tenth of the original population. One can only imagine how many friends and families were lost to the Gastrea.

Those who lived to tell the tale knew just how terrifying the creatures are, the loved ones they took from them. It is only natural that these survivors would come to hate anything Gastrea, the cursed children are probably abominations in their eyes and these survivors are to a greater or lesser extent, discriminatory towards the treatment of these cursed children.

Kikunojou belonged to the Deprived generation.

His wife died at the hands of the Gastrea.

He absolutely loathes Gastrea and cursed children. Needless to say, this guy hates Noah for gathering and protecting so many cursed children, he also didn\'t like Fairy Tail.

In one year, Fairy Tail encountered multiple attempts to destroy it through illicit or underhanded means.

Maybe the incidents were in some ways related to Kikunojou. Regardless, Noah had grown from being surprised by the devious plots to adapting to them and retaliating against his aggressors.

Tendou Kikunojou didn\'t want Noah\'s life, but if it meant destroying Fairy Tail, he would resort to murdering Noah.

Noah didn\'t hate Kikunojou.

However, he has a lot to say about his discriminatory practices and his attempts that placed cursed children at risk of death. Given the chance, Noah would not hesitate to sabotage Kikunojou.

They aren\'t old colleagues, they are more like nemesis.

"I would like to praise Noah-san for solidifying Fairy Tail\'s foundation in just a year."

Seitenshi who more or less knew about their grievances sought to change the subject.

"Presently, the other 4 areas aside from Tokyo Area has heard about Fairy Tail. They are even rumors of cursed children braving grave perils to reach Fairy Tail through traversing the unexplored areas. This is news I find most surprising."


Noah knew what Seitenshi is doing, he called her out.

"I do believe you didn\'t call me here just to praise me, isn\'t that right?"

"I do have some matters to discuss with you."

Noticing that Noah is pressuring her to stop beating around the bush, she gave up trying to veil her intentions.

"Noah-san, I take it that you are aware of Fairy Tail\'s impact on all 5 areas of Japan?"

"As of now, Fairy Tail is a familiar name everyone in Japan is aware of. They know it\'s an organization for the cursed children and an organization which seeks to integrate cursed children into society sans the discrimination in hopes of them living a normal life."

Tendou Kikunojou supplemented.

"The news of your organization has even breached international borders. Countless Cursed Children are responding to this."


Noah replied in a plain tone.

"And? What of it?"


Seitenshi used an emotionless expression to continue.

"Have the International Initiator Supervising Organization been in contact with you, multiple times for that matter?"

Noah didn\'t say anything to deny it.

IISO, its acronym is an organization that manages and pairs up initiators (the brawn) and the promoters (the brain).

"Noah-san your increasing intake of cursed children is impeding the work of IISO."

Seitenshi said in a stern tone.

"Rather, your actions are posing a threat to this world."