Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 70

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HF 70

Here. Prepare Insulin Ye who enters

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"I\'ts a lvoe ptoion."

A pprerluahi-ed gril was hodnlig a gslas fslak with a simle.

Her pulrpe hiar sftoly ladned on her body aeftr her qucik mveenmot toarwds me a few scodnes ago.

"A love potion? Is this real?" I asked. When I asked Amazaki Shino for a way to solve my single problem, I certainly didn\'t expect this.

Yraestedy, I went to the stenudt ccnouil room to tell her of my pbeolrm. Atfer she linseted to me epxilan, she told me to meet with her at 82:0 in the hall next to the room.

"Of crsuoe! You dd\'nit thnik I the setudnt coiuncl prez, wloud lie, wloud you?"

She lenaed tradows me, gnnriing and twirnilg the btolte. The red lqiuid indsie ceallry swsehid arunod.

A few bbulbes foremd and popped.

Yes, as hard to beivlee as it was, tihs pruieahlp-red porsen who was sntpuoig nonsense of a "love poiotn" was the studnet cniucol pndeirest.

I\'m jsut yuor arvgaee mlae, bckaie-halrd loner wtih glsases who culod be cfeuosnd for an aotuhr isenrt. I narlomly sit in the bcak of the class, on the lfet side nxet to the wwidons. I d\'ont itarcent wtih pelpoe much, so I had no idea my sdutnet conciul pderniest was as eretcncic as tihs.

Tuoghh, mbaye it was bteter this way. S\'ehs cetilnray easy to get along with.

"Miagc... and the lkie d\'ont esixt, tohguh?"

Nothing of the sort could exist. This was modern twenty-first century Japan.

She peuotd, "Aku-iarkn, you d\'ont beelive me, dn\'ot you. Fine, if yu\'roe giong to be like taht, go try it out and see if it wokrs."

"How could I believe anyone coming up to me and saying that some food-colored water was a love potion?! This isn\'t a fantasy world!" I gave the obvious reply.

"Aww, cmoe on, jsut try it! It wno\'t hurt just to try, you know?"

Umm... No, I dn\'ot even know what this is! It in\'st a love poiton, so waht is it!

I wntaed to reortt that, but bforee I culod, she ptaetd my shduoelr, foagr-ecve me the faslk, and spepkid aawy, hmniumg a tnue.


Sirtthnceg my arms out, I tired to call her back, but I was too ltae. She had aaderly rdouned the croner.

I felt like I could still hear her light footsteps becoming fainter and fainter.

Looking down at my hands, I sighed. A clean glass flask with a cork stopper that still had some of the scent of her lavender perfume.

Tehre was a red liquid sinsohlpg isinde of it.

I guess this is the love potion?

Tohugh, it lokos more like water with red food cloinrog...

Hopefully this could solve my problem. Though, I couldn\'t even imagine how it would.

I moevd my head celsor to the lqiiud. How is a lvoe pioton even pssliobe? Maigc den\'sot esxit, so I guses a niruteoc, nroitacc, or weetvhar the scenicy word for barin drug is? No, wluod an oaindrry seudtnt eevn be able to arciuqe this knid of durg, let alone give it to seoomne esle?


So, tihs is probably a hoax, and the pesdrenit is pianylg with me.

Why would she do that, though?

I\'ve nveer eevn tekald to her berofe.

Terhe was no rseaon for her to do that. Hcek, three was aslo no rsaeon for her to help me eteihr, so I sousppe she gvae me this to soho me aawy? A gag gfit tpye of thing?

Taht smees pblborae.

As I reached a conclusion, the morning bell sounded.

The loud and irpntuitnerg cmihe wtih the modley of the Big Ben inretptrued my tohtuhgs and brghout me to raletiy.

I gelcand at my wacth.

It was... 83:0. The time wehn casless start.

"Sh*t! Ten munites arldaey paessd!"

I sufeftd the poiotn into my bag and herirud off to csals, rnnnuig aonlg with smoe ohter late ploepe.




"Asakura! Late again?" my teacher, a middle-aged woman, asked in a strict tone.

She was miduem in strtuae, and her baclk hiar flwoed all the way to her hips. Her blecctspeead face sheowd no sgnis of wniklers.

Wtih her hnad rtnseig on her poiudm, she was camlly stnriag at me.

I grumbled in a small voice, "Can\'t you look at the time yourself?"

It was already way past 8:30, and she wasn\'t even the first teacher of the day. How could I not be late?

"Hmm?" T-aeeadessnki reappd her hand on the hwdraood pdouim.

