Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 60

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 60: The trouble that comes knocking.

"Bye Bye!! Noah Nii-san!"

"Hmph, don\'t oversleep because you didn\'t hit the sack early tonight got it!"

"See you tomorrow."

The 3 girls: Lisanna, Mira and Erza parted with Noah, saying farewell to him in their own distinctive manners before heading away from Fairy Tail. He was left with only their diminishing figures.

He watched them disappear into the distant darkness. He still can\'t believe how drastically his childhood friends had changed.

Noah is not commenting on the 3 girls growth mentally though. Rather, he should say that their personalities hadn\'t changed much. It\'s their appearance that changed. 4 years had done wonders on the 3 girls, turning them into very charming women.

Height, build, figure, and social standing…

Just those variables alone had already experienced a tremendous change which when contrasted with how soft and tender they were 4 years ago, is like the difference between heaven and earth.

At age 15, Lisanna who had yet to reach full bloom already has her own charms. Moreover, her delicate countenance is something that would catch anyone\'s interest.

Erza is still wearing her stiff and cold armor, the armor prevented any efforts to gauge her growth over the years. But, one look at her face and one could see that 80-90% of her innocent features faded away only to be replaced by beauty.

It would be an understatement to say that Mira had changed. Her looks are on par with Erza, she\'s not even hiding that bombastic thicc figure of hers. Let\'s just say that she is super effective against Noah.

He doesn\'t recall them having such fantastic figures some short 6 months ago. How do we explain this stark contrast in growth within such a period? Is that what they mean by a girl changes 18 times between childhood and womanhood?

"Everyone certainly grew up…"

He found another sigh had escaped his lips before he realized it. He turned around and walked towards Fairy Tail.

Not far away from Fairy Tail. There\'s a dorm for exclusive use by female members of the guild. Since Erza had been living in this dorm since she joined. The other female members also stayed here as well.

Mira, Lisanna, and Elfman stayed together at another location. Meanwhile, Noah chose to stay at Fairy Tail.

He had stayed there for at least 2 years, in a way, that\'s where he belongs. If he were to be told to find another residence he would probably be unable to let it go.

Anyway, besides Noah, there usually isn\'t anyone else staying over at Fairy Tail. The exceptions to this are when there is a special circumstance or if there is someone who is here specifically for Noah.


With Fairy Tail\'s main entrance clearly within his sight, Noah stopped for some reason. He stared dead ahead.


A gale came from a certain direction. The gale passed Noah and passed the main entrance, ruffling the clothes of the figure standing at the main entrance.

It\'s a 20 something-year-old youngster with a magic headphone called Soundpod. He stood close to the main entrance while crossing his arms, his eyes were shut and he let his coat dance in tune with the wind, his aura is one of an oppressive nature.

This oppressive aura intensified with Noah\'s appearance.

He looked at the youngster who had an intense aura around him but he didn\'t say anything. His expression showed that he didn\'t expect a visit from him this soon but he expected a visit in the near future.

With a slight delay, the youngster opened his eyes and revealed his eagle-like sharp gaze. Those wild eyes of his reminded him of a rampaging tiger.

"You have grown…"

He calmly said so.

"I can\'t say the same of you, still the same as before."

Just this short exchange that took up no more than 3 seconds was enough to increase the already tense mood.

Anyone who saw them probably could tell that these 2 aren\'t on good terms.

"What business do you have with me?"

He already knew what this guy is like so he didn\'t bother wasting time with small talks. He focused his eyes on the figure before him.


The figure belonged to his adoptive brother, Makarov\'s grandson, Laxus Dreyar.

"Don\'t be so cold. As your brother, it\'s my duty to show due care towards my own brother, isn\'t that right?"

He revealed a sardonic expression.

"I think I remember you saying that you won\'t be returning to the guild until you learned to master your control over Gildarts\' magic. Then, you just up and left for 4 years on some cultivation trip yeah?"

"With your return, I am guessing you succeeded right?"

He stopped crossing his arms and his eyes took on a more dangerous turn.

"Now why don\'t you have a little spar with your brother to see the result of your 4 years training?"

The tense air around them became even heavier.

His invitation is not cordial to say the least, Noah remained calm but his eyes looked like he was teasing him.

"Oh? What\'s this sudden battle maniac characteristic of Natsu I am seeing here?"

"Don\'t put me in the same league as that guy who only fucks around!"

Laxus sniggered.

"I only choose those prey I deem interesting!"

Done with that, golden lightning came out of him and clad him like a fence made out of lightning.

Lightning clad, he watched Laxus stand there with his lightning arcing around like snakes. He felt the tremendous growth of magic power since the last time he had seen him at the lake of rituals, Noah\'s eyes narrowed.

Laxus snickered and slammed his foot down. Golden lightning entered the ground and crept towards Noah like a gigantic serpent in the ground.

Against the lightning snake, Noah didn\'t even bat an eye. He just let the attack hit him.


The lightning serpent got split in half the moment it touched him. The snake dissipated after being turned into blocks of lightning cubes.


Laxus\' grin grew wider.

"Finally shaping up to something eh?"

"Well, are you satisfied yet?"

Noah seemed like he is getting a bit tired of this charade.

"You should know that I prefer to abstain from fights that have no meaning. If your objective is accomplished, I think you should stop here."


A cold glint flashed in Laxus\' eyes.

"Don\'t fuck with me!"

Laxus finally moved, he channeled his magic and turned his mana into brilliant bolts of lightning, further infusing his body with lightning.


Laxus turned into a bolt of lightning and almost instantaneously appeared in front of Noah. He slammed down his fists which were clad in lightning, his target, Noah\'s head.