Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 39

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While still in a blur, Noah found himself in an extraordinary space.

This place bears properties which make it seem as wide as the sky itself and yet one touch would appear to allow one to touched the borders of this space. It’s like being in water and at the same time floating in the sky, a truly mysterious place.

The sky is white.

Everything around him is white as far and seemed to stretched on as far as his eyes can see.

It’s pure white all around but it gave Noah a warm fuzzy feeling.

It’s like he’s back inside his mother’s body, bathed in amniotic fluid. It’s very fantastic.

There is nothing here but Noah don’t feel loneliness, at a loss, nor cold, all he feel is warmth.

What else is fantastic if this doesn’t qualify as an instance?

But wait, this white place isn’t completely devoid of anything.

Besides Noah, there is another wonderful existence here.


Feathers descending from the sky….

Feathers floating inside bubbles which are currently descending from the sky…

This place made him feel like he’s one with his mother, and these feathers that are glowing ever so faintly gave him another similar but completely different kind of warmth.

In what way?

If one were to say it for examples’s sake it would be [family].


Noah is sure that these feathers appear to be his family!

However, these feathers would not only lose their radiant hue but they would become tattered as thought they were snapped and they lost their original vitality.

Soon, the feathers that lost their vitality came forth in the completely fine feathers’ stead and swarmed around Noah.

From the looks of it, they seemed to be asking for help…


“Noah nii-san… Noah nii-san…”

A sweet, tender and familiar voice rang in his ear.

At the same time, Noah felt his body being jolted incessantly.

Still really sleepy, Noah slowly woke up and opened his eyes before looking in the direction of the voice with a dazed look.

He saw a very cute little girl.

She seemed to be 11 or 12 and she had a very cute red dress and pure white short hair that would make one think of snow. Though her face is small, they are very cute and exquisite, one would easily think that she would grow up to be a very beautiful woman.

Noah still didn’t seem to have his focal distance back in working order to witness this cute face as he mumbled in a daze.


“It’s Lisanna ya know… Noah nii-san…”

Lisanna had a very worried expression on her face. Just as he Noah was about to ask about the reason, Lisanna reached out to touch his cheeks and got her hand wet.



Noah didn’t notice just when did the tears came flowing out of him and thereby making his cheeks wet.

I cried…?

“Noah nii-san…”

Lisanna helped wipe away the tears on his face while asking in an anxious manner.

“Did you have that dream again?”

Noah wryly grinned.


This isn’t the first time he had that dream about the [White dream realm]!

His first experience, place, dream realm and memories were all about that [White dream realm], this happened before he even met Makarov.

Since then, every now and then Noah would be revisiting that weird dream and each time he would experience the same warmth and the poignant collapse of the dream realm.

He felt sad about the broken feathers in the dream realm.

That’s why every time he has that dream he would wake up and be left with a sense of anguish like he had never felt before and cry.

This is something that only Lisanna who took over Gray’s job of waking up Noah without leaving any room of negotiation soon after joining Fairy Tail would know.

Besides her, this fact is unknown to even Gray who came to wake him up everyday without coming inside of Noah’s room before he wakes up. Hell, even Makarov didn’t know about this.

Lisanna only came to know about this accidentally when she snuck into his room one random morning while Noah is still sleeping in the hopes of pulling a prank on him.

Seeing genuine pain in those big beautiful eyes of hers, Noah earnestly grinned before patting Lisanna’s head.

“What’s with the face?”

Lisanna muttered.

“When I think about how Noah nii-san is having such sad dreams I would feel upset.”

“How many times have I said this, it’s not a sad dream, it’s one that is very fantastic in nature and had a je ne sais quoi attribute to it and it just threw me off my emotional balance.”

Noah laguehd and then got up from his bed and stretched his back.

“You’re still so young, where are all these sensitivity coming from?”

“It’s because Noah nii-san is dense, and you don’t understand a maiden’s heart!”

Lisanna puffed her cheeks and dragged Noah up from the bed.

“It’s high time to get out of the bed, Noah nii-san. Almost everybody is at the guild already and yet here you are still sleeping in!”

“Yeah yeah…”

Like a nagging housewife, Noah could do nothing against Lisanna. He treated her like a sister that worries too much and just watched as she got him a shirt and hurried him off to wash himself.

When she joined Fairy Tail and found out that he is living by himself in the guild, Lisanna took on this role as the little sister who worries too much.

Noah couldn’t get used to this at first but he got used to it in due time and now if she didn’t come and wake him up, Noah would feel out of place.

From this point one could say Lisanna did her job pretty damn well.

And it is also natural that Lisanna became one of the few truly close companion of Noah in Fairy Tail.

He watched as Lisanna deftly picked out the shirt he washed and was preparing to wear today, all the while humming a beautiful melody to which Noah couldn’t help but say.

“Why do you look so happy being so busy in my room?”


Lisanna asked curiously while busy choosing what to Noah should wear today.

“Noah nii-san did you say something just now?”



Fairy Tail is as rowdy as it has always been.

Lisanna came into the familiar ground floor bar while chatting with Lisanna.

Just as he arrived, two figure rushed him.


Listening to that battle cry, and seeing those two figure closing in on him, NOah sighed and spread his hand out capturing each of the figure by their head before slamming them together.


With a loud collision sound, the two skull came into intimate contact and froze there before the figures limply fell to the floor.

One of the two figure had pink hair and the other had black hair.

Who else but Natsu and Gray?