Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 67

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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 67: Not giving the love rivals any chance?

The next day, the sun had just broken the horizon and Noah is already up and ready. He wore his shirt and took out his magic sword for polishing.

Magic armaments are usually made of very precious materials like magic conducting alloys, some weapons even contain lacrimas in them so magic armaments tend to last longer than average equipment. That didn\'t mean the armaments wouldn\'t break down.

Otherwise, Noah wouldn\'t need to return every so often during his 4 years of training to Magnolia with the express purpose of buying magic infusions to restore the durability of his equipment.

Noah\'s weapon not being a normal magic weapon means that it is even more imperative that he does this.

Its magic that allows manipulation of distance within 100 meters is a tremendously rare and powerful magic.

If this blade were to be sold, it would only seem reasonable that it would fetch a hefty price.

Not surprising given the fact that this sword is something that a Ten Saint wizard like Makarov stored away. Maybe due to the fact that this blade had been in storage for so long, it would be very hard to find another one like it on the market even if one wanted to.

Its cost is probably insignificant but the main factors that drove its intrinsic value lie in first, its age, second, its sheer rarity. This made the precious magic sword even rarer than it already is.

The fact that Makarov would give Noah something as priceless as this is proof positive of how much he cared about Noah.

This is the reason why he took great care of the weapon even if he hadn\'t found much use for it. But, he didn\'t wake up so early to do something that he could do just as well tomorrow.

The reason is because of Tenrou Island, the holy ground of Fairy Tail.

He is about to enter the holy ground where some Fairy Tail members won\'t get a single chance to visit. The aim is to investigate the reason behind the unveiling of the Island.

His aim changed the moment he received that dream. The scene he had seen of the burial ground made him very intrigued.

It is because he is feeling this way that he is maintaining his weapon before setting out. He must see with his own eyes the truth of what he dreamt. This trip to Tenrou Island is something inevitable to him.

A bit of time passed and the sunlight slowly increased in intensity, the situation downstairs had also regained its usual rowdiness. Suddenly, his door opened slowly.

"Noah Nii-san?"

Lisanna was slightly surprised to see Noah up and polishing his weapon.

"You\'re awake?"


Noah replied in an unamused tone.

"Is it that unfathomable for me to be up this time of the day?"

"It\'s not that…"

Lisanna stopped looking surprised and she closed the door behind her before walking to his side.

"Why are you awake so early today?"

"I am going on an adventure heading out for a quest!"

Noah replied simply as such.

"There is no concrete deadline but I think it would be better if I head out earlier. I thought I should take the opportunity to maintain my weapon."

"Noah Nii-san is going out for a job?"

Lisanna confirmed with a curious tone.

"What kind of job?"

"The usual investigative type."

Noah didn\'t bother concealing the job detail. He rubbed his sword without paying much attention to his surroundings while continuing.

"But, the location is Tenrou Island."

"Tenrou Island?"

Lisanna\'s eyes lit up.

"Tenrou Island as in the holy land of our guild?"

Noah nodded half-heartedly, Lisanna\'s got perked up.

"I had never been there before. Noah Nii-san, why do you think it\'s called Tenrou Island? I bet it\'s because it has a lot of wolves on it right?" (Tl: 天狼岛, literally heavenly wolves island but the tenrou can also stand for Sirius, that bright ass star)

"You are asking the wrong person."

Noah rolled his eyes.

"Don\'t forget, this is also my first time going to Tenrou Island."

"Oh yeah."

Lisanna\'s cute little eyes started turning before she smiled at Noah.

"Noah Nii-san, it would be a shame if you don\'t know what to do once you get there since this is your first time right?"

"You are up to something again aren\'t you?"

Noah raised his guard.

"Surely you\'re not trying to pull the same stuff you did when we were kids right? You\'re going to try to dissuade me from going with some lame reasons and then force me to go on jobs with you right?"

"Hey! I am not that calculating!"

Lisanna pouted.

"I just want you to take me with you!"

"Take you with me?"

Noah was slightly surprised.

"Don\'t you have any work to do?"

"Elf-Nii and I have got the day off."

Lisanna touched her cheek with her finger.

"Mira-nee\'s boobs got bigger again so she\'s going to get a new pair of underwear, how envious."

"Too much information, stahp!"

Noah\'s hands slipped and he almost stabbed himself with the magic sword out of panic. He is not a happy camper at Lisanna for selling her sister out.

"If Mira finds out you\'re blabbing on her, you\'re going to be so dead!"

"Hehe, Mira-Nee dotes on me very much, she won\'t do anything against me. Noah Nii-san didn\'t have to be so shy."

Lisanna wryly grinned at him, she continued without giving him any chance to retort.

"Anyway, Noah Nii-san must bring me with you. I want to see Tenrou Island so bad!"

"You brat…"

Noah facepalmed.

"Don\'t get in my way."

"I won\'t!"

Lisanna tackled him from the side and grabbed his arm.

"Thanks so much, Noah Nii-san! I love you so much!"


He sighed and made up his mind.

Lisanna is without a doubt the closest friend he has. And yet, from a certain perspective, this precocious little girl is his bane. Noah just couldn\'t get angry with this girl.

What will I do with you…

♦ ♦ ♦

"Say, Lisanna, you\'re really not going to wait for Nee-san to come home?"

Elfman looked very anxious as he asked Lisanna who is packing up while chirping a melodious tone.

"If Nee-san finds out you went out without telling her, she\'s going to be furious."

"It can\'t be helped maybe she should have found a better time to be gone?"

Lisanna replied without turning her head.

"Plus, this is a rare chance to go on a job with Noah Nii-san just the two of us. It\'s a shame for Mira-Nee but seizing an opportunity when it presents itself is one of the secrets to capturing a man you know."


Elfman\'s dense mind couldn\'t figure out what Lisanna is trying to say.

"What do you mean by that?"

"It means I am not going to give my love rivals any chance!"

Lisanna winked at him in a cheeky manner.

"If Mira-Nee finds out about this, she is going to insist on coming along. Forgive me, Elf-Nii but let me be selfish just this once mmkay!"

Noah came down the stairs with a cloth sack containing his magic sword. He walked towards the main door while yelling in a tired voice.

"Lisanna! I am going to leave without you!"

"I am coming!"

Lisanna picked up her cloth sack containing her items and chased Noah.

"That is all, Elf-Nii. Bye bye!"

"Lisanna, watch yourselves on the road kay?!"

"Got it!"

Leaving a reply like that, Noah and Lisanna exited the guild and disappeared into the crowd just like that.

"Wait up!"

When the two had disappeared into the crowd, Mira appeared. She reeee-ed the moment she saw Lisanna and Noah gone from the guild.

"I will remember this!"

"Ara ara…"

Kanna who\'s drinking booze sighed.

"Youth sure is nice…"