Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 30

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(Tl: actually, second dragon slayer magician but since Fairy Tail use dragon slayer…)

Noah has already forgotten his original intention in coming here. He arrived in front of the bush the little girl is hiding at and squatted down before slowly prying open the bush in front of him.

He saw a blue haired little girl looking back at him with a terrified expression, she is hugging her knees and curled up into a ball.

“- – – -!” (Tl: muffled screaming intensifies)

Against the sudden appearance of Noah’s face, the blue haired girl crawled away in terror.

“You don’t have to be scared, I’m not a savage beast and certainly not a magical beast, I mean you no harm.”

He used the friendliest tone he could muster and gave a warm smile while stretching out his hand towards the blue haired little girl.

“Come, come over here.”

Seeing his gentle expression, the blue haired girl’s fear were reduced significantly, her pale face also had its colour back. But, she still had a little bit of terror left on her face as she stared at his outstretched hand, he could see her petite body trembling.

Noah didn’t cajole her, he maintained his smiley face and waited for her to respond without looking annoyed at all. He just let time take its natural course as he waited.

The blue haired little girl observed Noah’s action, it seems she had made up her mind that the other party won’t harm her. Still a bit afraid, she placed her quivering hand on Noah’s palm.

The moment they touched each other, Noah and the blue haired girl felt different things.

Noah felt that the tiny hand in his palm is too icy cold, it’s as though she has lost all the warmth a human body should have. Noah is quite surprised by this.

The blue haired little girl felt the complete opposite. The hand enveloping her small palm is warm, so warm that a small yearning in her heart came into existence subconsciously.

Thus, the blue haired little girl without thinking too much about it, clenched her hand as if she’s grabbing at a lifeline, she tightened her hold on Noah’s hand.

In the forest, under the night two different individual, one older, one younger made a bond that is hard to berak over a hand grab between two equally tender hands albeit with no spectator to witness this scene.


Deep in the night, in a corner of the quiet forest, a stream of smoke gently wafted up towards the sky and danced to the wind as they are being carried away.

The brilliant crimson red flames emitted warmth and light that chased away the darkness and cold. The wild picking of the forest being grilled at the bonfire’s side is also giving out a smell that would make anyone’s stomach tighten.

Sitting at the side of the bonfire is the blue haired girl, she devoured the grilled wild game. Her small cheeks is now puffed up due to too much food intake, they moved as the owner chewed and chewed. It was very cute.

Surely the girl has not ate good food for a while now.

Concluding that is so, Noah let the girl continue dining in that cute appearance. He sat quietly on the side and kept grilling the wild game they got while observing the little girl.

The blue haired little girl is called Wendy Marvell.

He just found out her name as well.

Evidently, nobody would think of this little girl as a spirit.

Noah didn’t think so anyway.

Seeing Wendy having a swell time eating her fill, Noah also felt relaxed watching her. In the end, he couldn’t pick up any trace that this little girl might be a spirit.

Without noticing it at all, time slowly passed.

Although it looked like she hasn’t had her fill for a long time, Wendy is still a kid and a girl at that so her appetite isn’t that big. Just by virtue of finishing that big piece of meat in her hand she looked like she’s full.

Wendy cusped her hands and peeked at Noah. After picking up the courage, she used a voice so small it seemed like it belonged to a mosquito she said.

“Tha- Thank you…”

“You full?”

Noah shook his head and waved the meat he was grilling.

“You want some more?”

“No… No need…”

Noah shrugged and stuck the wild game at the side of the spit before turning to Wendy.

“Well then, Wendy, would it be alright if I call you that?”

“Y- yes!”

Wendy lightly nodded and quickly followed with a more intense head nod.

“Can I call you Big brother Noah?” (Tl: now then, should we use Noah onii-san or Big brother Noah, is it just me or the latter has no moe.)

“If you don’t mind it.”

Noah rubbed his cheek before continuing to ask her questions.

“Now, Wendy, what could you be doing in a place like this? And why were you crying?”

“I… I lived here originally.”

Wendy’s face dimmed down and her eyes teared up.

“I-I can’t find my mom, I can’t find Grandeeney.”

“Can’t find your mum?”

Noah let a breathe out.

“So to say, you’re lost?”


Wendy shook her head while continuing.

“I remember the way back home, but I can’t find Grandeeney there. Grandeeney just disappeared, she doesn’t want me anymore.”

Wendy mumbled as her teary eyes started the waterworks and tears flowed down and then she cried.

Noah’s ability to keep his emotions in check can’t help him now that he is confronted with a crying girl in front of him. He didn’t know what to do but he sat at Wendy’s side and pat her back before consoling her like he’s consoling a kid.

“Please don’t cry Wendy, could you tell me what your mother looked like? I am going to help you find her ya hear?”

Next, Wendy who is still sobbing uttered something that would surprise Noah.

“Grandeeney is a dragon, a very warm dragon!”


How can Noah not know what an existence dragons are!

Isn’t that the same situation as Natsu, being raised by dragons that is.


Noah still flabbergasted looked at Wendy as he said.

“You’re a dragon slayer as well?”

“As well?”

Wendy used that sad delicate face of hers to ask Noah back. Noah thinks he understand the situation now.

The girl that is younger than him by 4 or 5 years is probably the second dragon slayer after Natsu. And most likely, she too possess the ancient magic that can counter dragons – – – – [Dragon slayer magic]!

Just when the hell did such a powerful magic become so cheap?

He exclaimed inside. And the next moment, a sudden phenomenon disrupted his train of thought.


A loud thunder rang in the sky.


Wendy yelped and jumped into Noah’s embrace.

Noah reflexively caught Wendy’s slender and soft body while looking up at the sky. His pupil contracted when he saw what happened.

Rumble rumble—-!

As the thunder continued, the dark clouds hanging in the sky started stirring. Like a maelstrom, it drew in the clouds around it and started to swirl and spin.

Slowly, the sky above the entire forest looks like it had been substituted for a maelstrom. The eye of the storm is releasing what appears to be faint light in addition to ear rending booms.

This scene looked like the sky had broken apart.

“A hole in the sky?”

He hugged Wendy even tighter as Noah grimly stared at the maelstrom in the sky.

“Could this be the thing the village chief said about a spirit’s crying summoning the curse esque phenomenon?”

When he thought about this, Noah glanced at Wendy who is currently trembling in his arms with a terrified expression.

It seems like Wendy don’t know how this phenomenon came to be.

Moreover, Wendy was crying before, there was no such phenomenon then.

Therefore this event is not Wendy’s doing, at the very least she didn’t do this on purpose.

At this point, the phenomenon changed state again.