Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 44

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 44: A subconscious and unknown kiss

Inside the library of Fairy Tail….

Bookshelves that might as well be described as building like in size were arranged in a uniform order inside this wide space.

A bunch of old and new books are either arranged neatly on the shelves or are scattered messily on the floor. The smell of paper filled the air and the atmosphere is so quiet that the air seems to ebb and flow.

Under these kind of circumstances, even Mira with her violent tendencies couldn’t help reducing the weight behind her steps as she tiptoed her way into the library. Her aggressive eyes scanned this book filled place and stopped at one of the tables in the middle of all these bookshelves.

The person she’s looking for is currently resting his head on the table. Beside him is a bunch of books, some are closed and some are opened but placed in front of him. However, the youth isn’t registering any sentences into his head. That’s due to the fac tthat his eyes are shut and he seemed to be deep in sleep.

Mira frowned when she saw this and lightly snorted.

“Burning the midnight oil my ass, look at who’s sleeping because he’s too tired here?”

Mira didn’t know Noah slept out of fatigue due to the revelations about how he’s not like other humans being told to him by Makarov. She walked down the stairs and headed in his direction.

Looking down from above at Noah who’s still sleeping with his head on the desk, Mira reached her hand out towards him in what seems to be an attempt to slap the guy into consciousness.

But before she could, something unexpected happened.

drip drip drop

Making a very light sound as it fell, the sparkling translucent fluid flowed down Noah’s cheek and hit the desk making a slight moist stain on the table.

It’s Noah’s tear.

Mira who would always have that vicious and strong expression on her suddenly panicked and she didn’t know what to do as her pupils contracted at the sight of this.

Crying? Noah? Why?

Mira couldn’t figure out the answers to these questions.

But the sight of Noah crying while dreaming about something gave Mira a very big shock.

This is the first time she had seen him crying.

Her impression of him is someone who is both sharp and reliable with strength and an indomitable will like no other. He is someone who would pave his own path in addition to being a very warm person.

This is the guy who saved Mira, Elfman & Lisanna when they were in a pinch way before joining Fairy Tail. He’s also the one who showed her the truth behind the supposedly possessed body of hers and ultimately the one who roped the siblings into joining Fairy Tail.

To her, Noah is something of a savior to her.

The most important thing is that, Noah didn’t hesitate to touch that demonic hand of hers which represented her trauma and painful memories. That scene of him touching her had long been engraved into her heart. She can’t bring herself to believe that someone like that would have such a vulnerable side to him, crying like this.

Even so, after knowing that he has this soft side to him what can she do?

She looked at Noah who had his head on the desk in a dazed state, his tears didn’t stop leaking out of those tightly shut eyelids, and the waterworks kept hitting the desk. Losing her nerve, she hesitated a bit before strecthing out her trembling hand and wiping off the tears on his cheek in a meek manner.

As she rubbed him, Noah seemed to have felt ticklish and crinkled his nose before adjusting his posture. This gave Mira who thought he was waking up a big jump, when she heard the sound of his breathing, she released a sigh of relief.

The waterworks stop coming out of Noah as though after being disrupted by a certain someone his dream changed to another. Now, he looked really peaceful.

Taking in that peaceful sleeping countenance of his, Mira rubbed Noah’s cheek, more accurately, fondling his cheeks. Her hands didn’t tremble or had the coy air around it as before. In fact, her hand seemed like it’s reluctant to leave his face.

“Don’t tell me the reason why Lisanna insists on going every morning to wake this fellow up is so that she can see this expression of his?”

Mira mumbled to herself and accidentally let out some of her more honest thoughts.

“This sneaky… little girl…”

Muttering something along those lines, she then stared intently at Noah’s sleeping face. Don’t know why though, she smiled radiantly in a manner not seen before, and then she turned deep red as she looked around the surroundings in a surreptitious manner before looking at Noah’s sleeping face as she gulped.

“If it’s just a bit… there won’t be a problem right?…”

Leaving that line with close to 0 confidence behind it. Mira blushed even deeper and finally, as if she muttered up a courage from somewhere, she leaned down towards Noah.

Mira’s eyes started wavering and looked like she entered a trance.

Her exquisite face drew closer and closer to Noah’s peaceful sleeping face, their atmosphere took on a pinkish hue.


A small but surprisingly clear sound rang due to the background being very quiet.

Mira’s soft and tender lips made contact with Noah’s lips. The pink atmosphere around them took on more heat and the mood seems to have gone into a hotter territory.


An unknown period of time passed and Mira removed herself from Noah’s lips, albeit reluctantly. She straightened her body and placed a hand to her mouth. Her rosy cheeks, distant eyes and her dazed expression made her look like she’s out of it.

“I gave my first kiss… to him?…”

Mira touched her lips while seemingly not believing what just transpired. Awhile later, feeling extremely embarrassed, she cupped her cheeks and yelled in a tiny tone.

“Wh-What have I done.. Oh god..”

Just as she finished, a curious voice sounded out from behind her.

“What’s that about what you did?”


The sudden voice made her yelp like a guilty thief would.


The sudden yelp made the visitor shriek as well.

Mira turned around and she became even more distraught as she started stuttering.


“Yes.. It’s me..”

Lisanna pat her heart as she stared stupefied at a panicky, blushing Mira.

“Mira-nee, what’s going on with you? Why did you yell otu suddenly?”

“N-nnnn.. Nothing!”

Mira backpedaled and forced a few hoarse laugh.

“Li-Lisanna, when did you arrive?”

“Just now.”

Lisanna answered with a tinge of suspicion.

“Is something the matter?”

“No.. It’s just… erh…”

Mira started mincing her words.

“You.. What did you see just now?”

“See what?”

Lisanna’s doubtful expression became even more apparent.

“What should I have seen?”

Mira sighed in relief without making it obvious, her usual calmness returned to her.


Lisanna had her eyes on her and she puffed her cheeks.

“Are you hiding something from me?”


Mira looked away due to her guilty feelings.

“I-There’s no way I could hide anything from you right? Isn’t that so?”

“How suspicious…”

Lisanna stared at Mira so hard, she’s feeling even more guilty by the second. Subconsciously, she touched her lips with her hand.

Lisanna flinched, she then realized something and turned to look at Noah who is still sound asleep on the desk. When she saw what looks to be a mix of moisture and red col on Noah’s lips, her eyes grew wide and she looked at Mira in disbelief.

“Mira-nee… don’t tell me you..”

“It-It’s about time we wake him up right?!”

Mira hurriedly disrupt what Lisanna was going to say in an awkward manner.

“Isn’t Lisanna curious as to what kind of magic he’s going to learn? Better wake him up faster then!”

Lisanna pouted and her eyes started tearing up.

“Mira-nee, you are too sneaky!”

Little did she know, Mira said the same thing about her.