Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 61

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 61: Light versus lightning! A close brawl

Biri biri

Lightning crackled.


The air trembled.

The raging storm in the form of a lightning clad fist approached him as he finally lifted his head. He moved one step to the left in the swiftest form he has.


The lightning clad fist missed him and passed by his ear, its crackling sound transmitted into his ears. Laxus hysterically laughed at how Noah easily dodge his attack before he turned his right hook into a downwards chop aimed at Noah\'s shoulder.

His downward moving fist got stopped very easily in its place. When he responded, Noah had already caught him by his wrist and he exerted strength gradually into his grip, Laxus started to feel the pain from the increasing pressure.

"You\'ve got the strength that\'s for sure…"

Thwarted yet again, a hint of confusion can be seen in his eyes. Suddenly, his hand that is being gripped by Noah exhibited a drastic increase in lightning output.

Biri biri

The golden lightning cladding his arm turned into burning hot plasma as he seemingly grabbed the plasma and yelled out loud.

" Raging bolt—!"

His plasma infused arm budged free from Noah\'s grab by sheer power. He then slammed down in a heavy fury.


Even the air itself seemed to be torn apart by the attack. Golden brilliance suffused the place. Recognizing the threat this attack posed, Noah backed away while being slightly surprised by the magnitude of the attack. He then clenched his fist in a defensive stance.


A radiant white light appeared in his hand, he then met Laxus\' lightning fist with his magic infused fist.


With the low collision sound, shockwave in the form of intense wind blew outwards with them as the center.


In the center of this event, Laxus\' plasma attack got neutralized the moment it connected with the white light, his attack didn\'t even last a full second before it fell into blocks of magic, shattered to pieces.

Super-destructive magic, [Crush].

Aside from shattering objects, it can also be used to shatter magic when high mastery has been achieved. In 4 years, Noah had attained enough proficiency in this magic to be able to pull off something like crushing the opponent\'s magic.

"Insert SFX of Laxus\' balls shrinking back into his body"

Laxus staggered but he managed to recover in time. He decided to use both arms as he dished out a flurry of lightning punches. It was quite a spectacle watching the attacks draw golden trails in the air. They filled Noah\'s field of vision and its auditory presence is no less intimidating what with the sound of air being shredded resounding again and again into the night.

But, Noah didn\'t lose his composure against his rapid strikes. He lifted his [Crush] infused fist and relying on his outstanding acuity, Laxus\' attacks lost all its meaning because his speed couldn\'t overcome Noah\'s reflexes.

When the flurry of fists came, he responded with his own flurry of counters.

Fwam fwam fwam-

In front of the guild, the light of lightning and white light flashed incessantly.

They exchanged blows as their attacks drew afterimages in the air followed closely by the sound of collisions. It\'s not just the sound of fists coming into fists, it\'s also the sound of the golden lightning getting [Crush]-ed.

Noah is fighting toe to toe with Laxus who had attained S-Class magician status for 4 years now, something S-Class magician like Mira and Erza probably couldn\'t achieve. Perhaps only Laxus is aware that the image of them fighting toe to toe is only an illusion, the one that is at a disadvantage here is actually him.

Every time he hit his fist, [Crush] would render his magic moot. In other words, he\'s just smashing his fists against Noah\'s fist. He can clearly feel the shock rattling his fist to their core with each and every connected blow. He slightly flinched at the pain of it all.

Noah had been training more than just his magic these past 4 years.

Physique, reflex, brawling skills, acuity, duels and etc. He had honed them all as much as he could. His overall physical power is greater than Laxus\'.

"Thunderous fury—!"

He had finally adopted a more serious expression compared to before. He dismissed the disdain he held for Noah and drew his real abilities. With a turn of his fist and a cry, thunder erupted somewhere above them. Out of nowhere, black clouds emerged, the clouds were flashing the same golden lightning as the ones being emitted from Laxus. The clouds shrunk before,


The next instant, a lightning bolt fell from the sky and mercilessly came down at its target.

A cold glint flashed in Noah\'s eyes. The next moment, a gargantuan amount of magic power poured forth from within him. He finally drew out his peerless amount of magic power.

Surging with magic power, he tightened his fist and light coalesced before he shot it out upwards.


Slightly stunned by what he is seeing, Laxus looked as Noah\'s white magic power concentrated in his fist shot out explosively like a materialized white laser and collided with the descending lightning bolt.


The boom echoed, the aftermath came in the form of intense wind and shockwave, shattering the ground close to Fairy Tail into the shape of a spiderweb radially spreading outward.

The white laser rammed right through the falling bolt as it headed up towards the lightning cloud.


The lightning cloud met the same end as the bolt that fell before it. It got dispersed the instant the white laser touched it and it fell in cubes down onto the ground.

The image of his cloud falling in cubes serving as background to Noah who had a poised expression, raising his fist in defiance burned itself into Laxus\' eyes with all the impact of the winds that assaulted him.

Noah\'s fist grew bigger in Laxus\' field of vision that is working to its full capacity trying to comprehend the scene before him. Laxus\' pupils shrunk in response.


Before Noah landed a hit on Laxus, a surge of magic power came from Laxus\' built body.


Laxus yelled, his muscles bulged and scale like formations started appearing on his hammer-like arms. His body also shined with lightning sheen.

He struck out his lightning-infused fist with a beastly shout.

"Lightning dragon\'s breakdown fist—!"

A fist shining brightly with white light met with a lightning fist, the two hit each other at full force.


Under the night sky, waves of raging wind would blow from time to time, its source is somewhere in front of Fairy Tail. Flashes of golden lightning and white light filled the immediate vicinity and it didn\'t stop for a long long time.