Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 62

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 62: A convoluted heart


A gale blew past Fairy Tail, it carried away the dust dancing in front of Fairy Tail. The scene became clearer to outside viewers.


Electricity crackled weakly across the ground.

Pop… Plop…

The stones fell onto the ground. In the center, Noah and Laxus kept a distance away from each other. They stared at each other with different sets of eyes.

Laxus seems frustrated, pissed and distant while Noah seemed to be brooding about something. Noah felt the familiar magic power coming from the magic power within Laxus\' body and from his golden lightning. Thinking about his last lightning attack, he straightened up and looked at him.

"As I suspected, you\'re a dragon slayer!"

Dragonslayers, those who wield the ancient magic that can be used to fight dragons, [Dragon Slayer Magic].

When he was younger, Noah used his abnormal perceptual powers and detected a different-than-norm magic power within Laxus.

That special magic power seemed like it\'s hiding a savage beast within it, it had kept him wondering all this time about what that strange power is, whether or not Laxus is a Dragon Slayer. It would seem he had confirmed his suspicion.

"Lightning Dragon Slayer!"

Noah stared intensely at Laxus.

"Why do you know of this magic?"

Natsu has the fire [Dragon Slayer Magic]. He came into possession of this ability because Igneel adopted him as his son. It was the same case with Wendy who had sky [Dragon Slayer Magic], again, she\'s taught by Grandeeney who is her adoptive mother.

Laxus\' mother is gone and his father got kicked out of Fairy Tail because of some issue. He had been raised in Fairy Tail all this while, by humans!

How would he become a disciple of a dragon given the circumstances surrounding him?

"Didn\'t I tell you not to compare me to the brat that only knows how to fool around?"

Laxus coldly rebuffed him, he raised his arm that had dragonscale like motives on it, crackling with lightning.

"It\'s annoying to bring this back up again but when I was young, I wasn\'t blessed with a health like you dweebs. I had a very weak constitution. So, my father implanted a Dragon lacrima in me that allowed me to use lightning [Dragon Slayer Magic]. I became a Dragon Slayer with this ability."

, a crystal that serves as a magic tool that can store magic power or be used to store magic. It is a very convenient magic tool with lots of usages.

The Dragon Lacrima is probably something that has the magic power and magic of a dragon in it, allowing its user to wield [Dragon Slayer Magic].

In other words, unlike Natsu who was taught personally by dragons regarding the usage of [Dragon Slayer Magic], his way of attaining [Dragon Slayer Magic] is different so Laxus is a new type of Dragon Slayer.

"I see…"

Noah said.

"Talent surpassing others coupled with the magic of a dragon. So that\'s how you became so strong?"

His lightning [Dragon Slayer Magic] might be short in duration but from what Noah could sense coming from Laxus, he is still way stronger than Mira or Erza.

With how fast Laxus is growing, it would probably 2 or 3 years more until he can catch up to Gildarts. That is to say, Laxus is not far away from being a Ten Saint level magician. However, this is not unusual. He already possesses a ridiculous amount of talent, to the extent that he could still beat Erza or Mira without using [Dragon Slayer Magic]. If he were to come into Ancient Magic that is generally stronger than modern magic, catching up to Gildart is only a matter of time.

Laxus seems to know what Noah is thinking about. He didn\'t add anything nor did he retort to any of his statement. He stayed silent for a bit before asking Noah.

"Do you think I am strong?"


Noah was stunned for a while before he started getting confused although he still said what he honestly thought.

"If you\'re referring to strength then yes, you\'re very strong. Perhaps Mira or Erza will no longer suffice as your opponents. I reckon you won\'t need too long to reach Gildarts as well right?"

"You think so too right?"

Laxus maniacally laughed as lightning surged forth around him with such intensity that the ground cracked up.

"Yet, with all my power, why doesn\'t that old geezer acknowledge me?!"

His roar made the lightning grow into a furious storm, the winds blew strongly outwards with him as the center.

"The Demon, Mira and The Fairy Queen, Erza couldn\'t possibly fight me whereas Gildarts can\'t go easy on me. Even so, gramps still say that I am still too far away compared to them! You\'re way off he said! Way off?!"

"Just how am I inferior to them?!"

He seemed to be releasing all the pent-up frustration in him as he howled in anger, the lightning around him danced even more.

"Clearly, I am the strongest! The strongest—!"

Lightning bolts and storm hit Noah but they were thwarted by an unseen force of magic. The lightning and storm alike were cut into and deflected past his two sides.

Noah watched the hysterical Laxus rage on as his eyes grew more and more stern.

"You came and bothered me because of something like that?"

"These 4 years, gramps would only say one thing to me whenever my strength grew!"

Laxus malevolently glared at him.

"He was always going on about how I had a brother who had immeasurable magic power and is in the process of learning [Crush], he talked about how I might not be able to compete with my brother after has returned from his cultivation journey!"

Noah stayed silent before lifting his head and looking straight into Laxus\' eyes.

"So, you want to defeat me?"

"Only by doing so will I prove my strength!"

Laxus laughed wildly. He spread his arms wide and yelled in an unruly manner.

"I will prove that I am the strongest in Fairy Tail!"

Noah\'s eyes turned from calm ones into eyes that pitied Laxus. In his eyes, he is just another rebellious teen acting out like a brat that won\'t grow up.

Laxus probably couldn\'t understand the message Makarov is trying to deliver to him, don\'t get too full of himself.

With his mind obstructed by the grudges he held against Makarov, he inadvertently distorted the message Makarov is trying to tell him as trying to suppress him.

He hadn\'t thought about how Makarov gave kids who couldn\'t defend themselves in the real world a place of shelter and indirectly assisting in their growth from the shadow, would a person this kind really deny another person\'s efforts?

Noah inhaled deeply and closed his eyes.

"If this is how you wish to validate yourself…"

He opened his eyes wide and magic power shot out from his body, the gargantuan magic power formed a gigantic light pillar piercing the heavens and throwing the local weather into a disarray.

"Let me show you just how mistaken your thought processes are!"

The massive magic power surge exerted a strong pressure on Laxus, he felt his body becoming sluggish under the pressure.

Laxus isn\'t surprised the least, on the contrary, he burst out laughing.

"Yes! Just like this! I wouldn\'t have it any other way!"

As if saying that he wouldn\'t concede an inch, lightning surged forth and turned into a lightning pillar with Laxus as the source. The next instant, the two brothers with the same family name charged at each other like arrows released from a bow.