Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 38

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“gulp.. This is shoo good…”

“Elf onii-chan, please don’t eat so hastily.”

“Guu… but it’s just too good.”

“Oh jeez.”


“Uwa! Water! water!”

Watching the scene where Elfman is choking and losing consciousness with Lisanna flipping out over what to do is a Noah who is facepalming so hard.

Noah and the Strauss siblings returned to the village at dawn and quickly made their appearance back at the inn.

One day after Wendy left the village with Jellal on a journey to find Grandeeney and stop [Anima] instances, the Strauss siblings finally returned to society after 3 to 4 days of living in the wild.

But one thing is to Noah’s surprise: The strauss siblings didn’t have enough money to cover inn cost, not even enough for a meal.

This is normal in a way.

The Strauss siblings weren’t rich even before they got kicked out of the village. The 3 relied on each other all this time and they had used up the money they took with them when they left their house.

Because of this, when the Strauss siblings heard about a request to exorcise spirit coming from this village, they decided that Mira should use the magic item that eludes senses which they were planning on selling to hide the demonic arm and come to this village to accept the job and earn some living fee and transport money.

But to their surprise, when the Strauss siblings finally prepared themselves and came to this village and found the village, they were told that someone else had already taken the job. This pretty much summed up the plot before the job stealing scene where the three siblings came to Noah looking like they are trying to pick a fight.

This would explain the persistence of the siblings in chasing after this job. So insistent were they that they searched the forest for Noah for three days and refused to come back.

If they couldn’t get this job then the Strauss siblings wouldn’t even have enough to eat. That would have been very dire indeed.

Of course, after finding out about this event, Noah wryly laughed and ordered various dishes without further ado so the siblings who had to subsist on wild game and harvest can fill their stomach with good food.

After returning to the village, the village chief sent a messenger to inform Noah that the chief had acknowledged that the commissioned work had been done to satisfaction and thus passed along the 200’000 J to Noah.

The reward money plus the one from the job regarding activation of the lake of rituals allowed him to treat them to a big hearty meal easy even though he didn’t have all his money on him. He’s also not so stingy as to watch them starve to death.

It’s just that, if Elfman could just restrain himself a little bit and tone down the noise he’s making, that would be great, thought Noah.

Noah peeked at Mira who still had herself covered by a thick cloak who is currently eating quietly with just one hand visible. Noah somewhat couldn’t get used to this.

“The delinquent girl that said she was going to take my job and now look at this girl being so honest, the contrast is a bit unsettling if i must say so…”

Mira continued eating quietly, she didn’t seemed to have heard him. Lisanna, seated a bit further away from Noah heard it and glanced at Mira before skeetering over to his side and whispering in his ear.

“Actually, after being possessed by the demon.. wait no, receiving the demon’s power, Mira-nee never laughed once, and she also seldomly spoke. She was brash before because she was just trying to put on a brave front to protect us you see..”

“That so?”

Noah laughed lightly before nodding, He continued in a clear manner unlike Lisanna’s whisper.

“I think, a demon wouldn’t have such a soft nature, only humans could change for the sake of their families.”

Mira who is eating stopped her hands and recovered quickly before resuming her meal like nothing happened.

Lisanna looked very moved as she nodded approvingly towards Noah. She then caught sight of Elfman chowing down like a beast before fuming and fighting with Elfman.

Most of the meal went into Elfman’s stomach and the meal ended intermixed with Elfman’s loud dining noise, Lisanna’s curious questions thrown at Noah and the latter’s taciturn reply as well as the soundless Mira’s silence.

“Now that you guys had your fill, what are your plans after this?”

Noah asked while drinking and looking at the Strauss siblings.

“You guys don’t have much money anymore right? It would be unwise to continue in this state yeah?”


Lisanna and Elfman exchanged looks with Mira’s eyes lighting up for a short while.

Clearly the siblings have no concrete plan set in stone.

Noah tapped rhythmically on the table as he looked at Mira, Elfman and Lisanna’s faces in turn. Soon, the corner of his lips lifted and he asked.

“How about this? Wanna come and join Fairy Tail?”

“Join Fairy Tail?”

Not just Elfman and Lisanna, even Mira seemed tempted for quite a bit.

Honestly speaking, a magician’s guild would a pretty nice place for the Strauss siblings to go to.

Mira, Elfman and Lisanna don’t have a place to stay and they don’t have anyone else other than each other to rely on. To continue living would require them to have a steady stream of income.

Even if they did want to find a job and earn a living, age-wise there would be a problem as no job would usually consider kids as candidates otherwise the Strauss siblings wouldn’t have such a hard time just getting past their days.

On the other hand, Magic guilds aren’t so cumbersome.

If they can use magic or have a certain amount of capabilities to finish jobs they would be able to earn rewards that by the way, are usually better than what a run off the mill job can offer.

Mira can use [takeover magic] and even can utilize demonic powers to hold her own against the minotaur. Her abilities are apparent so joining a magician’s guild isn’t going to be a problem for her.

The issue lies with Elfman and Lisanna who still hadn’t learn their magic, they are just kids.

“Inside Fairy Tail are kids your age learning magic. So, even if you guys are unable to use magic yet, you can just learn after you join the guild.”

Noah shrugged

“I’m a Fairy Tail magician myself and personally think that there shouldn’t be any big issues with you guys joining the guild, I think it’s a great place for you guys. Obviously, the ultimate decision rests on your hands, I am just giving my suggestion.”

Elfman and Lisanna hesitated before finally both of them looked at Mira, waiting for her to make the call.

Mira looked at Noah and met eyes with him who looked like he’s ambiguous smiling face (Tl: raw used smiling yet not smiling eyes). She subconsciously recalled the time in that cave where Noah gently fondled her demonic arm. Her heart suddenly sped up and she looked away hastily.

The situation became a bit awkward under these circumstances.

After a bit, Mira lifted her head and breathed in.

“Let’s go to Fairy Tail!”

Elfman and Lisanna exchange glance and synchronously said.

“Where ever Mira-nee (Nee-san) go! We shall go as well!”

Mira’s heart warmed up and she revealed a rare smile.

Noah grinned when he saw this, his favorability for the siblings increased substantially.

Even with those painful memories where one wouldn’t be blame for not wanting to know or recall or even after going through some tough time themselves, the siblings still stick to each other and support each other without any intention of abandoning one another. There didn’t seem to be a time where they were not thinking about what’s best for the others.

The familial bonds which tie them together will surely do so for the rest of their lives. The very bonds that will be the elixir to pain, tough spots and the key to the chains of the past.

Noah believes this is so.

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