Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 42

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 42: Talk, running away from one’s background.

There’s a very big book storage within the Fairy Tail.

It’s size can easily contain ten 20 meters tall bookshelves. Stored here are innumerable books one cannot even begin to count the quantity of.

The items stored here are: records of quest, related magic and articles containing fields of knowledge that one might need, acquired and accumulated since the start of Fairy Tail until now. Rather than calling it a storage for books, it would be more accurate to call it an archive of information. Sometimes, there are even ancient manuscripts and scripts of ages past that some guild members found and brought back from the outside world.

To put it simply, as long as it’s related to the world of magic, excluding those confidential items, one can find it somewhere in here.

Of course, that included magic books that taught how to wield magic.

Today, Noah plans to stay the night inside here and if need be, for the foreseeable future as well, his objective is to find books related to magic knowledge. So, as the night fell and the guild members all went home. Noah stood at the main door of the guild to say farewell to Mira, Lisanna, and Erza who had accompanied him the whole day.

“Noah nii-san, do you really not need my help?”

Lisanna puffed her cheeks, she didn’t seem happy.

“The storage is pretty big, it’s going to be tough if you go at it alone. Plus, I went there when I was learning [Takeover] magic, let me help you okay?”

“If that’s the case, then you should be aware you’re saying goodbye to your sleep tonight you know?”

Noah shrugged.

“I am planning to work all night so you girls probably shouldn’t accompany me.”

“It’s not like I particularly mind…”

Lisanna started up muttering mode. However, she didn’t have the confidence to stay awake alongside Noah so the only thing she could do was grumble a few more times.

“Although I have no interest in burning the midnight oil with you, I am still quite interested inwhat kind of magic you’re thinking of learning.”

Mira said while crossing her arms and turning her face the other way.

“If you beg me, I might reconsider staying up with you.”

“Honestly, I am curious as to what magic you’re going to learn as well.”

Erza looked at Noah.

“You’re sure you don’t our help?”

“Your good intentions are well received.”

Noah thought about what she said and shook her head in rejection.

“Tonight I only want to see if I can find any magic to my liking. It’s not certain that I would find one tonight as well so if you girls are really that intrigued, it’s not too late to come help me tomorrow you know.”

“Is that so…”

Erza mumbled and then nodded.

“Can’t help it then, I hope your effort bears fruit tonight!”

Lisanna seemed like she still had something to say but Mira grabbed her.

“Since he doesn’t want us to butt into his matter, why should we open ourselves up to him?”

Mira uttered a cold hmped and pulled Lisanna by hand before walking out.

“Let’s go, we’re going back home, let that guy pose as much as he wants!”

“Wai-Wait wait! Mira-nee!”

Seeing Mira drag Lisanna further and further away while listening to that angry and dissatisfied tone of hers, Noah scratched his cheeks. He then asked Erza with a troubled face.

“Did I do something bad towards her?”

“She just wanted to help you but she couldn’t bring herself to say it, that girl is difficult like that.”

Erza said with a tone that’s somewhere between laughter and tears. She then walked in the direction of her home.

“Well then, I will be going then, see you tomorrow!”

Noah nodded without a word. He watched Erza, Lisanna and Mira leave, he only turned around when he can’t see the 3 girls anymore. He returned to the guild and walked towards the library.

It has been 2 years now and he finally managed to attain godly control over his monstrous magic power dwelling within himafter much training!

He felt the rumbling magic power within him that surged throughout but never leaked the slightest out before clenching his fist. He felt an uncontrollable amount of elation.

Can’t help it, he’s been waiting for this day for far too long!

As long as he can control his magic power freely then Noah can start learning magic!

That’s to say, now Noah can finally begin his journey as a magician!

With that gargantuan amount that needed his deliberate and arduous training for a full 2 years to fully control. Should he start learning magic, his strength will grow by leaps and bound!

When that time comes, transcending Mira and Erza who improved drastically at almost the same pace with him will no longer be a dream!

Hell, if he succeeds then even that one guy who never treated him with due respect and who would always find a bone to pick with him will be thrown far behind him!

The guy in his head is the one who had the same special magic, he had golden hair and would always wear a magic item that played music. This guy is a lightning magician who had sharp eyes and looked very wild. His excitement turned into resolve and he quickened his steps towards the library.

After about 5 minutes, Noah walked past the bar on the first floor and arrived at the doorway to Fairy Tail’s library.

When he saw the door, Noah stopped his feet and had a very surprised expression.

“So you have come hmm?”

Sitting there beside the door of the library, atop a pile of boxes is Makarov with his legs crossed. He’s not wearing that jester like attire he usually wears or even holding the familiar beer mug and scepter he would always have on him. Instead, he’s wearing a fancy and formal coat with a holy diagram as motive on it.

If it’s anyone belonging to this magic world, 9 out of 10 people would recognize this luxurious coat.

It’s a coat that only someone who is recognized by the magic council as one of the top ten strongest and excellent magician can wear: A ten saint magician.

Normally, Makarov would only wear this attire in a very formal setting for this robe signified his identity as one of the ten saint.

Since he’s wearing it now, one could imagine how serious Makarov views what is going to transpire here.

Looking at Noah with that surprised expression clearly drawn on his face, Makarov smiled. His eyes looked like he saw through everything and had an ineffable warmness behind those wise light of that window to the soul of his.

“So you have finally made it here huh?”


Noah hesitated and he continued in an unsteady manner.

“So you already know?”

“If you’re referring to your complete control over your magic power, then yes I already knew!”

Makarov had a loving expression on his face.

“I saw it, how you trained really hard everyday, never one did I miss it….”

His sentence burrowed its way like a warm stream into Noah’s heart.

So Makarov had always been watching him and looking after him without ever stopping.

Breathing in deep, Noah walked to the front of Makarov and faced him before continuing.

“Grandfather, do you have something important you wish to impart onto me?”

“Important message is it?”

Makarov squinted and tilted his head.

“It’s significant for sure but I feel like it’s high time to properly talk with you.”

Makarov stayed silent for a beat before continuing again.

“Noah, I know that you have been running away from your background!”

Noah made a complex face.


It’s as he said, Noah had indeed been running away from his background whether intentionally or not.

That’s because his intuition is telling him that his past is something that no one should know.

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