Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 77

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 77: Get stronger, then come and challenge me again


The shockwave from the fight expanded outwards and assailed the spectators.


Feeling the weight of Natsu\'s punch, Noah uttered a low roar and he started channeling some of his gargantuan magic power, he concentrated them around his arm.

With the augmentation provided by his magic power, Noah\'s arm bulged up and turned really burly.

He swung his arm and an explosive force surged forth from his arm. This force traveled along his cloth sack and finally, it met the opposing force coming fro Natsu\'s punch.


The sudden surge of force made a minor explosion sound when the two opposing forces met.

Natsu\'s flames got dissipated by the sheer power of his strike much to Natsu\'s surprise.


Noah didn\'t even stop, he seized the exact moment Natsu flinched and he threw his cloth sack at him.


Clad in magic power, the cloth sack approached Natsu\'s face with incredulous momentum.

At such a close distance, even if Natsu\'s reflex is good, it won\'t be enough for him to avoid this hit. When he finally recovered from his stunned state, the cloth sack is already growing in size in his field of vision as it approached him.


Natsu growled and he leaned backward and he did a backflip, lashing out with his feet. Flames appeared around his feet.

Natsu kicked at the cloth sack with his flaming legs.


With a metallic sound, both Natsu and the cloth sack were sent flying backward.


Noah grabbed the cloth sack.

Meanwhile, Natsu landed hard on the ground and bounced up before he could steady himself with one knee to the ground and hands firmly anchoring himself.

It is immediately apparent who had the upper hand here.

Natsu is doing everything he can, he wasted his magic power with his frenzied attacks. He\'s basically using 120% of his power at the moment.

Noah hadn\'t even unsheathed his arming sword let alone use his magic. He did not use his sword skills on Natsu as well. Instead, he used only the cloth sack enhanced with magic power. With his cloth sack, he used simple attack patterns against Natsu. Noah had yet to show his unbridled power.

Natsu at his 120% and Noah who probably haven\'t reached 10% yet. The result: Natsu is at a disadvantage after a few bouts.

Can one even call this kind of duel a battle?

"So strong…"

Natsu knew just how big the gap is between Noah and him. He clenched his fists, his eyes wavering just like his spirit, soon, his body trembled as well.

The Fairy Tail members were shocked by just how strong Noah is and they started pitying Natsu.


Happy murmured with tears at the corner of his eyes. He looked like he is going to cry because he can\'t watch this go on anymore.

Mira, Erza, Lisanna, Gray and the other kids stayed silent as they watched the proceedings.

Makarov watched the battle from start until now, he glanced at Noah who hadn\'t broken a sweat yet and he looked at Natsu. Makarov looked glad about how things turned out.

"Natsu, you should thank Noah. He gave you the motivation to grow stronger as a parting gift…"

Noah looked at Natsu who is still trembling while clenching his fists.


the sudden shout made Natsu flinch and he looked at Noah with a stupefied expression.

"Get stronger!"

He ignored his dumbfounded expression and he plainly continued.

"We will have another round when the time comes!"

Life started returning to his face, he also stopped trembling as he revealed a wide smile.

"You\'re strong just like I expected!"

Natsu lowered his arms while he stared at Noah with blazing hot eyes.

"We are going to duke it out next time!"

Noah closed his eyes, he didn\'t bother to hide the smile on his face.

The Fairy Tail members finally knew what is happening.

It\'s plain as day, Natsu gave up.

"The result!"

Makarov declared.

"It\'s Noah\'s victory!"


Everybody cheered without any reserve.


Happy dived into Natsu\'s chest, he asked him with a worried expression.

"Are you alright?"

"Oh you betcha!"

Natsu nodded. He looked at Noah who stood among the gathered crowd. He mumbled with renewed vigor.

"Say, Happy."


Happy looked at Natsu.

"I want to grow stronger!"

Natsu declared with a stern but cheerful tone.

"Stronger than anybody!"

"Aye, sir!"

"If it\'s Natsu we are talking about then there won\'t be any problem!"

"Isn\'t that right?"

Natsu guffawed.

Noah looked at Natsu and he had a newfound respect for Natsu.

Sure, he might not be as strong as Mira or Erza. He\'s definitely weaker than Laxus but from their fight, he had a hunch about him.

If there\'s anyone from this guild who could surpass Noah, it would most likely be Natsu.

Noah had faith in him.


While everybody is celebrating after the duel, somewhere above the floor, a few figures lurked.

Looking down at the group with condescending eyes is a normal routine for Laxus.

By his side, Fried, Bixlow, and Evergreen could see just how tense Laxus is at the moment. He\'s clenching his hands on his arm so hard they are worried he might hurt himself.

"That Noah."

Fried used a grave tone.

"He managed to subdue Natsu without magic, weapons or taking the offensive lead, he merely relied on passive retaliation."

"By the way, Natsu has improved quite a lot!"

Bixlow said in awe.

"With his strength, he could beat the three of us in 1 v 1 fights!"

"I am not interested in Natsu!"

Evergreen said.

"I am more interested in finding out just how strong Noah is!"

Laxus turned around and headed towards another direction without saying anything.


The Raijinshu called out and they chased after him.

Laxus didn\'t stop for his tribe members. He left the guild with a menacing line.

"When you come back, I will show everyone that I am the strongest one!"