Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 34

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Finding Grandeeney or not?

Isn’t the answer obvious?

Grandeeney might be a dragon but she’s the one who brought Wendy up. She’s like a mother to Wendy and she holds the highest position in her heart, excluding Noah.

Noah helped Wendy when’s at her most helpless moment, he thus holds a very significant position in her heart as well. It’s to the extent that Wendy almost can’t leave his side at all.

But if one were to ask Wendy whether she wants to find Grandeeney then surely the answer must be yes isn’t it?

At the same time however, Wendy don’t want to part with Noah.

Though it’s only been 3 days but for Wendy, Noah has become someone very important to her. If she were given a choice, Wendy would definitely not leave Noah otherwise she wouldn’t have stuck around Noah’s side for the last 3 days.

“I… I want to go find Grandeeney…”

Wendy’s petite body started hsaking in Noah’s arms even her voice is beginning to waver. She’s clearly experiencing great emotional fluctuations at the moment.

“But… but… I don’t want to leave Noah Onii-san’s side…”

“It’s only a temporary parting, i won’t disappear like Grandeeney. If Wendy wants to find me, you can do so very easily.”

Noah felt the turmoil inside her and thus patted her back while consoling her and sighing.

“I am a Fairy Tail magician, at the moment, I can’t achieve total independence yet, so I can’t accompany you on your journey throughout the world to find Grandeeney. I was planning on bringing you back to Fairy Tail and see if the guys in the guild can help but since Jellal is planning to go around the world stopping [Anima]’s activation, and Wendy has to find Grandeeney, both of your objectives are two sides of the same coin in that your journey would most likely coincide a lot.”

Noah glanced at Jellal who remained silent before grinning.

“Since it’s like that, why not let Jellal take you along to find Grandeeney, or do you not like this method?”


Wendy buried her tiny face in his chest without saying anything. But seeing as her body is still shivering, she has yet to calm down.

“Is this fine though?”

Jellal said in a worried manner.

“What you said was correct but if we encounter [Anima] during our journey, Wendy would be involved in dangerous situations. Truth be told I am not really on board with your idea.”

“I believe you can take care of Wendy!”

Noah stared straight down Jellal’s barrel and he didn’t move his eyesight an inch while syaing.

“Can you promise that, no matter what, you’re going to keep Wendy safe?”

Looking at Noah’s deep eyes, Jellal felt a heavy sense of reponsibility brewing within him and he resolutely nodded.

“I give you my word that Wendy will be safe safe no matter what!”

Noah smiled and he let go of Wendy. He can’t see what expression she is wearing at the moment since she lowered her head but he rubbed her head.

“I won’t force you if you’re that unwilling. You can follow me back to Fairy Tail, I will definitely help you find Grandeeney!”

Wendy bit down on her lip as she hesitates further.

Honestly, Wendy doesn’t want to leave Noah’s side and she’s very tempted by Noah’s proposal.

But Wendy asked herself.

Is this really fine?

Wnedy believes that if she asked for it, Noah would surely do his very best to locate Grandeeney.

It’s because of this belief and her fixation on him that Wendy don’t want to trouble Noah any further.

Wendy lifted her head and looked at Noah who’s smiling back at her warmly and then she looked at Jellal beside him before setting her eyes on the Fairy Tail insignia on the back of Noah’s palm.

Wendy reached out lifted the Noah’s hand which bears the guild insignia. She examined it before quickly looking up again.

“Noah Onii-san, will we meet again?”

Wendy had some reluctance and resolution at the same time as she said this. Noah smiled when he noticed them.

“Fairy Tail is the number one guild in Fiore Kingdom. I believe after this, Fairy Tail’s name will be spread to every corner of this continent, nobody will be unaware of the road that leads to Fairy Tail!”

Noah caressed Wendy’s soft and smooth cheeks while using an indescribably warm tone.

“If you miss me, come and find me at Fairy Tail!”

Wendy laughed at last, surprisingly cheerful in its execution.

“I will always remember you, Noah Onii-san. I believe, Grandeeney will like you as well, you’re all my most favourite individuals!”

Wendy jumped into Noah’s embrace again and hugged him as tight as ever.

This time however, her strength lacks the sad part from before and had an extra sense of yearning to it.

Holding on to Wendy’s petite body, Noah lifted his head and sternly told Jellal.

“I will be leaving Wendy in your care.”

Jellal nodded, his eyes were consistent with his body gesture in honesty.

“I will do my best!”


The sun shining down on the forest, the sound of beasts howling added a sense of danger to the hot air of the forest.

With the rod shaped cloth bag saddled over one side of his shoulder and held tight by one of his hand, Noah dashed through the forest with a haste that made him look like a cheetah on the move in its hunting gorund. His speed to an average observer would only be a series of mirage, no less shocking is the agility he exhibited while dodging the trees in his way.

Even under this kind of situation, Noah still kept his senses tuned in to his surrounding, listening closely to the noises in his surrounding, careful not to let the slightest wind or grass movement escape his senses.

According to the villagers that went hunting in the forest, they said they had seen Mira, Elfman, and Lisanna making a noise while passing through this area. It seems they were looking for something.

So to say, the Strauss siblings might still be somewhere in this area.

Noah can’t help cursing under his breath.

Noah had assumed the Strauss siblings must have heard about how he cleared the mission within these 3 days and had left after giving up.

Who would have thought that they would be in this forest. From the looks of it, they haven’t given up on trying to steal this job away from Noah.

No doubt about it, the Strauss siblings went into the forest 3 days ago and never came out.

Otherwise the siblings would have known that the village chief had already issued a notification saying the villagers can go hunting in the forest as usual.

“These siblings are a bit too persistent aren’t they?”

He might be grumbling but his speed didn’t slow down a bit.

Even if the Strauss siblings are still wandering around somewhere in this forest, Noah has no obligation to come and find them, he has even less of a reason to act this hastily.

But for some reason, Noah has a bad feeling about this.

“They wouldn’t be in any kind of dangerous situation would they?”

This forest doesn’t have any magic beast so it shouldn’t be that dangerous.

But he can’t deny the possibility of it either.

What if, though small the chance might be, an invading magic beast comes that is not weak and coincidentally the Strauss siblings can’t handle it?

Noah detected quite a strong magic power coming off of Mira but Elfman and Lisanna exhibited no such indicator. Clearly, they haven’t started learning magic yet.

At this rate, he can’t guarantee them not being involve in any accident.

The most important point being Noah believes in his intuition.

“Just you wait, when I find you guys, you’re all gonna get it!”

With that resolution set, Noah increased his speed further.


Right at that moment, a loud roar came from somewhere not far away.

“This sound…”

Noah stopped and then his face changed drastically.

“Don’t tell me they’re that unlucky?”

Noah straightened up and charged at the direction where the sound came from.