Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 50

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 50: Can I learn magic from you?


The crowd jumped when they heard the low thud. They all saw it, the scene where Noah with his little frame getting sent flying backwards like a kite with its string broken. His body flipped a few times in the air as it flew and he hit the ground some several dozen meters away

“Noah (Onii-san)!”

Mira, Lisanna, Erza, Gray, Natsu, Cana, Elfman and the others yelled as they rushed over to him.


Gildarts panicked while still in his punching stance.

“I accidentally lost control and went serious!”

“Noah Onii-san!”

Lisanna cradled Noah who was on the ground, her eyes already moistened up with tears.

“Noah Onii-san! Noah Onii-san!”

Mira stood in front of Gildarts, her magic power dark as ink water started pouring out of her, her expression and eyes were very malevolent.

“I am going to kill you!”

Erza, Natsu, Gray also took their fighting stance as they stared down Gildarts, preparing to attack at any given moment.

Although feet and hands didn’t have eyes on them and duels of this kind would always result in some sort of harm, but Gildarts’ punch could have shattered a boulder. Noah who took this blow to the head should have died, that was only natural.

It didn’t matter how Fairy Tail members was supposed to look after their comrades and not antagonize each other. In this situation, the kids didn’t give a damn anymore.

“That’s too over the top no matter how you look at it isn’t it?”

Erza shouted.

“Are you trying to kill Noah?”

“Don’t think just because you’re an S-Class magician that we are afraid of you!”

Gray channeled his magic power, it seems he is very mad as well.

“If anything happens to Noah, I will never forgive you!”


Natsu gnashed his teeth.

“I am gonna avenge Noah!”

Seeing as Erza, Natsu & Gray are alaready channeling their magic whereas Mira who looked very furious is already looking like she might rush him at any moment, Cana and Elfman started panicking.


Elfman didn’t know what to do.

“Ca-calm down!”

Cana stood in front of everyone while spread her arms out as if to protect Gildarts before she yelled.

“Hold up! Everyone calm down!”

The surrounding guild members looked at Gildarts with judging eyes.

Just when Gildarts is about to say something, Noah who was supported by Lisanna slowly pushed Lisanna away and stood up.

“Don’t worry, everyone! I’m fine!”

“Noah (Onii-san)!”

Mira, Lisanna, Erza and the gang surrounded him as if to make sure he’s totally fine.

“You’re alright?”

Gildarts is confused by how he really looked unharmed.

“You’re alright even after taking that blow?”

“If it really hit then it would be very troublesome.”

Noah bitterly laughed, he then lifted the arming sword and traced his hands across the side of the blade.

“It’s thank to this guy over here that I managed to survive your attack!”


Everyone gathered their attention on the arming sword in his hand.

“That’s a magic weapon right?”

Gildarts seemed to have realized something.

“You’re saying you used the magic weapon’s ability to dodge my blow?”


Noah nodded and then he displayed the sword horizontally in front of him.

“This blade can control distances!”

Manipulation of distances!

That’s the hidden ability of this magic arming sword.

If one were to pour mana into it, the blade user will be able to manipulate distances.

For instance, by shrinking the distance between an enemy and oneself, even if one were to stand some distance away, the slashes from this blade can still reach the enemy!

During the time when Mira, Elfman, and Lisanna got into trouble in the forest, Noah used this ability to drastically shorten the distance between him and the minotaur, that’s how he managed to save Lisanna in the nick of time.

Noah also used the window of time between when Gildarts opened his guard to unleash this weapon’s ability and shorten the distance between him and Gildarts to its limits, enabling him to showcase those beautiful and hard hitting sword beam.

By reducing the distance to 1% of its original distance, the relative speed would have sped up 100 times leading to a momentum increase of 10,000 times!

On the contrary, by extending the distance between oneself and the enemy, one could nullify attacks or make them miss their mark.

He nullified the attack from Gildarts by relying on this effect, and that’s how he got through it in one piece.

Of course, there are limits to this distance manipulation effect.

The shorter or the longer the distances shortened or extended, the more magic power the user have to expend on an exponential scale.

Noah with his tremendous amount of magic power could more or less by pass this strenuous limit.

But, there’s another limit to this magic arming sword. The distance manipulation effect is limited to a hard cap of 100 meter.

It doesn’t matter if one wanted to reduce the distance or extend it, but the absolute limit is only 100 meter.

That is to say, if Gildarts attack had an area of effect of more than 100 meters, Noah would not have been able to completely nullify its effect.

Luckily for him, Gildarts only threw a heavy punch that had a range of about 2 to 3 meters in front of him, Noah pulled through by relying on his magic arming sword’s ability.

“What a wondrous effect your sword has.”

Gildarts exclaimed. Noah smiled in response.

“Ma, as long as you’re alright then it’s fine. Oh right, you wanna go again?”

“No need”

Noah shook his head and looked at Gildarts.

“I wanted to duel you because I wanted to see your magic in person.”


Everyone including Gildarts is surprised.

“Ultra high tier destruction magic —[Crush]!”

Noah stared down Gildarts’ barrel.

“You used that magic to destroy my slashing attack didn’t you?”

“So you’re intrigued by my magic and then challenged me to find out more about it?”

Gildarts didn’t know whether to cry or laugh but he decided to stick with the latter and laugh out loud.

“That’s right, my [crush] can destroy the bonds between atoms of the object I come into contact with from the inside out. As long as the thing has a form, I can even demolish a mountain with this magic!”

“A mountain?!”

Natsu, Gray, and Elfman jumped in shock.

“Even magic as well?”

Mira, Lisanna, Erza, and Cana had astonished expressions.

“As expected of a super destructive magic…”

Noah was more or less astounded by this revelation as well. And so, he reinforced his resolve even more.


Noah had a serious expression, he looked into Gildarts’ eyes and continued.

“Can I learn magic from you?”

“I want to learn this destructive magic know as [Crush]!”

Sound disappeared from the surrounding in an instant.

Mira, Lisanna, Erza finally know why Noah challenged Gildarts just to see his magic.

He wanted to learn from him!

He wanted to learn this magic that is like no others in its field of being destructive.

“Learning magic… from me huh?…”

Gildarts properly received his seriousness and fell into deep thought.

“Did the guild master agree to this?”

Noah fell silent.