Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 164

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A figure jumped between the adjuvants and Fairy Tail. It\'s like the person wanted to stop both sides from opening fire. While sweating hard, the guy stretched his palms wide.


Enju gasped.


Rentaro stared at Noah whos back is still turned towards him.

"Just stop!"

Noah said nothing for 10 seconds, then, he sighed.

"In the end, you still came out, huh?"

Rentaro inhaled deeply, he bitterly laughed.

"We are all fighting Gastreas here, at this critical juncture, I cannot allow you guys to kill each other."

"Let me make it clear, Rentaro."

Noah faced Rentaro.

"When you say kill each other, you mean comrades turning one another."

"We are all comrades here!"

Rentaro roared.

"We are all civil defense officers of Tokyo Area, why are we pointing our guns at each other? Aren\'t we killing ourselves?!"

"So, you ran the risk of getting shot in the crossfire just to stop us?"

Noah chuckled in a disappointed tone.

"Really, and you say you\'re not the type to die early?"

"Argh, dang it! You\'re right, this situation is so fucked up!"

Rentaro said while keeping his eyes on Noah.

"You said you won\'t forgive anyone who hurt your family or friends. However, they never hurt your comrades or your family, please don\'t attack them!"

Noah glanced at Gadou who still haven\'t recovered, the Adjuvants were gathered around him as if to protect him, he kept his dignified look up.

"Go, I do not wish to engage in a debate of national protection in this kind of weather, take them with you!"

Rentaro continued standing his ground, his gaze was still fixed on Noah.

The others took notice of this.

What\'s he doing?

Noah felt a bit puzzled. He saw the adamant look on Rentaro\'s eyes and he knew what that guy is thinking.


Noah frowned.

"You want to change my mind too?"

Rentaro wanted to convince Noah to lead Fairy Tail into the defensive battle.

"Frankly, when I heard the rogues planting bombs in Fairy Tail territory, even if they were only trying to vent their frustration and fear, I was ashamed, ashamed of the fact that I came from the same Deprived Generation as them."

Rentaro stared straight at Noah.

"Those assholes, they laugh in the dark and throw snide remarks openly, they oppressed the cursed children while still hoping for them to fight and protect them. They are people who deserve death. Originally, I wanted to stay out of the battle. In the end, I joined the fight anyway."

Noah said nothing, the others also listened to what he had to say.

"Upholding justice, that\'s what we keep saying and hearing when we do our duties."

Rentaro lowered his fist.

"Precisely because those assholes in Tokyo Area have no sense of justice that we must keep upholding justice. If we keep doing that, justice will never disappear from this world. A world without justice is a world of despair!"


Enju called out to him.

Gadou and the other officers lowered their head, his words touched them.

The Fairy Tail members looked at each other, they were moved by Rentaro\'s words.

Noah\'s heart also echoed with Rentaro\'s words.

When the terrorists planted bombs in Fairy Tail land, when they decided Noah & co would be sacrifices so others can live, Noah\'s despair in humanity rose to its highest peak.

Noah knew, this world is far from an utopia.

The humans are trying as hard as they can to survive. When they are all on the edge 24/7, it\'s not hard to see why the dark side of humanity took root and grew.

Noah thought to himself.

Are these humans really worth saving?

Noah never arrived at an answer.

But, when the residents tried to harm the kids in Fairy Tail, that\'s where he drew the line, his anger increased when they were people that laughed at the kids\' would-be tragic fate.

Regardless of the answer, anyone who tries to harm his family, comrades, and friends are all unforgivable existences, as the guild master of Fairy Tail, he will not sit idly by!

That was what Noah thought.

He never thought he was wrong.

If he can\'t even keep his friends and family safe, can he really keep a nation, a world safe?

In the other world, his childhood in Fairy Tail taught him that friends and family are priceless. Makarov also made it his motto to keep the guild, friends, and family safe.

Noah took that principle to heart.

The other Fairy Tail members also took this principle seriously.

Everyone in this world\'s Fairy Tail did, just like the others in the original Fairy Tail.

"Justice, I don\'t need something like that!"

Noah answered Rentaro.

"I am not a saint, I just want to keep family, friends, and guild safe, that is enough for me!"

"Fine, for the sake of my justice, I will let you witness my resolve!"

Rentaro raised his fist, he took a stance against Noah.

"Even if I have to drag you onto the battlefield, I am going to make you participate!"

Rentaro\'s right hand froze.


It sounded like something split apart, cracks appeared on his right arm and right leg. Then, the parts elevated away from his arm, like embers, the pieces of his clothes fell away.


Including Noah, everyone got stunned by this development.

Rentaro revealed his right arm and right leg.

He had prosthetic limbs made from black metal.

He already lost his right arm and leg!

Those prosthetics were made from varanium.

Not just that, one of Rentaro\'s eyes started rotating as if someone opened a switch, multiple diagrams could be seen within his eye.

That\'s an artificial eye made for special purposes!

That composition, it\'s almost like...

"No way..."

Tina is the first one to voice her doubt.

"A mechanical warrior..."


Noah\'s pupils shrunk.


"Let me introduce myself!"

Rentaro raised his varanium arm.

"Special unit member from the Self Defense Force\'s 787 mechanization unit, a product of the New Human Creation Plan, Satomi Rentaro!"

A mechanical soldier made from the New Human Creation Plan.

He\'s just like Kagetani and Tina!

He\'s an existence that went beyond mortal boundaries.

"Tendo Combat Style: First Style, Number 3!"

Rentaro got into a charging stance, his varanium arm was placed behind his waist.


An egg-yellow part got ejected from Rentaro\'s elbow in what appeared to be a tiny-explosion.

"Rokuto Kabuto!"

Utilizing the propulsion force of the gunpowder, Rentaro flew towards Noah