Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 65

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 65: Sooner or later you will become family to us.

These past 4 years Noah had been living like a hermit in the woods, mountains, and plains. He ate wild vegetables and fruits, he drank spring water and river water. He also lived in stone houses or wooden ones but that didn\'t mean he led a life that didn\'t see a use for money.

Clothes that grow to suit an individual, black beads to train his magic manipulation, magical potions to maintain his magic arming sword and such don\'t just grow in the wild.

He pretty much blew all the savings he had accumulated during these past 4 years. The amount he has left is probably sufficient to meet two or three days of food expenses but that\'s about it.

The moment Noah started accepting jobs in the guild is the moment he rejected all the stipends that Makarov sent to him. In a way, he\'s living independently now.

If he didn\'t work now he might have to borrow money from people.

Lisanna\'s words reminded him that it is about time to go job hunting.

However, he\'s not too hot on the idea of joining a group.

"Sorry, I don\'t want to barge into your group on such short notice."

He laid her down easy.

"For now, just let me go solo for a bit."


Lisanna protested.

"What\'s the big deal? One of these days you are going to join us as a family member anyway!"

Cough cough cough

Mira choked and coughed incessantly.

"A family member?"

Erza threw a weird glance at Noah.


Natsu and Gray cried out.

"Something smells fishy~~~"

Happy said with tongue in cheek.

Cana spat out the drink she was having while Elfman fell from his chair, he moaned in pain.

"Y-you, what are you saying?!"

Noah froze up, he could feel the stares coming from everyone around him pricking at his back, he acted like he\'s mad with Lisanna.

"Why would I be a part of your family?!"

"Well… that\'s because…"

Lisanna puffed her cheek before continuing.

"Noah Nii-san had already seen Mira-nee\'s muguhhhh!"

Lisanna didn\'t manage to finish before a madly blushing Erza gagged her.

"Seen Mira\'s…. what?"

The kids beaming with beaming eyes and curiosity surrounded them from all sides as they urged Lisanna to go on.

Before they could completely surround them, Mira roared out of shame.

"What\'s there to be so intrigued about?! Git gone!"


And the kids dispersed like beasts fleeing a predator.

Mira, still red with embarrassment, turned back towards Noah who had frozen up again. She snarled at him.

"If anyone ever finds out what happened that day, I am going to see to it that you die a horrible death!"

After she said that, Mira dragged away Lisanna who was still gagged, by the way, and they set off in another direction.

With his acute senses, he could somewhat hear the conversation between the two as they set off.

"Stupid Lisanna, why you gotta bring up that stuff?"

"Oh come on, what is the big fuss about. I want Noah joining the family just as much as you do."

"Y-you are planning on marrying that guy?"

"Hmm? Mira-nee don\'t want to?"

"W-w-what are you asking me all of a sudden! Of course, I don\'t wanna!"

"Hehe, Mira-nee, you can fool everyone else but me. I distinctly recall somebody muttering Noah Nii-san\'s name while sleeping…"

"Yo-you shut your mouth nao! Lisanna!"

Noah didn\'t manage to listen to the rest of the conversation between the two but he did see how Lisanna kept teasing Mira who never stopped blushing. He felt helpless as to how to respond to this matter.

"There are tons of childhood friends who had bathed together right? Why is it that I have to marry someone just for seeing some naked body?"

Slightly being bedeviled by a little headache, he made his way over to the request board to find his job.

Before he can settle on a job to his liking. A voice from behind him interrupted his thought process.

"Noah? Is that Noah?"

It was a very tender voice of a girl.

He turned around and found 1 girl and 2 boys standing together.

The girl was about the same age as Lisanna, probably 15 or somewhere around that from her looks. She was petite and she had light blue hair that reached her shoulder, her hair was tied up with a hairband.

One of the boys had a very tall hat while the other had a weird hairstyle that reminded one of a whale\'s tail.

He examined the 3 individuals surprised at his presence. He blinked and recalled similar figures from 4 years ago. He called their names while not too sure if he got them right.

"Levi? Jet? Droy?"

"Noah! It\'s really you!"

The petite girl known as Levi excitedly ran to him and circled him a few rounds.

"Everyone in the guild said you were back, I thought they were joking. But gosh have you grown compared to how you were 4 years ago!"

Smiling in response to her comment, he pat her head.

"I see that you have grown taller as well but you\'re still as small I remember."

Levi, full name, Levi McGarden.

Same as Noah, she is one of the earlier members who joined Fairy Tail. Noah and Levi became friends soon after Noah joined.

Droy and Jet standing behind Levi are friends who grew up alongside Levi. Because Levi had these two as her playmates, Levi didn\'t associate much with Noah and the other groups of children. She would probably be another childhood friend of Noah\'s if they played together much more frequently.

Erza, on the other hand, has a spectacular relationship with Levi because they lived together in the same female dormitory. That\'s how Noah got to know her in the first place, he got to know Levi through Erza.

"Stop patting me!"

Levi bat away his hand.

"Also, I am not small, you just grew too quickly!"

Noah laughed and just as he was about to tease Levi, the two guys started mumbling in dissatisfaction.

"Damn, how dare he touch Levi\'s head so affectionately…"

"So nice… wait, no. How abominable…"

Mumbled Jet and Droy.

They were playmates and it seemed they had become a group of their own. Some things just don\'t change, it seems they still can\'t hide their feelings well.

Anyone familiar with the two would know they have a huge crush on Levi.

Noah shrugged and walked away from Levi.

"Seeing you guys so energetic is very relieving. Well then, I am going to go get a job!"


Seeing as Noah is about to take his leave, Levi called out to him but Makarov who was drinking on top of the bar counter interrupted them.

"Noah! Come over here for a sec!"


Noah nodded and made his way over there. Levi swallowed her words and it looks like she is a bit peeved.

"I see not talking with me for more than 2 sentences hasn\'t stopped. Does he hate the idea of talking to me that much?"

"Noah is a busy man."

Jet hurriedly said.

"Let\'s not bother him too much."

"The guy\'s on par with Erza and Mirajane ever since he was young."

Droy resentfully said.

"He\'s just too far away."

Levi uttered a hmph. She stared at Noah\'s back and mumbled to herself.

"The more you ignore me, the more I want to get close to you, let\'s see how you deal with that…"

Noah isn\'t ignoring Levi, he just didn\'t want to get between Jet and Droy\'s feud for Levi\'s affection.