Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 43

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 43: The 3 constitutional characteristic which differs from normal people

From the perspectives of those who know Noah, he is just some orphan Makarov picked up by chance.

But perhaps even Makarov didn’t know that Noah isn’t just an orphan.

He doesn’t even have recollection that he existed before!

When he first met Makarov, his appearance was already that of an 11 year old kid. Back then, his magic rampaged out of control when he was attacked by magical beasts and Makarov who was just nearby by coincidence, noticed and came along to adopt him.

When Makarov first took him in, he asked Noah about his background but Noah didn’t say anything for two reason.

1: He didn’t know how to speak then.

More accurately, Noah didn’t know this world’s language back then so he can’t communicate verbally. He was like a baby with a 10 year old kid’s appearance and mind. Suffice to say it was very odd.

2: Noah didn’t have any knowledge or memories about his background.

When he learnt the language and could speak, Makarov who heard about this conjectured that he might have lost his memories.

However, Noah does know one thing; Makarov is wrong.

He didn’t lose his memories!

It’s as put forward above, it was not a metaphor when one referred to him back then as a baby to this world who had the psyche and the appearance of 10 year old-ish kid. It is the literal truth.

In other words, rather than say he lost his memories from before he was 10, it would be better to say he skipped those 10 years and was born a 10 year old.

Although he couldn’t explain why he felt that was it, but Noah somehow knew that had to be it. It’s as though someone is secretly telling him that is the truth. It’s very hard to imagine.

That’s why Noah didn’t tell anyone about this and pretty soon he too decided not to pursue the matter.

It’s like Makarov said, Noah is running away from his background.

Obviously, he can’t help doing this.

Makarov hired someone to investigate Noah’s matter and the result was a blank slate of nothing. It’s like Noah never existed in the past, not a single clue could be found anywhere.

Furthermore, Noah had the hunch that he’s not hit with amnesia. Rather, he’s born like this, a newborn with the appearance and mind of a 10 year old. If he were to tell anyone, nobody would think him to be normal, they would not even think of him as a human in the first place!

Under this kind of circumstances, how could he not run from his background?

He didn’t want to be seen or treated as a monster!

Seeing the complex emotions brewing within his eyes, Makarov sighed.

“Maybe you have something you don’t want to say or maybe you know something but I won’t ask or force you. If you want to run away then so be it, if you want to abandon it, I’m also fine with it. What I want to say is that no matter what, you’re my grandson. Always will be!”


Noah closed his eyes and when he opened them again, his eyes returned to its usual clarity.

“I am Noah Dreyar. I will always keep this in mind!”

“Then all is well.”

Makarov grinned lightly before taking a serious experssion again.

“Now onto the topic I wanted to discuss with you, it’s about your constitution!”

“My body?”

Noah jolted.

“As expected, you haven’t noticed?”

Makarov rubbed his chin while looking at Noah.

“Do you still remember when you first entered the forest of Magnolia and met the snake shaped magic beast?”

When Makarov said this, Noah remembered.

He was new to Fairy Tail then, and he didn’t know a lot of powerful magic beasts inhabited the forest. He snuck into the forest to train his control over magic power and he encountered the snake magic beast.

Noah recalled that he got bit by the snake and then passed out. when he woke up, Makarov already sent him to Porlyusica for treatment. He recovered after a long time of recovery and returned to the guild.

“Actually, I omitted the fact that the snake bite had poisoned you with lethal dosage of venom and curses!”

Makarov dropped the bombshell on a very surprised Noah. He clearly remembered that Makarov told him he only got a little hurt, there wasn’t a mention about curses or venom.

“I didn’t tell you not because I wanted to hide it from you but because your condition was very odd then.”

Makarov seemd to have slipped into his journey back in time as he continued explaining.

“When I found you then, you clearly had signs of being cursed and poisoned, you were dying and when I sent you to Polyursica, the venom and curses within you all disappeared!”

“They disappeared?”

Noah touched himself and frowned.

“So this is what you meant when you said constitution?”


Makarov nodded.

“Just in case, I had Polyursica scan your body and turns out your body is unlike that of a normal human. You had special characteristics not found in average people.”

“Firstly, your body has what I can only call very high exclusivity!”

Makarov lifted a finger.

“Anything like venom, curses or negative energy are ineffective against you. Poisoning you or cursing you will not work and your body can reject negative power. Examples being, curses, poisoning and weakening will not work against you. Even if the negative effect is a part of a strengthening effect, this constitution of yours will keep the strengthening effect while eliminating the negative side effect!”

“Next, your body is very inclusive!”

Makarov lifted a second finger.

“This feature allows you to absorb that which did not belong to you but somehow seeped into your body. That one time when you got attacked by the snake magic beast, en route to Polyursica’s, I injected a part of my magic power into you and your body completely assimilated it!”

“Fianlly, your body has a very independent nature!”

“Everyone knows that magic power drives everything and it surrounds us. A magician’s power comes from. whenever a magician uses up his reserve of magic power, the ethernano in the atmosphere would be taken in by the body to replenish the lost magic power. However, you are different, if your power is depleted, you automatically replenishes without taking anything from the external environment!”

He continued in a lower tone compared to before.

“From this, it’s as though…”

It’s as if he is a world in and of itself!

Shaking his head and hiding the thoughts that emerged, Makarov looked at Noah who stayed silent throughout this exchange.

“Now what I want to impart onto you is this, On your journey of learning magic, you will surely encounter various kinds of foes, it is imperative that you skillfully use your innate characteristics. I hope you will keep this in mind.”

Negate any negative energy or side effects!

Ability to assimilate foreign power that enters his body!

Auto magic power regen1

These 3 effects are evidence of how abnormal his body is and hinted at Noah that he really isn’t normal!

“You’re a very smart kid, I firmly believe that you will be able to overcome any setback you encounter!”

Makarov smiled in a cheeky way.

“If you want to learn my magic, you’re welcomed to come find me anytime you know…”

And with that line, Makarov vanished just when Noah lifted his head.

Noah stood there for quite some time before releasing a drawn out breath. He then slapped his cheeks and continued.

“Let’s not think about that, I should solve my problem of what magic to learn!”

Looking at the library in front of him, Noah lifted his legs and walked inside.