Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 162

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When Gadou saw the disinterested look in Noah\'s eyes, he frowned as he used a sharper leer on Noah.

Excluding Rentaro and Enju, the other adjuvants weren\'t friendly to Noah as well. They were very upset with Noah\'s attitude.

Noah sounds like he is purposely taking a stance against Gadou.

"Alright, Captain Gadou, I will play with you. Have you ever seen a nation where the citizens persecute their own minorities, going so far as to say \'You monsters should all die\', tell me, what kind of nation is that?"

Without giving Gadou an inch to retort, Noah stared back at Gadou.

"Captain Gadou, if those who sit idly by as their nation gets razed to the ground are traitors, what do you call people who aren\'t grateful towards the fighter and protectors putting their lives on the line so they can live normal lives? If that wasn\'t enough, these people would resort to stabbing their protectors in the back with malice and hatred. Normally, these kind of people would be called ungrateful bastards, no?"

The adjuvants were speechless.

Forget what the promoters had to say, their initiators can feel Noah\'s words echoing in their minds. Their morale immediately fell to rock bottom as they took on sad looks.

Noah\'s words were the exact frustration they were either unable or unwilling to voice out for fear of reprisal.

"Captain Noah, I get where you\'re coming from. The citizens might be foolish but we shouldn\'t stoop down to their levels."

Gadou can sense moral lowering over at his side so he quickly tried to come up with an excuse.

"The people might not be worth rescuing, but this is our homeland, if not for the residents then what about standing up to safeguard our land?"

Even Gadou had to reframe his topic as, "forget the citizens".

Clearly, even he is frustrated with the actions of this country\'s residents.

(Translator\'s note: The citizens are just as cruel, heartless and stupid in the original work, look at this crime against humanity, I don\'t even...)

Noah doesn\'t agree with Gadou.

"Take this homeland and shove it back where it came from."

Noah chortled.

"Captain Gadou, what makes you think I am a citizen of Tokyo Area?"

Gadou was shocked.


Rentaro gasped.

"Yo-you\'re not a resident here?"

"I moved here a year ago, I set up Fairy Tail since nobody\'s here. Yeah, I am an immigrant, you can tell from my name. Don\'t believe me? Check and see if I\'ve got an account in Tokyo Area or not."

Noah explained.

"In one year, I saw the abominable side of the citizens here. I also bore witness to the dark and ugly side of the politicians here. Lump that in with the suffering these children suffered, you tell me, can anyone find any emotional attachment to this land?"

"The citizens are unsalvageable, that is their nature."

Noah\'s words reverberated in the area.

"So what if we saved Tokyo Area? Will they ever put down their hatred for the cursed children? Will they be moved to tears by our actions? Will they ever accept our existences?"

"No, they won\'t!"

Noah sneered.

"Put aside the cursed children for now, even the civil defense officers won\'t be thanked or treated like heroes. I should know, I can guarantee that\'s the treatment you will get with my title as the Zodiac Scorpio slayer."

The people here couldn\'t come up with a proper comeback.

Civil defense officers are at the bottom rungs of society.

Granted, there were gangsters and ruffians fouling the civil defense officers\' reputation, the perception people had towards civil defense officers were already bad in the first place.

From the standpoint of cops, civil defense officers were annoying people who barged in on their jurisdictions.

From the soldiers\' viewpoint, they weren\'t amused by civil defense officers hogging their spotlights.

Take the Third Kanto Battle as an example, the soldiers didn\'t want to be treated as side-characters when the dust settles, they didn\'t want the MVP to go to the adjuvants.

They wanted to take care of the Gastreas on their own.

Lo and behold, the soldiers never fired the flare for backup until it was too late and they got wiped out. The assisting civil defense officers had to scramble to pick up the pieces, losing valuable time and strategic bastions.

If the self defense force worked with the civil defense officers in the first place, things would have turned out differently.

With the self defense force wiped out, the adjuvants managed to rout the Aldebaran and the Gastreas with Gadou losing a leg in the chaotic battle.

Where the soldiers failed, the civil defense officers succeeded. Not only did the residents conveniently overlook this, they started cursing and joking about the civil defense officers\' poor results.

Who in their right mind would risk their lives for unsightly citizens like them?

It\'s like Noah saw the future, so what if they won the Third Kanto Battle, the citizens won\'t sing praises or give them the credit.

At the end of the day, the civil defense officers will only get promoted and get paid bonuses, was it worth putting their lives on the line like that?

"You want Fairy Tail to mobilize? Easy, just give me a reason to do so."

Noah remained steadfast in his resolve.

"Oh, by the way, if you want to say something along the lines of \'For the greater good\' or some ethical theories like that, I have but one simple reply."

Noah looked at each adjuvant officers and he told them off.

"Fuck your greater good."


The Fairy Tail members cheered out loud.


Naturally, the adjuvants weren\'t happy or satisfied. However, they waited for Gadou to come up with an answer.


Rentaro clenched his fists, his internal thoughts collided with each other.

Rentaro who wanted to appeal through utilitarian ideals got denied, that\'s what Noah implied.

Rentaro couldn\'t find any other convincing reason.

Greater good? For the citizens that would spit on heroes? Nah, screw that.

"Guild master..."

Enju was conflicted too, on one hand, she knew Noah was right, meanwhile, she couldn\'t stand the sight of people in pain or showing sadness.

Gadou\'s Initiator, Asaka Mibu respected Gadou greatly, however, she knows full well the lengths Noah went through for the cursed children. She\'s the third person who wasn\'t sure which side she should be on.

Gadou sighed with a depressed look.

"Guild master Noah, you don\'t want to help no matter what, is that what I am hearing?"


Noah sneered.

"I take it, this means you can\'t come up with a convincing reason?"

"You\'re right, I don\'t have one."

Gadou admitted.

Then, his eyes gleamed with malicious intent.

"That\'s why I will make a reason up!"

Gadou stomped with his remaining foot. He instantly got into close quarters with Noah.


A black tachi was held against Noah\'s neck.

"Guild master!"

The other Fairy Tail members wanted to rescue their guild master.


Gadou held the blade closer against Noah\'s neck and he roared.

"Come closer and I will lop his head off!"