Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 31

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The maelstrom like phenomenon in the sky stopped without a warning. The eye of the storm also stayed fixed as the light within it quickly dissipated.

When he saw this, Noah who was thinking whether to flee or not stopped in place.

Fwoosh – – – -!

Noah saw the huge maelstrom starting stir up wind seemingly from above the cloud layer. More accurately, the wind seems to be making the maelstrom like dark layer of clouds stir.

Stunned at the scene before him, Noah couldn’t think of anything as he watched the chaotic sky rumble.

To adapt as fast as he could to the lifestyle of those around him, Noah studied as hard as he could about this world’s culture and knowledge after being adopted by Makarov. He learnt the language in about 2 to 3 months time and miscellaneous stuff about the magic world.

But this development has transcended his area of understanding so one can’t blame him for being at a loss.

However, this vacant state only persisted for a short time before Noah noticed something.

The wind that is stirring up the sky might be coming from higher above but the energy driving these winds cannot evade Noah’s exceptional sense.

He could feel that the driving force behind this phenomenon is coming from the ground as it streamed upwards into the sky.

Someone is obviously behind this!

Furthermore, the magic power’s source is not at any other place than this piece of forest here, it’s somewhere deep in the forest not far away from Noah.

He turned towards the direction from wheere the magic power is coming from and his eyes shined.

Should he go and take a look?

“Big brother Noah…”

Wendy seemd to have recovered somewhat from her fear. She tugged at Noah’s shirt and used her watery puppy eyes on Noah while pointing at the sky.

“The sky, the atmosphere… everyone is feeling so strange and chaotic…”

Noah, a little surprised lowered his head and looked at Wendy.

“You can feel the status of the sky and atmosphere?”


Wendy nodded without hiding anything.

“I am the Sky Dragon Slayer!”

Noan got her point.

[Dragon slayer magic] modifies the user’s body into that of a draconic nature. It is used to retialiate against dragons as well as slaying them, a very formidable magic.

However, [Dragon slayer magic] is not referring to just a spell. It’s referring to a whole system of magic, it has its own types.

For instance, Natsu is a fire Dragon Slayer so he uses the flame variant of [Dragon Slayer Magic]. He’s like a fire dragon himself, he has high destructive power and can consume flames to recover his magic power and stamina.

Wendy is a sky Dragon Slayer, so her [Dragon Slayer Magic] is of the sky variant.

It shouldn’t be that surprising that Wendy can feel the condition of the sky and atmosphere.

He looked up and saw that the maelstrom has dissipated and the sky returned to its normal state, he then glanced at the magic source that is slowly reducing in intensity. He thought for a bit and then he stood up.


He put down Wendy and pointed at the direction of the magic source that has reduced its intensity to nigh negligible levels before continuing.

“I am going over there to check out some stuff.”

“I am going with you!”

Wendy said without hesitation, she tightened her hold onto Noah’s shirt with a face that said she might cry any moment now.

“Big brother Noah, please don’t abandon me!”

“Ok ok ok!”

Noah bitterly laughed and held Wendy by the hand.

“Don’t worry, I won’t abandon you!”


Wendy turned that frown upside down and beamed.


Walking hand in hand with with Wendy, he moved towards the magic source by relying on his senses. He tried cutting down the sound of his footsteps as much as possible.

The darkness significantly reduced their line of sight, the sound of low growls around them coming from wild beasts also didn’t help but Noah persevered and moved towards the magic source. Wendy hid closely behind Noah’s back while looking frightened.

Soon, the two came to a wide vacant area.

The magic power that drove the sky into a maelstrom from before came from here!

That magic power is gone now but Noah can still clearly feel the magic power lingering closeby.

In the center of this empty space stood a figure that looked like it was about the same age with Noah with his back facing Noah and Wendy.

Wendy hid her small figure behind Noah’s back and peeked out from the side revealing only her head. Her hands that are on his shirt and hand tightened up like she’s nervous.

Noah used his ability to rein in his emotion and kept calm while approaching the vacant area with Wendy in tow.

When he got closer, Noah finally got a clearer look at the figure in the centre of the vacant area.

The figure is indeed someone who is about the same age as Noah.

Furthermore, the guy had blue hair like Wendy did.

It’s just that from the looks of this figure, it looked like it belonged to a boy.

He feels the same magic power coming from this boy as the magic power he felt earlier.

Needless to say, the magic power that disrupted the sky was the doing of this person before them!

“Big brother Noah…”

Wendy murmured while clinging on to Noah’s hand and shirt.

Noah stopped, he didn’t look back at Wendy, instead he stared straight at the figure in front of him and questioned him with a low tone.

“Who are you?”


The boy with his back turned to Noah and Wendy lifted his head and turned around, revealing his face to Noah and Wendy.

Noah flinched while Wendy became even more frightful and shuddered when she saw the face.

The boy had a mean looking tattoo around his eye and down his cheeks making his eye look demonic.

If they met under daylight it would have been better but under the darkness and surrounding atmosphere, the tattoo took on a more sinister look that greatly upsets people.

Noah subconsciously hid Wendy behind his back and reached for his rod shaped cloth bag with his other hand. His tone also became cold.

“Who are you?”

There is still no answer even though this is the second time he had asked him.

To Noah and Wendy’s surprise.


The boy with tattoo fell down flat on the ground and didn’t move anymore.


Wendy gasped. Noah frowned when he saw this, the whole place had a weird silent mood around it.

“Big brother Noah…”

Wendy peeked out her head from behind Noah, her soft tone filled with concern.

“Is that guy feeling alright?”

“It’s because I don’t know that I’m a bit troubled here.”

Noah had a helpless smile on his face.

“I am going over to examine him, Wendy you stay here!”

Wendy hesitated. She knows Noah is just looking out for her so reluctant as she is, she nodded and let go of Noah before scampering over to a tree and hiding behind it.

Noah walked towards the tattooed boy and squatted down at his side before reaching his hand out to examine the boy.

Noah easily diagnosed his situation given the circumstances.

“Overuse of magic power thus leading to a loss of consciousness huh?”

Noah thought for a bit and he decided on something. He picked the boy up before asking Wendy.

“Wendy, you live here so are there any caves near here or anything like that?”

Wendy was temporarily stumped.