Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 46

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 46: Ultra destructive magic — [Crush]

In that moment, Noah held his breath just like everyone else as he focused his gaze at the main door of the guild. Even though he is inside the guild at the moment, he could see what it was like outside. If one were to describe what he is feeling at the moment with one word, it would be shocked.

For no other reason than because Magnolia had split apart!

The scenery outside that should, moments ago, be filled with buildings had parted to the side with the guild door as the boundary that decides the dividing line. Not just that, there were two thick walls to either side protecting the buildings beyond them.

The result being a single road straight from outside of Magnolia to the main door of Fairy Tail!

(Tl: https://youtu.be/wAxT_xt9UBs )

The guy named Gildarts gradually got closer by using this road and made his entrance at the main door of the guild.

It’s a middle aged guy around 40 years old. Moreover, the guy is wearing what appears to be a high collared and ragged cloak, with that stubbly beard of his, the guy seemed like a sloppy middle aged man. And so, this messy looking middle aged man walked in with a cloth rucksack slinged over one side of his shoulder. He entered and appeared before everyone.

Superficially, he might seem like a driftwood of a man with that appearance of him but Noah could feel a very strong aura coming off of him.

Noah is particularly interested in his strong aura but rather the reason behind his strong presence. Under his ridiculously strong sense, he could feel it very clearly that within this messy looking man lies a power that can one shot him!


Without being aware of it, Noah tightened his fist. His body also became tense, like someone entering a state to fight at any given moment, he kept his eyes trained on this Gildarts fellow.


When Gilarts walked in, he only surveyed the surrounding with a glance and he quickly titled his head and gazed at Noah without looking away.

The guildmembers that were about to greet Gildarts noticed this and stopped in their tracks. They exchanged glances and forgot what they were about to say again.

The younger generation: Mira, Lisanna, Erza, Kana, Gray, Elfman and the other kids seemed like they were hit with extreme dehydration, their lips seemed to have dried up as the kids opened and closed their mouth with no words coming out at all.

A tense mood hanged in the air.

Looking back at the one gazing at him, his body tightened up even more. Noah took a stance that looks like he could switch into battle mode anytime, seeing this Gildarts earnestly laughed.

“It seems during my time away from the guild, an interesting character had joined us. But I am not your enemy so you don’t have to be so wary of me right?”

Gildarts’ nonchalance and light toned statement spread out within the guild and dispelled the heavy atmosphere.

Hearing what Gildarts said, Noah flinched before finally noticing how he is over reacting to the situation. He breathed in deep and then relaxed his body before apologizing to him.

“I’m sorry, I over reacted.”

“Don’t mind it.”

Gildarts had a relaxing smile on his face before curiously asking him.

“Rather than that, I would rather know why you became so wary of me all of a sudden?”

“Because you’re very strong!”

Noah didn’t hesitate with his reply.

“I can feel your strength, if you were to attack me, I am afraid I would go down within a blink of an eye, perhaps even killing me in the process!”

When Mira, Lisanna, Erza and the gang heard Noah, they were shocked. the other guild members had a face of silent understanding.

“So you raised your guard against me just because you’re afraid I might attack you?”

Gildarts looked stun before he laughed heartily.

“Now isn’t that interesting!”


Natsu jumped out and pointed at Gildarts.

“Who the hack are you?”


Gildarts pointed at himself before lifting a corner of his lip.

“I am Gildarts, another magician within Fairy Tail!”

“Magician of Fairy Tail?”

Erza, Lisanna, Mira, Elfman and the others looked at each other in confusion.


Noah turned to Kana, the one who joined Fairy Tail before any others her age joined, a senpai of sorts.

“Do you know this guy?”

Noah didn’t get any answer though.

Kana stared at Gildarts in a daze, she looked out of it as she didn’t say anything.

Noah slightly nudged Kana on the shoulders in response.



Kana yelped, she seemed to have returned to her senses as she then forced a smile.

“Wh-what’s up?”

“Didn’t you hear what I said?”

Noah was bewildered.

“Are you feeling unwell?”

“I-It’s nothing.”

Kana half heartedly answered.

“What did you ask of me just now?”

“I was asking, did you know this guy?”

Noah concealed the puzzlement in his heart and asked her once again.

“Why did Magnolia took such a drastic change?”

“About Gildarts?”

Kana turned her eyes back to Gildarts. Noah feels like he might be seeing things but somehow, Kana’s gaze seemed to have a sense of complex feelings and something else special hidden within them.

“He is Fairy Tail’s strongest magician you know!”

“The strongest magician in Fairy Tail you say?”

Noah seemed surprised by this revelation.

“You’re saying he’s stronger than gramps?”

“That I don’t know.”

Kana awkwardly scratched her head.

“When I joined Fairy Tail, Gildarts was already called the strongest within Fairy Tail, whether or not he’s stronger than guild master, that’s something only the guild leader would know.”

“And, why did Magnolia transform like that?”

Noah turned back and looked at the one way street leading towards Fairy Tail, the street which divided Magnolia in two.

“Is it because of Gildarts?”


Kana nodded vigorously.

“That’s because Gildarts uses a super destructive magic —-!”

Noah’s eyes gleamed for a moment.

There are tens of thousands of different kinds of magic in this magical world. Some of them are ancient magic devised by the ancestors. Some of them are so ancient they were lost through the passing of time, only a few lucky people would be able to learn such lost magic. Some of these magic are newly invented by excellent magicians of present time. Some of them are left by unknown magicians of immense power inside books & relics that got discovered. Within these myriad amount of magic, there are also magic that outclasses normal magic by a big margin. Properly learnt and applied their powers are distinctive.

Super destructive magic!

With something like that to the magic’s title, it’s not hard to imagine that [Crush] stands far ahead of any magic, a magic far surpassing them all!

It’s not the strongest but it’s definitely way better than any normal magic!

Simply considering its capacity for destruction, perhaps even Natsu’s [Dragon Slayer Magic] cannot beat it!

“Gildarts haven’t completely managed to control his magic so a slight slip up might result in substantial damages.”

Kana explained.

“That’s why, to prevent massive catastrophy to Magnolia, any time Gildarts returns, Magnolia will shift into a state that gives Gildarts the most convenient way of passage.”

Noah felt at a loss of words, he then got slightly excited.

A destructive ability that makes the town devise a custom path for it?

Ultra destructive magic, how strong is this magic really?