Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 37

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“Magic item’s effect?”

Noah nodded and then looked at Mira before continuing.

“In other words, you have no control over your own magic?”


Mira, Elfman and Lisanna were stumped.

“I have never seen it before but I had read about this in a book by chance.”

Noah slowly explained while stroking Mira’s sinister looking arm.

“In the world of magic, there is one particular type of magic that can emulate and modify one’s own body property into that of an animal, beast or magic beast just by coming into contact with the creature or its energy. It’s a magic that can manifest the power of previously contacted cratures,!”

“You aren’t possessed by demons!”

Noah said as he met Mira’s eyes.

“You must have somehow absorbed some of the energy of the demon terrorizing your village and awakened your [Takeover magic] in the process.”


The Strauss siblings had the word confused written all over their face.

“There are two ways for one to learn magic!”

Noah nodded.

“The first one is through self guided study with learning the magic of one’s choosing as the aim and thereby becoming a magician. The other method is through self awakening!”

“Flowing within each creature on this planet is a form of [qi] known as [magic power], this is the sole factor that determines whether or not a person can use magic!”

Noah patiently continued his explanation.

“So too does a magic that best represent oneself resides dormant within everyone. This magic has a certain chance to trigger an automatic awakening given the fulfillment of certain criteria. Mira’s present status is most likely the result of triggering this self awakening of her [Takeover magic] after coming into contact with the demon in the church. It’s because she obtained its power that she became like this!”

Elfman and Lisanna only understood half of that explanation but after finding out that their sister aren’t possessed by demons, needless to say they were pretty happy and moved, even if they didn’t particularly say anything to express this.

Mira’s expression however turned even dimmer.

“Demon’s power…”

Mira uttered in a self deprecating manner while looking at her demon like ominous arm.

“This kind of power… I don’t need it…”

The cave that managed to recover some of its liveliness turned into a tense area again.

Noah squinted his eyes and then laughed lightly.

“Why? Isn’t having power a good thing?”

“A good thing you say?”

Mirajane tightened his hold on Noah’s hand, her eyes revealed signs of hate.

“It’s because of this power that I am no longer human, what’s good about this a?”


Elfman and Lisanna both look anguished. They understood what it felt like to be chased out of the village, having wandered all over with Mira without a place to stay. They know how terrible and painful that kind of lifestyle is.

Elfman and Lisanna knew why Mira seemed so conflicted.

Those painful and hard memories were all thanks to Mira obtaining her demonic power.

Under the circumstance, how could Mira not hate her own power?

That’s why she couldn’t let it go even after finding out that this isn’t caused by demonic possession.

Lisanna and Elfman didn’t exactly know what to say so they could only worry anxiously inside.

“Inhuman.. was it?…”

Noah used an eye that looked like he could see through Mira’s thought on her. A bit later, he let go of the hand holding onto her demonic arm.

“By your logic, magic users are inhuman?”

Mira didn’t notice his eyes that saw through her, she still had a sarcastic expression on that exquisite face of hers.

“I didn’t mean it like that…”

“Oh I think that’s what you meant by it!”

Mira got cutoff by Noah’s merciless line before she could finish her mocking sentence.

“At least, from what I’m seeing, you don’t have any reason to hate your own power just as you don’t have a justification to back your grudge against your own power. You are just lying to yourself and lying to others, you’re putting up a selfish show, that’s all!”

“What…what did you say?”

Not surprisingly, Mira got triggered over Noah’s blunt comments. Her negativity that she saved up for quite a long time all exploded from his lines.

“You don’t know jack, what right do you have in saying that?!”


Surprised by her outburst, Elfman and Lisanna tried to console her but they were stopped by Noah.

“The ignorant one here should be you!”

Noah used a gaze filled with intense willpower against Mira.

“If I were you, not only would I note hate this power, I would be grateful for it. Otherwise, before the giant beast you encountered previously, you wouldn’t even fulfill the basic requirement to protect yourself!”

The flaming Mira froze there.

“I don’t know the cruel treatment you’ve been through at your village and I don’t know the suffering you had as you passed your days after leaving the village .”

Noah calmly admitted.

“However, the feeling of hating one’s own power, that I know!”

At this point, Noah recalled the time when he just entered Fairy Tail after being adopted by Makarov.

“The journey wasn’t the same but I am not that different from you. I have a tremendous amount of power within me that I can’t control. This power had almost brought calamities upon my family and friends on numerous instances.”

“One day I wondered, ‘Why do I have this much power?’ ‘How nice it would be if I didn’t have this annoying power?\'”

Noah stared straight down Mira’s barrels.

“But while pondering over those ideas, my grandpa suddenly told me that having power in itself is nothing wrong. Those who have it should also have no reason to be hated. If however one were to use this power in a truly deplorable method then that would be a true folly!”

“From that day on, I didn’t beat myself up over having power anymore. That’s because I am not someone who would use this power to do hateful stuff.”

Noah stood up ignoring the curious gaze of the Strauss siblings as he walked on over to the cloth bag leaning against the wall.

“[Takeover magic] can receive the power of beast, animals and magic beast and use it as one’s own magic. However I have never heard of a form of [Takeover] that could take in the energy of a demon. This proved that you have a special gift that would most likely bring you great strength in the future. It’s your duty to think it over on how to use this power of yours, denying by burying your head in the sand is not a way to go.”

“Of course, you can choose not to receive this power. It’s a magic in the end, you can learn it just as much as you can abandon it. But should you choose this, I hope you won’t regret it when the day comes that you will need this power.”

Noah grabbed the cloth bag leaning against the wall and sat down before closing his eyes shut.

“My point is that you should treasure this power of yours for it can protect your family members in your stead….”

Leaving that line, Noah didn’t say anything else and shut his eyes tight like he’s sleeping. the cave slowly returned to its natural serene quiet.

Mira looked like she’s wavering very intensely as she looked at Noah who seems to be dozing off while leaning against the wall.


Elfman and Lisanna came to their sister’s side looking very worried for her.

Mira didn’t seem to have noticed this as she continued looking at the sleeping Noah in a despondent manner. She couldn’t calm down for quite some time.

Even so, time went on its merry way, the world will not stop turning for this moment not even for all the incredible stuff that happened in this small cave. And so, night fell and marked an end to the day.

However, for Mira, Elfman, and Lisanna, tonight will be a very special night and they probably won’t be able to sleep tight.