Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 53

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 53: [Crush] = Dress Break?

There are not that much mountains around Magnolia but even so there are still quite a few of them. If they were all to be combined into a mountain range, it should be enough to surround Magnolia 12 or 13 times over.

Even so, the disappearance of a single mountain still caught the attention of quite a few citizens. These past 2 days, the town had been very noisy with people everywhere talking about the disappeared mountain, they had their kicks talking about it and it even turned into a popular topic after lunch.

While everyone in Magnolia is having a blast talking about this. Not far away from Magnolia, in a certain wilderness, the perpetrator appeared.

He closed his eyes and stayed motionless on that wide plain, he looked no different from a statue just standing there.

Not far away, Mira and Lisanna who stayed here for quite a while were spectating him.

After accidentally shattering the mountain into a pile of rubble, Noah didn’t have the guts to go find another mountain. Instead, he went to find a wilderness where people would not visit and he built a simple stone house before settling down.

Noah knows that his body is different from normal. His body could negate all harmful effects that enters his body and assimilate foreign powers at the same time it can also generate mana on its own. This is all in addition to having unrivaled magic power capacity and inhuman perceptual powers.

Ignoring his other abilities, just his gargantuan amount of magic power guaranteed that should he even learn magic, his power will increase dramatically.

Moreover, he is using [Crush], the magic famous for its destructive capabilities, augmented by his giant magic power, [Crush] can exhibit effects like none had ever seen before.

Understanding this, Noah still failed in his calculations. He underestimated himself.

He didn’t expect to shatter a mountain on the first day of learning [Crush]. Had he knew, Noah wouldn’t have chosen a mountain to stay at, he would have chose a wilderness where people do not tread.

Of course, given his environment, Noah’s journey on the path of learning magic could not be said to be a peaceful one.

If someone were to pass by here, they would be in for a big surprise.

In this place where it is as wide as is it is devoid of human life, countless holes, big and small littered the place like this place had been hit by a rain of meteor. The big holes had diameters of around 200 to 300 meters. Even the small ones had diameters of 40 to 50 meters.

These holes are the result of [Crush] magic rampaging out of control.

Due to these holes in the ground, Mira and Lisanna understands that Noah could not escape their detection given the nature of [Crush], it is also the reason the two girls could easily locate him.

Quite some distance away, Lisanna was curious as to why Noah stood still.

“What is Noah Onii-san doing?”


Mira thought for a bit before answering.

“If I am not wrong, the guy should be familiarizing himself with [Crush] right?”

“Feel [Crush]?”

Lisanna felt even more bewildered, from the looks of her face it seems she still doesn’t quite get it.

“When someone clench their fists, won’t they feel the strength behind their fist?”

Mira explained.

“Magic is similar in the sense that magic power is that power behind a fist. When a magician uses magic, he could feel magic gathering to unleash spells, Noah is trying to get use to the feeling of when his magic triggers.”

“What’s the point of doing this?”

Lisanna blinked.

“If he could use the magic isn’t that good enough? Why bother familiarizing himself with the feel of it?”

“Other people wouldn’t bother, but Noah needs to.”

Mira said while enjoying the schadenfreude of it.

“I think he’s trying to know when his magic triggers. If it does and couldn’t stop it at least he will be able to do something about and counter its effects. Like before, if Noah felt his magic going out of control and ran out of the mountain in time, the mountain probably wouldn’t have disappeared.”

“Ma, at least he could benefit from this.”

Mira crossed her hands in front of her chest.

“If he can adapt to to feeling of his magic triggering and seize control, it is a beneficial training for him to rein in his magic power as well.”

“Is that so?”

Lisanna muttered, sounding like she’s still hesitating.

“I came here to see Noah Onii-san originally but he’s working hard in his training so what should I do?”

“What to do? Hah, why not just go over there?”

Mira didn’t think about it as much as Lisanna did as she walked on over to him.

“Wait up Mira-nee… Oh jeez…”

Lisanna followed her.

Noah had his eyes sealed shut and kept standing there like a statue.

Inside him, magic power is coursing through him in a systematic way, growing stronger by the second.

Feeling the magic power within him, Noah nodded inwardsly. Recalling the method of casting [Crush], he tried casting it.

Mira and Lisanna’s footsteps entered his ears, disrupting Noah who is casting his magic.


At this point, the magic power coursing within him accelerated and like a horse without restraints, it went into his magic and started channeling.


Noah panicked inside.

This is the sign of [Crush] casting!

Noticing this, Noah hurriedly turn around and called out to Mira and Lisanna.

“Don’t come here!”

Mira and Lisanna reflexively stopped in surprise.


Brilliant rays of light rose from Noah and it expanded like a shockwave to the surrounding.


Against the wave of light heading towards them, Lisanna and Mira’s face lost their colors. They raised their hand to protect their eyes from the bright light, their slender bodies got engulfed by the effulgent light.


A loud sound rang.

That’s the sound of the earth that was hit by his light turning into debris of different sizes, the immediate area of effect turned into a deep crater.

A while later, the light dissipated and Noah’s heart raced deep inside the crater.

Don’t tell me Mira and Lisanna got hit by [Crush] and…

“What’s this?”

“Gave me quite a jump there.”

Luckily, the nightmare he thought of didn’t happen.

Mira and Lisanna stood perfectly fine in their original position. They looked surprised but they didn’t look hurt at all, there’s no limb loss or anything.

“Mira! Lisanna!”

Noah’s heart felt relieved, thinking about what could have happened, he felt his face tightening up.

Before Noah could lecture the two girls, something unexpected happened.


with the sound of fabric ripping, rags exploded away from Mira and Lisanna. Rags that were originally clothes on Lisanna and Mira!

The next thing he knows, two soft bodies of different sizes appeared in front of him. the sunlight accentuated the milky whiteness of their charming bodies. It all entered his eyes without any obstruction, a beautiful scene he will remember for the rest of his life.

Gawking at their glamorous fair bodies and those pinkish buds that haven’t begun growing on their chest, his eyes widened as he stared straight at them.


Mira and Lisanna felt windy all of a sudden. When they looked down, they saw their own familiar white figures. They blanked out for a moment before they blushed deep red.


A few seconds later, two scream floated up towards the space above the wilderness riddled with holes and echoed for a while.