Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 64

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 64: How strong have you grown?

The next day, at Fairy Tail…


Lisanna stared intently at Noah who had just been woken up, it gave him quite a scare.

Noah hurriedly examined himself to see if there\'s anything wrong with him, he also checked his cheeks before he asked her what\'s wrong.

"I didn\'t dream about that place so there shouldn\'t be any tears right?"


Lisanna denied him flatly.

"I was just looking to see if you\'re hurt anywhere that\'s all!"


Lisanna\'s concern made him even more bewildered.

"Why would I be hurt?"

"Isn\'t that a given?"

Lisanna pointed a finger at him like she\'s going to give him a lesson.

"You fought with Laxus in a pretty intense battle, it wouldn\'t be strange if you came out of it with some scratches right?"

"Now why would I get hurt just because I fought with Laxus?"

Noah said in a slightly offended tone. He got up and went towards the dresser to get his clothes.

"Laxus\' strength yesterday isn\'t enough to hurt me!"


Lisanna is surprised by this revelation.

"Laxus is very strong you know. He\'s older than Mira-nee and Erza. He\'s also an S-Class magician who had more experience than Mira-nee and Erza. Are you that sure you can beat him? Furthermore, under the condition of not being harmed?"

"What you guys saw last night is just the tip of the iceberg. It might look like we are seriously duking it out but what we did before you guys got here was just warming up exercise."

Noah took out his clothes and began dressing up.

"Laxus was about to bring out his full power before you guys got there. Anything before that couldn\'t harm a single hair on me!"

Laxus without his [Dragon Slayer Magic] is strong for sure, probably even stronger than Mira or Erza. However, Noah isn\'t impressed.

In these 4 years, his relentless training had bear results for him. And just like Makarov predicted, he who had better starting conditions and talents experienced an enormous increase in his strength.

He\'s not sure just how strong Laxus would be at full strength but at the very least, he is sure that without using [Dragon Slayer Magic]. Laxus poses no threat to him.

Of course, Lisanna didn\'t think this was a matter-of-course. Slightly flabbergasted, she got behind him and helped him with his clothes before chuckling.

"Noah Onii-san has changed."


Noah didn\'t reject her help as he responded to her in a curious manner.

"Now, just how have I changed?"

"He he."

Lisanna tidied up his clothes and walked in front of him before standing on her toes. She drew her beautiful face close to some 10cm away from his face, her eyes practically beaming.

"I just have a feeling that Noah Nii-san has become more confident than before. If it were the Noah of the past, even if he had great confidence, he would be more modest about it."

"Hey, I am being modest as well. You guys probably don\'t know Laxus\' true power. The fireworks he blasted last night is just like a warm up to him. How can something at the level of a warm up even harm me in the first place?"

Noah is slightly startled by Lisanna\'s ferocious approach. He pushed her face away to keep her at a distance.

"Even if I am not an S-Class magician, you should still have some faith in me okay?"

"Why don\'t you just lay it to me then!"

Lisanna got excited.

"How strong are you right now? Are you still as strong as Mira-nee or Erza?"

Noah grinned and shrugged before walking towards the door.

"You wanna know? Maybe you should wait and see."

"Noah Nii-san!"

Lisanna is peeved by him blowing her off like that, she kept bugging Noah as they went down the stairs towards the first floor.

♦ ♦ ♦

"Noah! Come settle this once and for all with me!"


The sound of a heavy object hitting the floor followed swiftly after the spunky roar.

Lo and behold, an unconscious Fire dragon slayer wasted on the floor with a giant bun growing on its head, the guy probably won\'t be waking up anytime soon.


Happy landed on Natsu and jumped up and down in an exaggerated manner.

"Why did you get the one-punch treatment?!"

"Shut… Up…"

Came Natsu\'s lethargic voice.


"Noah, why are you still so frightening?"

"Strong as ever, I see."

Erza walked over with that characteristic light smile on her face. Her eyes are saying that she wants a round with Noah as well.

"How about having a go at me for a change huh?"

"You can forget about Erza!"

Mirajane who appeared out of nowhere got close to him while challenging him.

""The only one who can beat Noah is me!""

"It\'s me!"

Erza threw a glare at Mira.


Mira threw a glare back as well.

The air between those two instantly grew tense. They buttheaded each other with mean glares to boot. Lisanna could only hold her aching head.

"You wanna go at it?"

"Can we put off the sparring partner matter until some further time?"

Noah said while pulling Mira and Erza apart with his hands.

"I have something to ask you girls, just stop for a bit yeah?"


Mira turned her head away.

Erza cleared her throat and turned serious.

"What is it?"

"Regarding the three people that appeared yesterday night, I recall you girls calling them the Raijinshu yeah?"

Noah rubbed his chin.

"Did we have that party before?"

Sometimes, a magician would encounter a job that would prove troubling for any individual. At these times, said individuals will usually group up as a party to solve the job and get the pay.

Those magicians that do get along usually will operate in a team indefinitely.

Fairy Tail has its own parties as well.

But this Raijinshu is a name Noah hadn\'t heard before. He might have heard it before but by being away 4 years, he must have let it slipped his mind.

"Raijinshu is a party, but it isn\'t any normal party."

Erza explained with a serious expression.

"Freed, Bickslow, and Evergreen. These 3 form the self-organized bodyguard team!"


Noah stopped his chin rubbing motion.

"Laxus\' bodyguards?"


Lisanna answered with a similarly serious tone.

"They might be a 3 person team but Freed, Bickslow, and Evergreen are very strong magicians who can hold their own against anyone except S-Class magicians. Natsu and Gray are probably the only ones who can put up a fight against any one of those 3."

"Pfft, I can wreck their asses any day of the week!"

Mira sniggered.

"I am a bit tired with that edgelord Laxus anyway. It should be amusing to finish off his little bodyguard team."

"You should stop. You might get away with a bit of scuffle but an all-out fight against someone is forbidden by the guild master."

Erza shook her head before turning back to Noah.

"Speaking of teams, Noah, are you going to join someone\'s team?"

Lisanna\'s eyes instantly shone the moment Erza said that. Mira\'s shoulder also jolted a bit.

Those magicians who get along will form teams, being siblings, Mira, Erza, and Elfman forming a team isn\'t something unexpected.

It\'s unlikely they would dissolve their team but if it were just one person joining…

"Say, Noah Nii-san."

Lisanna tugged at Noah\'s sleeve with a hopeful expression.

"Why don\'t you join our team?"

"Joining your team hmm…"

Noah thought deeply.

♦ ♦ ♦

You dense mofo, do you want her to throw panties at you or something?