Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 63

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 63: Declaration and a quick end to the show

Actually, Noah would rather not fight with Laxus.

Noah knew that his cocky attitude, condescending tone, and treating other weak people like trash are all just facade. The real issue here is his relationship with Makarov.

Laxus\'s father and Makarov\'s son was a member of Fairy Tail.

However, that guy got kicked out of Fairy Tail because he caused grievous harm to the guild.

Laxus\' relationship with Makarov became tense as a result. Laxus just couldn\'t understand why Makarov would have the heart to kick his own son out of the guild.

That was probably the trigger to his rebellious phase and his rocky relationship with Makarov.

Despite that, he who had lived with Laxus for some time and had greeted him on numerous occasions knew that Laxus doesn\'t have an evil nature.

Given, of course, he could be a little bit nicer as well.

At the very least, Laxus cannot be allowed to stay this way lest he strays down a path he can never return from.

Noah is out of ideas as to what to do. Even Makarov couldn\'t get Laxus to realize his own misconception, Noah didn\'t think he can do something like that as well.

But, if beating him down once will let him realize what is wrong with what he is trying to achieve then Noah wouldn\'t mind handing edgelord\'s ass to him even if he is stronger than Mira orErza, so what if he is almost catching up to Gildarts.

And so, he reinforced his conviction and channeled his magic power for real this time. He hadn\'t used more than 10 percent last attack but now it is on like Donkey Kong.

Just when Noah and Laxus were about to clash with a storm of mana and lightning, a loud roar interrupted them.

"Stop this instant!"

An arm almost as tall as a ten-meter tall building swiped at them from above, stopping the seemingly inevitable clash between Noah and Laxus.


Noah and Laxus backed away in a hurry.


The fist slammed down where they would have been if they didn\'t stop. At the point of impact, dust and rocks flew as the giant fist left a crater.


Two figures appeared beside Noah.

Mira and Erza came back. Even Lisanna came running with an anxious expression.


3 figures appeared by Laxus side, they were a group of 2 males and 1 female.

One of the males had green long hair and he was dressed like a knight with a sword by his side. He acted like a vanguard as he shielded Laxus\' front while keeping an eye on Noah.

The other male is this one guy who is taller than the knight looking guy with a weird outfit. He even had a hood on which had a visor covering his eyes.

The female is one curvy girl with brown hair wearing a dress fit for any prom night.

Noah examined the 3 individuals who looked like Laxus\' bodyguards before he looked away.

The giant fist in the middle of the place started shrinking until it was thin and small like a child\'s arm.

That was a result of Makarov using his magic, [Giant]. It\'s magic that allows its user to enlarge any part of their body and thus wreak destruction like a giant. The magic is pretty much synonymous with Makarov\'s name.

The moment he saw Makarov\'s fist, he knew the fight had to end right there and then.


Laxus clenched his fists so hard his veins were bulging.

"You going to deny me once more? Old man?!"

"That\'s enough! Laxus!"

Erza shot a glare at Laxus.

"Do you want to destroy the guild by going all out here?!"

"To think you would stoop so low as to bully your own brother, is this all you amount to? Laxus!"

Mira looked at him with sarcasm mixed into her expression.

"You picked a fight with Noah the moment he came back to town, are you that worried Noah would outgrow you in 4 years?"

"Silence! Mirajane!"

The guy with a sword at his hips took a sword drawing stance.

"Any further insult towards Laxus will not be taken lightly!"


The weird guy in odd outfit laughed.

"Mira, it\'s way too early for you to even think about challenging Laxus. But I wouldn\'t mind letting you see what my Babies can do!"

"I, for one would like a bout with Erza!"

The girl standing between the two guys threw a challenging look at Erza, she said that with full confidence in her own abilities.

"The title [Titania] should be mine for I am the true fairy!"


Lisanna who was done checking if there\'s any injury on Noah took a look at the 3 figures who had just arrived before she yelled their names in surprise.

"Why is the here?"

"You wanna rumble? Huh?! Raijinshu?!"

Mira stepped forward while finger waggling them with a slightly fearsome face.

Anyone who is familiar with Mira would be able to see that Mira is pissed off.

"I won\'t go easy on you guys!"


Makarov spoke out, he kept his eyes on Laxus.

"Laxus, return now and I won\'t pursue this matter any further."

"Did I do something wrong?"

Laxus coldly laughed.

"I am just having a friendly spar with my \'family member\' whom I had not seen for a long time that\'s all. Besides, you are always going on about how he is stronger than me and whatnot. Why not let him fight me?!"


Mira, Lisanna, Erza all wanted to say something but Noah stopped them.

He slowly pushed away Lisanna\'s hands that were supporting him and he went past Mira and Erza before staring right at Laxus.

"If you want to continue where we left off, I will be more than happy to oblige. You should know full well just how strong [Crush] is so let me just say I have no confidence I can go easy on you."

Listening to Noah\'s statements got Freed, Bickslow, and Evergreen\'s panties twisted in a knot.

Laxus leered at Makarov with a cloudy expression. He then took a look at Fairy Tail behind him before he curled his lips, not forgetting to give Noah a glare as well.

"Listen well, one day, I am going to be the strongest inside Fairy Tail!"

Laxus pointed at Noah like he is declaring war on him.

"I don\'t care if it\'s you or gramps. One day, you will all be under my feet!"

Laxus picked up his coat and left with the Raijinshu in tow.

Makarov, Mira, Erza, and Lisanna didn\'t say anything as Laxus took his leave.

Noah who noticed the look in his eyes when Laxus glanced at Fairy Tail, reaffirmed his conviction before mumbling.

"One day, you will know that what you should be fighting for isn\'t the strongest in Fairy Tail…"