Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 52

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 52: A mountain getting crushed

Magnolia, Fairy Tail guild…

The Strauss siblings entered after pushing open the door to the guild. They greeted their comrades inside the guild.

“Good morning everyone!”

“Good morning!”

The members greeted them in turn, then they got back to busting each other’s ball as usual.

“A bit later then usual huh.”

Erza said while enjoying a plate of strawberry cake at a wooden table nearby, her tone made her sound bored.

“You guys would have been here by now going by your usual timing.”

“It’s all Elfman’s fault.”

Mira said while throwing an unamused glance at Elfman.

“If he didn’t spill our breakfast, we would have been here a long time already.”


Elfman lowered his head, you would think a guy his size wouldn’t show an appearance like he got bullied.

“I just wanted to get my hands on the breakfast earlier.”

“Luckily it’s only breakfast, we made do with some simple stuff.”

Lisanna tilted her head while revealing a cute smile.

“But, if it were not for Mira-nee who took the time to cook for us, I reckon we would be even more late.”

“Mira? Cooking?”

Erza looked like she was shocked and surprised beyond belief.

“Mira can cook?”

“Huh you wanna fight? Ya uptight woman!”

Mira sneered.

“I couldn’t find the time to give you a good spanking, today’s just right to beat you to the ground!”

“I’m afraid I would be making you cry instead!”

Erza stared back without showing any weakness.

“I have long tolerated you, today shall be the day I give you your just dessert!”

And then, the two faced each other with the air rumbling around them, they even pitted their foreheads together. Lisanna can’t help but sigh as she retorted.

“What’s this about not having the opportunity or about tolerating? Aren’t you girls practically at it every single day?”

“Every single day?”

Cana rubbed her forehead while glancing at a place not far away from her.

“You stepped on me! Squinty eyes!”‘

“That’s cause you blocked me! Droopy eyes!”

While spewing lines like that, Natsu and Gray mashed their head against each other while staring each other down, they looked like they could go at each other any moment now. In fact, they look just like cheap knockoff version of Mira v Erza.

“I say, can you guys please grow up?”

“Squabbling like this everyday is just going to give people the impression that you guys can’t grow up, you guys should start maturing, kinda like Noah…”

When she reached the latter part of her sentence, Cana’s voice grew silent and when she called out the name, her voice might as well be none existent.


Gray and Natsu who looked like they are going to start slugging stopped silent and they looked downcast.

Mira and Erza’s dangerous auras also disappeared. The two snorted at each other and turned away without speaking.

“Noah Onii-san…”

Liasnna looked crestfallen as well, despite her attempts at forcing a smile.

“I almost forgot Noah Onii-san is not in the guild anymore, I was thinking whether or not I should go wake him up…”

Nobody said anything.

Everyone stayed eerily silent, the mood around them as a whole turned heavy.

“That jerk.”

Mira bit down on her lips as she grumbled.

“Doing as he please like that and not thinking about how we would feel over here.”

“Ma, Mira-nee, you should stop blaming Noah Onii-san.”

Lisanna collected her feelings as she grabbed her sister’s arm.

“Don’t forget, NOah is just nearby, we can always go and see him.”

“It’s as you say but…”

Erza continued.

“Which one of you actually know the specifics of his training ground?”

“He sad he was going to a nearby mountain yesterday.”

Gray indifferently said while taking off his clothes.

“But he didn’t say which mountain.”

“Doesn’t that mean we won’t be able to locate him?”

Mira frowned and then shouted in the direction of the bar counter.

“Guild master, you know where Noah is?!”

“Who knows!”

Makarov who’s drinking beer at the counter seemed like he’s the least concerned one here as he replied with a dispirited tone.

“He will be back when he wants to come back, before that, let us just..”

Before Makarov could finish, something else happened that dismissed his nonchalant attitude.


A loud thunderous boom reaching the heavens resounded in the air ahove Magnolia city. It echoed throughout Fairy Tail.


Inside the guild, many young girls cried out and the rest also yelped in shock.

“What’s going on?”

Mira, Lisanna and Erza stood up in a hurry.

“What the hell is happening?”

“This magic power…”

Makarov who was sitting there drinking beer at his own pace stood up and his originally laid back air turned into a serious one as he ran outside. Upon seeing him run out, the girls exchanged glances and ran outside as well.

♦ ♦ ♦

“Phew… Phew… Phew… Phew…”

Almost all Fairy Tail members ran out and followed behind Makarov. They ran through the streets and headed to a certain direction. After bypassing two main streets and countless big buildings, Fairy Tail members led by Makarov slowly exited Magnolia.

After some unknown time, their field of vision slowly widened and the buildings became scarce.

Fairy Tail members came to what appears to be a wide plain and they continued forward.


Despite being the oldest among them, Makarov didn’t look reddish or pant, when he saw the figure in front of him, he flinched before stopping.



Gildarts turned around and stared wide open at the amount of Fairy Tail members gathered here.

“Why are you guys here?”

“With such a big turmoil, how could we not?”

Mira retorted without holding back.

“By the way, what is going on?”

“What happened huh…”

Gildarts sighed and then stepped aside.

“Why don’t you guys take a look for yourselves?”

When he stepped aside, all the Fairy Tail members turned their attention towards the front.


Something fell on the ground. As to what it is, nobody cared. That’s because everyone, including Makarov was too preoccupied with what they are seeing, or rather too surprised to take note of the fallen object. In front of them, a mountain of rubble was piled there.

If it’s just a bunch of rubble, they probably won’t have such an exaggerated reaction. The problem is that, if they didn’t remember wrong, this place where there is a mountain of rubble used to be a mountain.

And now…

The mountain is gone! No! The mountain is not gone! Rather, it’s crushed!

That pile of rubble is the original mountain!

“What… happened?….”

Lisanna said in a dumbfounded manner.

“Where is the mountain?”

Nobody replied.

Looks like nobody has recovered from their shock yet.

“Cough cough cough…”

A light coughing sound came from. a hand popped out from the top of the pile of rubble. The figure emerged after pushing away the debris at the top. The figure couldn’t stop coughing because of the dust.

“God danggit… it is truly hard to control..”

Everyone is startled to see that the figure crawling out of the wreckage is none other than,



Noah caught sight of the slackjawed masses below him, he then put on an awkward expression.

“I… I didn’t do this on purpose….”

At the moment, nobody could find the correct vocabulary to put their thoughts into words.