Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 40

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Happy new year! And more Lisa x Noah moments

When the clear sound of collision rang, everyone inside the guild turned their attention towards the source of the sound. When they saw that Natsu and Gray had meat buns growing on their head in addition to those swirly eyes of theirs, they turned away like it’s normal before resuming their respective discussions.

Can’t help it, this scene would replay almost everyday inside the guild, the magicians are more or less used to it already.

Not just the guild magicians, even Noah is blase to this already. He reflexively sighed and then greeted others in a business-as-usual manner.

“Good morning!”


Everyone in the guild greeted.

“Good morning, Noah and Lisanna!”

From the group of members, 3 girls similar to Noah’s age walked on over.

One of them is wearing an icy cool armor with a plain dress underneaeth it.

Another wore revealing leather cloths, she looked like a total delinquent.

The last one wore a checkered dress with her black hair tied into a pony tail.

Obviously, the one wearing the cold armor is Erza while the one draped in bold attire is Mira. The last one with long shiny black hair tied into ponytail is a girl named Cana, . She’s a member who joined much earlier than Noah, Erza or even Gray.

“You guys won’t learn huh!”

Cana said with arms akimbo as she judged the two boys who are still down on the floor.

“If you want to defeat Noah, at least prepare a bit more. Charging at him like that is nothing more than sneak attack, even if you boys win it’s not a testament of your strength!”


Natsu mumbled while touching the bump on his head and trembling slightly, he looked like he’s going to cry.

“Don’t stop me, I am definitely going to beat Noah today and prove that I am stronger than Gray!”

“Who’s stronger than me?”

Gray touched the bump on his head while curling his lip with disdain.

“The one who’s going to beat Noah will be me for sure. A stinky fire like you will never be able to do it!”

“But you got done in within a second you know!”

Cana glanced at Gray who only had a boxer on before she frustratingly said.

“One more thing, Gray could you put some shirt on?”


Gray yelled in surprise.

“By the way, Noah. Did you make Lisanna go wake you up again huh?!”

Mira said in an unfriendly manner after seeing a smiley Lisanna standing at Noah’s side.

“Don’t turn other people’s sister into your personal maid, you’re just a Noah!”

“Firstly, Lisanna came to me by herself, I didn’t call on her.”

Noah rubbed his forehead to dismiss the invisible pain.

“Furthermore, Mira, what did you mean by just a Noah?”

“Noah is very strong!”

Erza retorted to Mira.

“Mira, are you perhaps ridiculing Noah?”


Mira crossed her arms before she continued in a condescending way.

“What’s it to you? You brick of a woman!”

A 井 character appeared on Erza’s temple, she then turned to Mira with a face that looks like she’s forcing her facial muscles to smile.

“Are you mocking me? Belly button show off!”

“You wanna fight?”

Mira sneered and then she did a beckoning index finger gesture at her.

“Very well, today’s the day I will give an icy cold girl like you a good beating!”


Erza had killing intent coming out of her.

“If you think you can do that then why don’t you come and try!”

The stare the two exchanged seemed to have turned into visible electric, causing sparks to fly. The demonic aura coming off of them will definitely scare people into shitting their pants.

“So.. scary…”

Erza and Gray hugged each other with no trace of the animosity they had for each other earlier.

“It can’t be?”

Cana backed away.

“They’re going to fight again?”

“This isn’t a fight anymore, it’s called adding fuel to fire.”

Noah found his headache to have increased in intensity.

“Why are the two girls always not seeing eye to eye?”

“Isn’t this fine?”

Lisanna watched Mira and Erza go at each other with warm eyes.

“Compared to the Mira from before, isn’t this one even more cheerful?”

When Mira first arrived at Fairy Tail, she was no different than the Erza in the past. She didn’t talk to anyone or laugh, she would always hide in the corner with her hood on, her presence was negligible.

But then when Lisanna and Elfman learned to use [Takeover] magic, Mira began to slowly come to terms with the demonic power dwelling within her and stopped being so solitary.

Moreover, as she became more and more familiar with [Takeover] magic, the demonic arm of hers returned to normal and soon she reverted back to how she was when Noah met her for the first time, a complete and utter delinquent of a girl.

Too bad though, maybe it’s because Noah secretly told Mira and Erza about how similar in this aspect they are to each other, the two girls began their hostile relationship.

And so, Fairy Tail’s second pair of individuals who had a feud with each other was born.

By the way, the first pair is Gray and Natsu.

Noah’s face loosened a bit at this but his headache stil persist.

“Isn’t this a bit too cheerful?”


Lisanna bitterly laughed.

“Oh jeez, Mira-nee is a kind girl inside but she just won’t show it. Always putting on that strong bravado of hers, isn’t it going to be hard for her to find a boyfriend?”

“The subject of whether or not she’s gentle is due for verification but isn’t it a bit early for her to be looking for a boyfriend and whatnot?”

Noah said with a bit of bashfulness.

“Mira is 13 like me no?”

“13 is when we start thinking about this, I mean, girls are like these ya know…”

Lisanna lifted her head and met Noah’s gaze. Her eyes began to sway like a water’s surface being blow with wind.

“Actually, 11 year old girls are the same, Noah Nii-san.”

Noah felt a bit of unease from hearing that playful tone of hers as well as that flickering gaze of hers. His heart became perturbed and he looked away in a hurry.

However, Noah felt a slender and soft arm linking up with his arm, holding onto him tight.

Noah almost jumped in surprise. He subconsciously looked in Lisanna’s direction but she is still using that passionate gaze of hers on him while looking up to him.

The arm that is linking oh so tightly of course belonged to Lisanna.

Faced against her expression, Noah could only look away.

This is not the first time Lisanna did something like this.

When did this start happening, Noah himself didn’t know. He only knew that at random times, and especially when they are alone together, Lisanna would occasionally do something like she’s encroaching upon him, and making assaults against him. It would always make him at a loss of what to do.

Surprisingly, Noah couldn’t come to dislike Lisanna when she’s like this but the feeling of awkwardness couldn’t be helped.

“What are you saying?”

Using his only free arm, he placed his hand on top of her head and rubbed it hard.

“You’re clearly just a smol Lisanna, don’t act like you’re so knowledgeable!”


Lisanna threw a huge fuss.

“Noah nii-san, you meanie, you do this every time!”

“Who asked you to always mess with me, I should punish your cheekiness!”

“I am not messing with you, Noah nii-san is a big idiot!”

“How dare you call me stupid, you little…”

“Uwa! Uwah!”

“Damn you Noah!”

Mira who was fighting with Erza, ditched her and then came rushing over.

“How dare you bully Lisanna!”

“You running away?!”

Erza saw how Mira just left her like that and got mad before charging over herself.

“Ooooo! I am getting fired up!”

“Is it a fight? Count me in!”

Natsu and Gray rushed over in zest as well.

“Outta my way!”

Annnddd they got one shotted by Erza and Mira who gave them a good knuckle sandwich each and then got sent flying away.

The whole place became a big mess in that moment.