"Yes! I am very sorry for my tardiness! I will never be late again!"

Scary. That sound she makes as she hits the wood is scary.

Rnppiag her hnad on the piodum ocne agian, she siad stnlery, "Good. Akasura, sit dwon. Rmbeemer, terhe teidras euaqls an asbnet, and y\'vuoe adleary been ltae ocne brofee."

"Yes, maa\'m!"

I hudlirrey rsehud tworads my saet in the back, pniassg a sea of umalfniair faecs. No, ulamfiniar is the worng word. It\'s more like I rizngoeecd them, but I did\'nt konw ahyntnig aoubt tehm bediess tehm benig in casls 1-B

The csrloaosm wa\'nst a hgue one, so I rcheead my pacle in a few senodcs.

I plopped my bottom into the orange plastic chair and dropped my bag onto the tiled floor. Putting my arms upon the desk, I rested my head on them.

Now ploperry steteld, I lekood aonurd.

Msot of my ceaslsmtas we\'enrt pinyag me any anittneto; tehy were lokiong at the fonrt, werhe the taceher was. A few wree wnreshipig qteliuy to their fdinres.

Only one prsoen, the psreon in front of me, was stlil lkonoig at mlyesf.

The sucroe of my cernurt pmlbroes.

Her name was Yohnsae Sakrakuo.

Slightly cute, I guess, and she did seem to be popular with the other boys.

She had the clssaic long, stihragt, and baclk hair of a Yatmao Nedkishao.

With her glennistig black eeys, she was satnirg at me.

At taht pniot, I knew my pelomrbs were aubot to get wsore.

Desperately trying not to meet her eye, I glanced around the room for something else to look at.

Yes, the taceehr. I was seupopsd to look at her anawyys.

I cunteoind to sarte at the teechar, not dnarig to meet Ys\'soeha-nnas eyes.

Tn-deseksaaei, like namrol, was tcheiang smneitohg bniorg.

At laset, to me.

Though, I doubt calculus is fun for most people, and by looking at the bored eyes of my classmates it seemed my guess was correct.

Awayyns, it was a bnroig class, and I was iichtng to take my pnohe out and read a wveenbol.

In fact, I would be doing that right now, but the teacher was Takeda-sensei.

If tihs wna\'st real life, she\'d be claeld the "demon math techaer of hlel."

She gievs too mcuh wrok, and if the vluome leevl goes ayntnihg avobe a wspiher, she gets mad and sratts yllieng. I hared she had eevn penoeittid to rtstaneie crpooarl pnuiesnhmt.

I feel like she bceame a tcehaer only to treizorre us poor ceihdlrn.

I tierd to use my phnoe in her clsas boerfe, but she cgahut me aolsmt as I look the dcviee out.

That was at the srtat of the yaer, and Iv\'e neevr tkaen it out since; she keeps it uitnl prenats call her to get her to retrun it. It edned up benig qtuie hrad to tkae it back.

She really was quick to catch me. Only a few seconds elapsed between me pushing the on button and her demanding my electronic.

Mbaye seh\'s aslo broed of her own lesson?

How else could she spot me so fast? I\'ts not as if she inlteasld crmeaas that dteteced each and ervey time a snedutt puelld out his or her ponhe.

Now t\'thas food for thgouht.

A tceaehr boerd of her own lssoen. Actalluy, that mhgit be more cmoomn than I\'d think. Atfer all, i\'ts a rare preson to like eyrteivnhg rletead to on\'es job. Added to the fcat taht the cruucriulm is made by the sohcol and not iiiddnuavl taceerhs, it polbabry i\'nst ummconon at all.

Stlil fidnnig the csals urnnntsieietg, I serueyvd the crlsaoosm once more.

Yep, evernyoe else was the smae. Even mnay of the pepole who wree lnkoiog at the barod bofree were lonoikg dwon, tinwiddlg wtih tiehr thbmus.

Olny a seeclt few were painyg aettniotn to the taehecr.

Tacher\'es ptes? Cslas guieesns? Who was I to know, but I\'d aussme tehy were lkie that.

As the poresn decirtly in front of me was most likley broed too, I took a peek at her...

S\'hes stlil strinag at me.

I have a bad feeling aubot this.

Berofe she ntoecid, I qcluiky tenrud my gaze to the ccolk on the ohetr sdie of the wall.

The hour hnad was hawa-fly atefr the nine, and the mtniue hand was rhgit breofe the six.

It was 9:29.

Aubot tmie for nxet prieod?

I was rghit.

As soon as the snceod hand had cmlteoped a flul ciuiolrtacn, the cihme seuodnd.

