Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 163

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"Come closer and I will chop off his head!"

Gadou growled as the other guild members stopped, they gnashed their teeth at the despicable act.

"Guild master!"

Tina and Kayo called out.

Tina and Kayo immediately took aim at Gadou. With Noah\'s neck near Gadou\'s blade, they didn\'t dare to do anything rash, they stood there with anxious looks.


Rentaro didn\'t think he would do something so desperate and ill-advised.

"What are you doing?!"

"Captain Satomi, please keep quiet!"

Gadou gave Rentaro a cold glance.

"I have my own ways of doing things, I don\'t need you to teach me!"


Rentaro clenched his jaw together, he wanted to bite the guy if he could.

"This is what you meant by upholding justice?!"

"I told you, I have my own methods!"

Gadou replied in a frosty manner.

"I don\'t need you to judge me!"


Rentaro had a look of frustration and resentment.

After all that talk, Gadou resorted to holding Noah hostage, Noah wasn\'t afraid or perturbed. Instead, he grinned.

"I see, words aren\'t effective so you used action to prove your point, truly a civil defense officer through and through."

"I couldn\'t help it. I couldn\'t fine a reason to convince you."

Gadou expressionlessly said.

"Now, I ask again, will Guild master Noah mobilize the entire guild?"

"The end justify the means, huh?"

Noah pursed his lips.

"Someone who rose above the ruthless pack among the civil defense officers, you\'re quite ruthless, aren\'t you? Turns out I underestimated you."

"No matter what you say, my conviction will not waver."

Gadou tightened the blade against his neck.

"Please cooperate, this is for your own good too."

"How despicable!"

The other Fairy Tail members cried foul play.

Even the adjuvants with him were too ashamed to look at other people. When they came here on their moral high horses, they didn\'t see this outcome.

They thought they were better than the cowards here, they were here to berate the Fairy Tail members.

In the end, Noah tore down their arguments one by one, decreasing their morale so much Gadou played himself.

They lost all the rights to judge the members here, they weren\'t all too different when push came to shove. Subconsciously, they avoided looking at the Fairy Tail members.

"This is all for the safety of Tokyo Area."

Gadou nonchalantly explained.

"Aldebaran only got injured last time, it will be back when it\'s healed. It will take a few more days for the new Monolith to be constructed, if the Aldebaran comes again, we will lose without a doubt. Guild master Noah, please assist us."

There are more IP pairs in Fairy Tail than the adjuvant teams combined.

Not to mention, there were high-ranking IP pairs in Fairy Tail, the quality of this fighting force couldn\'t be ignored.

Plus, Fairy Tail harbored a lot of cursed children, if they helped out, the Aldebaran horde defense operation will go smoother.

Moreover, Noah had bullets that can kill even a being like Zodiac Scorpio.

Should he use that bullet on Aldebaran, it will die without a doubt. Without Aldebaran to lead the monsters, they can easily wipe out the remnant Gastrea.

To defeat the Gastrea horde, to win the third Kanto Battle, to protect the Tokyo Area, Gadou didn\'t mind playing the villain.

Fairy Tail\'s immense power was worth this risk.

In other words, Gadou had no other cards to play.

Yet, though this action couldn\'t be described as a mistake, he wasn\'t correct neither.

Why wasn\'t it a mistake? Words don\'t work so action is the only other alternative.

Why was it a mistake? Easy, Gadou forgot who he was dealing with.

"You took the most effective option and a simplistic one at that, I will admit that much."

Noah continued.

"Surely, you don\'t think you can capture me this easily, right?"

Gadou\'s heart stopped for a second when an internal alarm blared in his mind.


Gadou immediately removed his sword and he blocked his chest.


A radiant sword beam crashed against the sword he held horizontally against his chest.


Metal ground against metal.


Gadou felt a terrifying force coming from his blade, the impact force immediately ruptured the tendons in his palm, it\'s like someone smashed him with a mountain. He got sent crashing against the ground.


Gadou couldn\'t tell north from south when he got smashed into the ground, it took him a second to jump back onto his feet. He looked in Noah\'s direction.

He saw it.

Noah who should have been disarmed is now equipped with a shining arming sword.


Noah glanced at Gadou who had to kneel down to recover his breath.

"As expected of someone given an IP rank of 275, you blocked my attack, albeit, that wasn\'t my full-power attack. Still, not bad at all."

Gadou said nothing, he looked very grim.

He miscalculated.

He forgot Noah had outstanding fighting capabilities, his action brought them to a very dangerous situation.


Asaka Mibu ran over to block any further attacks from Noah, she raised her guard up while defending Gadou. The other adjuvants excluding Enju and Rentaro rallied behind Gadou.

The other Fairy Tail members sneered behind Noah. They had their weapons drawn. Kayo and Tina stood angrily by Noah, they won\'t let that hostage situation repeat again.

"Captain Gadou, you understand now that your action was as risky as it is effective, right?"

Noah sheathed his sword.

"When you fail, you are up against Fairy Tail and you\'re woefully underprepared."

"Guild master Noah!"

Gadou roared, his calm façade completely gone.

"The adjuvants are here to fight Gastrea, do you want to personally send Tokyo Area to the grave by your actions?!"

"Actions have consequences."

Noah turned around.

"I am sure I told everyone in Tokyo Area."

Fairy Tail members took aim at the adjuvants.

The adjuvants also took out their guns.

While it looked like a gunfight would ensue, someone jumped out.