Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 72

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 72: The key to understanding one\'s own origin

Noah hesitated at the sight of Mavis who had her curious pair of green eyes trained on him, examining him from about a meter away.

"My name\'s Noah! Noah Dreyar!"

Noah introduced himself first.

The intrigue within Mavis\' eyes grew more intense.

"Dreyar? A descendant of?"

Noah who was in doubt of Mavis\' identity became slightly confused.

Yuri Dreyar is a familiar name to him. That\'s the name of the father of Noah\'s grandfather, the father to the current Guild Master, Makarov\'s father.

In other words, Yuri Dreyar is Noah\'s adoptive great-grandfather.

Noah didn\'t deny it and he nodded in a plain manner.

"Yuri is my great-grandfather, his son is the one who adopted me, the current Guild Master of Fairy Tail, Makarov. He is the one who adopted me as his adoptive grandson."

"I see…"

Mavis beamed up like she\'s very pleased to hear about all this news.

"Fairy Tail has become a pretty interesting place to even have someone so mysterious in nature as you among the members."


Noah continued to ask her.

"Are you really the first guild master?"

"I am!"

Mavis nodded energetically as if to increase her trustworthiness.

"Although I am technically nothing more than a spirit at the moment!"

"Spirit, huh?"

Noah went silent because he wasn\'t sure what to say.

Should he be suspicious about her? But, he can\'t say for sure spirits don\'t exist.

Trust her? She\'s giving off a strangely amicable vibe, completely different from one who left so many legends as the founder of Fairy Tail.

There were a lot of other questions he wanted to ask her so he wasn\'t sure where to start.

Although Noah had his questions, Mavis clearly didn\'t.

Mavis tilted her head and smiled.

"I know, you\'re here for this thing right?"

Mavis lifted her hand and a crystal ball like object descended down from the skies as it landed in her hand.

Throb throb

The moment the crystal ball appeared, Noah\'s heart jumped and it was audible to others without the need to put their heads on his chest.


The crystal ball emanated radiant light in response as well.

The source of the brilliant light seemed to be a sentient one.

Mavis and Noah can feel joy coming from the source.

The thing floating within the crystal had a joyful vibe to it.

It was like a traveler who got lost for many years then suddenly found his family.

The thing floating within the crystal ball and is expressing its joy is none other than the item Noah is most interested in.

It was a broken feather.

"I see, so this little one is connected to you as expected."

Mavis had a mysterious smile on her child-like countenance when she connected the dot between the joy emanated by the feather and the loud throbbing sound coming from Noah.

"So you\'re the reason this little one who was acting like it\'s dead suddenly came back to life, you wouldn\'t believe how anxious this little one got just to find you, it seems I was right to find you!"

Noah bitterly smiled as he grasped his chest in an attempt to suppress the surging of an emotion known as joy.

Actually, Noah\'s heart had other complex emotion as well.

With the appearance of the feather, it is confirmed that the White Dreamscape he had dreamt ever since he was young is a real place.

It is also possible that this thing can answer the question of where Noah came from and why he is here in this world.

If so, this feather in front of him could be the key to unlocking the mysteries of his origins.

How can Noah not feel complex about this?

What he surmised from his own unique body characteristics and the feather that is glad at meeting him is that he is no average human being.

Hum hum

The feather started expressing more impatiencee than joy.

"Ara ara…"

Mavis laughed.

"Looks like this little one wants to return to your side as soon as possible…"

Noah had the same feeling so he didn\'t retort or anything. He buried the questions and feelings he had before asking Mavis.

"Can I have it?"

"I summoned you here to give this little guy over to you in the first place."

Mavis gave the feather over to him in a really carefree manner. She looked like a little girl who is trying to receive praises from an adult by doing little favors, in other words, she looked pretty cute.

"Since this little one suddenly appeared in my grave, Tenrou Island would experience fluctuation of power from time to time, causing the island to appear to the outside world, what a troubling matter."

It is settled then that the fluctuations of magic power on Tenrou Island is caused by the appearance of the feather, resulting in its subsequent sighting by the outside world. That answers one question.

Noah received the feather from Mavis in a stern manner.


After Noah received it, the feather changed emotion from impatience to joy instantly. It then fell dormant like a baby entering a crib, in effect, it slept.

The brilliant light disappeared and there were only Noah and Mavis there.

"Hey, can you tell me something?"

The wings like adornment she had on jiggled a bit when she came closer with a face beaming with curiosity.

"What is your connection with this little one?"

"What\'s my connection?"

Noah looked at the feather resting in his hand and his tone became a bit more complex.

"Actually, I would like to know the answer to that myself…"

"Is that so?"

Mavis looked like she understood what he meant by that and she laughed.

"Anyway, with an enigma like you walking around in Fairy Tail, maybe things will get more interesting from now on. Add that to your identity as the grandson of the third Guild Master, a heart that is closely aligned with Fairy Tail. I believe you will find a unique answer to your question one day."

Mavis suddenly fell into consteernation as she thought about something while hugging her arms. She decided on something in the next few moments.

"I\'ve got it!"

Mavis closed her eyes and 3 light orbs came out of her as they orbited each other.

The next instant, the orbs shot towards Noah.


Noah reflexively lifted his hand to defend himself.

The light orbs ignored his defense and entered his body.


A bunch of memories not belonging to him entered his mind and were carved into his soul.

While still dazed by the process, he could hear Mavis\' voice growing further and further away.

"It\'s a gift from me to you, I hope someone as enigmatic as you can bring about an unforeseen hope for Fairy Tail…"