Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 80

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 80: A world plagued by despair

The sky is grey.

The land is red.

The forests are rotten.

The buildings are dilapidated.

The stench in the air would people pinch their noses.

Roars that belonged to neither tiger nor wolves would come intermittently. The whole place gave people one ominous and more importantly, it imparted a feeling no one would ever want to feel.


Gazing upon this desolate hell of a place. Noah frowned as he stood upon the ghoulish red ground.

"What the hell is going on with this world?"

Yes, with one glance, Noah could tell this is a completely different world from the one he is in.

There is no Fairy Tail here. No magnolia, no trustee comrades he could count on, no place he belonged.

For him, he is as much a stranger to this world as this world is to him.

Of course, he had already made up his mind to help those feathers return to their original form. This is what he signed up for, there is no time for astonishment or panic.

But, Noah felt a bit troubled after entering this world. He hoped this world is an exception, he didn\'t want every world he enters from now on to look like this world.

Now, just what suffused this world with so much despair?

"Could it be, I entered an incomplete world as opposed to an organized one?"

That shouldn\'t be the case, he did touch an intact feather, as tattered as it might be, theoretically, this world lacked nothing.

Moreover, the other feathers gave him some information.

There are incomplete worlds but these worlds are to some extent, destroyed. It\'s questionable whether or not he can enter in the first place. Even if he could he would most likely perish the moment he entered.

These worlds usually lack air, water, or food, or even life. Unless he can find some method to fix these worlds, these worlds might as well be hell.

This is the reason why Noah thought this world was an incomplete one.

The despair in the air is too great. Moreover, he looked at a certain direction where an object of intrigue laid.

He clenched the cloth sack he had. In the direction he looked at there was a metropolis of some sort.

Why the uncertainty you say?

The metropolis looked different than the ones he had in mind. There are black obelisks that stretched into the clouds surrounding the city.

He let his vision stay fixed on the gigantic city before he sighed.

"It would seem this is quite the world I am embroiled in…"

Noah slapped his cheeks to perk himself up.

"No matter what, there are people there so I should be able to gather some useful intel on what this world is like!"

The worlds cannot interact with each other.

Even if a part of world X is stuck in world Y, World X can\'t retrieve the part from World Y to return itself to proper form.

If they could, Noah wouldn\'t need to go retrieve the feathers stuck in other worlds.

What would this [Fragment of a world] look like? Noah had no concrete answer to that question.

They could be in physical form scattered somewhere in a world. They could be hidden in another object. They could also only be found through tedious combing. Moreover, some feathers will only appear when a certain condition is met.

In conclusion, to find the [world fragment], it would take him anywhere from one day to a few dozen years depending on his luck.

What Noah needs to right now is to gather more info.

If he received any intel even remotely related to the [World Fragment], he would be pinged by the current world thereby making the tracking process easier.

For instance, when he got hold of the information related to Tenrou Island, he got pinged by that world and he got sent into the dream world where he saw where the feather laid.

Without some form of lead not even the current world can help Noah track down where the [World Fragment] is.

In other words, Noah\'s role is like that of a detective, he needs to enter the world where a [World Fragment] is and obtain information before the current world can help Noah pinpoint the location of the feather.

Noah\'s existence would look like he\'s…

"Born to find the [World Fragments] huh?…"

Noah had a very complicated look as he sighed a few times.

"So, in the end, I left Fairy Tail only to find that the possible explanation for my existence is something so depressing."

Noah didn\'t hate idea, a surprising finding to him.

The feathers were like innocent children, sweet and pure, how could he have abandoned them?

"Alright, maximum effort!"

Alas, trouble found Noah.


A sharp sound came from underneath him and suddenly the ground he stood upon shook.


Noah turned on his serious mode and he jumped 20 meters into the air.


A gigantic figure burst out from the ground he was standing on, the figure sent gravel and soil into the air as it emerged. A minor dust storm spread around the immediate area.

Noah looked down at it before his pupil constricted.


A 4-5 meter monster that looked like a hose with veins mixed with snake and plant had appeared. It had no skin and had a predatorial plant head. This thing which came out screeching swallowed a lot of gravel just by smacking its lips lined with sharp teeth.

If Noah hadn\'t dodged, he would have been chewed up just like the gravel in the monster\'s mouth, drowned in an unknown liquid which seemed to cover the entirety of the monster\'s mouth before being sent into its abyssal stomach.


Noah laughed with a bit of an angry undertone.

"Not bad!"

Noah flipped around in the air and he kicked against the air to propel himself down towards the monster.


When he closed the distance between the monster and himself, he unleashed a dropkick on the disgusting monster\'s head.


He destroyed the weird 5-meter monster with a reptilian body and plant head by bursting the monster\'s head with a kick.


The monster\'s black blood and innards scattered around the vicinity, it twitched for a brief while before it stopped moving completely.

"This isn\'t a demonic beast is it?"

Noah examined the innards and he smelled the unpleasant odor they gave off. He couldn\'t endure it so he pinched his nose and he looked at the city with huge black obelisks around it.

"It looks like my guess was spot on. This world is really messed up…"