Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 68

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 68: Growth from multiple meaning of that word ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


It\'s not very effective Accompanied by the seagulls, the sound of the sea could be heard all around.

The sun at noon is basically a giant fireball in the sky. The heat is so unbearable even the air is starting to play tricks on the eyes as mirages were all around.

In this grueling environment, a boat that is just about the size of a floor of building slowly sailed on despite the rolling waves rocking it.

Lisanna and Noah were on the deck. The two\'s attire differed from how they looked when they first started.

Noah only had short pants on him, his toned muscles enjoying the air as he stood at the bow of the ship, gazing into the distance.

Behind him, Lisanna sat on a chair. She had a white bikini that matched her hair color, the bikini had flower motives and it didn\'t look sexy, it tended more towards the cute side of the scale.

"So hot…"

Lisanna placed a cold drink on her, at least it was cold a few moments ago. The heat sapped away the drink\'s chill. Her cute little face was now drenched in sweat with a tinge of redness from exposing herself to the sizzling sun.

"Why is it so hot?"

Standing at the ship\'s bow, he was similarly drenched in sweat but his expression wasn\'t as anguished as Lisanna. He looked like he had adapted to this environment as he continued.

"The captain said that it\'s because of the currents here, it is going to be like this regardless of the season. Before we reach Tenrou Island, I am afraid you will have to endure this heat."

"But, it\'s soooo hot."

Lisanna grumbled, her tone that of someone who is suffering a bit from heat fatigue.

"Noah Nii-san\'s not feeling the heat?"

"Of course I am. I just got used to it."

His eyes still gazing into the horizon, he continued.

"I had encountered this kind of heat before during my training, whether it be the summer days spent in the mountains, the hot and humid jungles and wilderness. Those places were hot like what we have here, I was not used to it but adapted after a while."

Lisanna lifted her head and treated herself good, by capturing the image of Noah\'s sturdy body.

Perhaps because of the 4 years of training and the regimes he had done to improve his physical abilities, Noah had a toned and sturdy frame. There\'s almost no excess flab on that chiseled body, arms, legs, abs, pecs, you name it, it was all perfectly toned and cut. He looked pretty charming and his body gave off an ineffable sense of safety and apt to the environment they are in.

He would give anyone in the vicinity an impression of being tough.

When he has his shirt on, he looked almost no different from average peers of his age.

Noah controlled his training with rhythm and consistency, otherwise, he would have become so ripped from all the intense stone-hauling-marathon-warm-up he does.

Lisanna almost lost herself in taking in the magnificent view. When she realized what she is doing, a new tone of red shaded her face as she hurriedly turned the other way.

"Looks like Noah Nii-san experienced quite a spurt of growth."

Listening to her innuendo, he turned around and looked her way, her bikini-clad body entered his sight. Because Lisanna didn\'t want to get sunburnt, she rubbed some oil on her body. Under the sunlight, the oil emphasized her lustrous fair skin. Although it isn\'t as white as snow, her skin was pearl-white, she looked very eye-catching.

She\'s not curvy but her body had all the right proportions. She didn\'t have huge knockers but those bulge under her bikini protested in defense of their existences. The gorge between her twin hills were very compelling pieces of evidence. That and her lustrous legs stimulated Noah very much.

It is not to the extent that he would turn red but he still turned away due to a bit of shyness on his part.

"I can say the same for you, isn\'t it?"

And… the mood turned awkward.

Lisanna who had sensed the change in mood shook her head. She wanted to change the topic with her cheeky wit but the moment she saw what was on the horizon, she flinched and stood up while pointing in one direction.

"Noah Nii-san! There!"

Lisanna\'s yelp caused Noah to subconsciously turn around and he was surprised as well.

Not far from where the ship is, an odd island appeared in the distance.

The island looked like it had another island stacked on top of it. On closer inspection, it was actually a really big tree with equally large dispersion of leaves and trunks.

He had seen this very same island just the other day, in his dream.

"Tenrou Tree…"

Noah mumbled the moment he saw the tree.

"That is Tenrou Island, no doubt."

"We are finally here?!"

Lisanna rushed up and grabbed his arm as she cheerfully yelled.

"Noah Nii-san! Let\'s go there now!"

"We haven\'t even got close to the shoreline yet, how do you propose we go there this instant?!"

Suddenly being grabbed by Lisanna in bikini made him froze up. Feeling her smooth skin on him and that ridiculously stimulating softness coming from her, he raised his voice in a weird manner.

"At least wait until we get closer to the shore!"

"This boat is too slow! Check this out!"

Lisanna released his arm, whether or not she knew about his awkwardness remains an unknown, and she twirled around while still in her bikini.

"Take over!!!"

A brilliant display of light came from Lisanna.


A pair of flapping wings emerged from within the light.

The next instant, a black figure came out of it as it flew up high.

It\'s a bird with beautiful green feathers.

The bird is about as big as a grown human but its wingspan is bigger than a human.

The bird flew around the sky before she hovered around the front end of the deck, maintaining altitude at roughly the same height as the deck.

From the bird\'s mouth, Lisanna\'s voice came.

"Let\'s go, Noah Nii-san! I will take you there!"

Noah released a shocked gasp.

"To think Lisanna can do full takeovers with animals after 4 years."

Obviously, he\'s not the only who had been working hard and training. Looks like the others also made similar steps forward, including Lisanna.

Noah laughed and he leaped onto the bird.

"Let\'s go!"

"Hold on tight!"

Lisanna beamed back and took flight towards Tenrou Island.

♦ ♦ ♦

On Tenrou Island…


Looking at the sea of forest in front of them, Lisanna can\'t help but be captivated by the firefly-like luminescence floating around from an unknown source.

"This is Tenrou Island huh?"

Noah frowned and he stomped the ground a bit.

"As informed, the land and air contain a shocking amount of magic power."

It isn\'t just that.

Noah and Lisanna quickly found something happening within their body.