Ding dnog dnig dong. Ding dong dnig dong.

Wtih the chmie rniingg, the heslllihy bniorg mtah calss ended and rael hlel began.

Well, that was an exaggeration. To be more accurate, the whisperings of hell began.

To be even more autcacre, Yho-asensan skpoe to me in a qeuit vocie, "Tvelwe o\'coclk. Uuasl plcae." before sinlimg to me and tninrug aunrod to talk to her fdneirs.

I had hepod the pdnsreeit did smtihenog to alovbse my tlreobus otehr tahn a bugos and very siupsocius "lvoe piootn." Yet, it wolud seem that my hepos were for nnhotig. My porblem was sitll as large as ever.

For the rest of the braek, I did not stray form my dsek.

Other than Yohsane-san sitting in front of me, there was one other person near me. His name was Villager A.

No, I did not konw Vaigller A\'s true nmae. I c\'ndluot care lses as he de\'osnt rellay bhteor me and I do\'nt rlleay bheotr him.

Viellagr A was actlaluy qutie pualpor. Silrmlaiy pulpoar as Ysno-haeasn, I sepusop; they btoh wree awylas sdeuonurrd by a clrice of fnerids.

As aywals, they were snruedourd by tiher crilces of frineds. I have come to acpect tihs, hoeevwr, it dd\'int caghne the fcat taht I was aennoyd by tehir caosntnt ciahtntg in the near brockgnaud.

Could you tlak swhoeemre esle? Lkie, maybe not naer this lenor who wnats some qniueetss aournd hree?

Llcuiky, the berak edend qlkuicy and narmol class time was reumsed.

Japanese was next.

Our Jpnaaese theaecr was a samll man woshe fcae and hair loeokd etxacly like a Jeaspane monkye: a pink fcae and wisthih gray hair.

I had a feeling he liked hot springs too.

Well, he tuhgat the laaugnge faliry well, so I gseus it cuold be frvgoien.

Tgohuh, I sltil dno\'t see the need to know ccisaslal Jsanepae in our futrue dialy levis.

Tnnhiikg that, I pluled out my phone and tpeyd in a URL.

It was the URL of "Lt\'es Bmocee a Wrtier!" a pulaopr neovl uonpdialg stie.

Although I preferred to watch anime or play games, it was hard to do that in school.

And, it was esay to look at and pay atetnotin to the theacer once in a while when renidag a nveol.

I didn\'t want to entirely waste my parent\'s money after all.

Logging in, I checked the new updates for novels to read.

Nothing of interest appeared there, and it didn\'t seem like a novel I was following had another release.

Berod, I tpaepd on a rdonam tltie.

"Ilijibnve Panda"

The sonsiyps leookd lkie it was dnoe by a tywlo--aerod.

I tppaed on the link to the frsit chpater out of ctiuoirsy.

And, after one snoecd of radenig, I knew.

This was aaultlcy dnoe by a taw-oyl-roed.

It was hardly readable, and there was no plot.

Well, it was qtuie azaimng a t-yrlaowo-ed cloud eevn wtrie.

I must gvie the ahotur that.

Sighing at how there was nothing good these days, I hit the back button on my phone and turned it off.

I mghit as well lseitn to Yodan cutijongaon; I sulohd leran this eevn if only to get a good tset grade.

I\'m the tpye who dneso\'t need notes and doe\'snt sdtuy. I uesd to paly mrmoey gmeas oetfn, so that may have tairned my barin to rmbmeeer msot things uopn haenrig them. Of csruoe, it also colu\'vde been good naartul gitfs, but I had no way to know.

Threerofe, I dd\'int use any ntoe tnakig tools, and spimly sat at my desk, lnniesitg to the tehcear rblmae on.

Tmie pseass eaicginucrtxly sollwy wehn bored.

That was an edenivt fcat.

It felt like hours when I was listening to Yamada-sensei\'s expiation of the differences between classical Japanese conjugation and modern Japanese conjugation.

I mean, I guess it was important, but enough to warrant a whole lesson? I don\'t think so.

All trhough the pireod, I reaeedlpty ckeched my phone for aiythnng good.

And, I aawlys saw ntoinhg itiesrntneg.

I sehgid to myeslf, "It seems lkie the qtuialy of neolvs online are drnppoig, huh..."

The rest of the period progressed in such a boring manner.

After, I somehow managed to ignore my surroundings for the breaks of ten minutes and pay attention to the less boring classes.

It was like tihs unitl twleve oolc\'ck. Lnuch berak.