Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 154

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Chapter 154

Outside the Holy Residence, the protesting mob raised their flags and banners, shouting at the executive office . It was a cacophonous scene to say the least .

Other than the mob here, there were also an army of reporters and cameramen trying to get the latest scoop on this hot-button issue . They were shooting off questions like a machinegun .

"Seitenshi-sama, what do you have to say about the citizens\' concern?"

"Are you going to cancel the quota for the cursed children?"

"Are you acting on the voice of the people?"

"Are you going to turn a deaf ear to the sound of the people?"

"Did you decide who is going to enter the bunker beforehand?"

"Please reply!"



Rather than piercing questions, the reporters were basically interrogating Seitenshi . Her bodyguards did their best to hold the reporters back . With her usual calming expression, she addressed their questions .

"Please, I fully understand everyone\'s feeling . It pains me deeply that I can\'t protect all the citizens . However, place your trust in me, this isn\'t the end of the road for us, not yet . We will definitely come up with a way to get through this crisis . "

If it was any other time, the citizens would have been pacified . Seitenshi\'s unbelievable charisma and popularity had that kind of effect .

But, sadly, this is not one of those times . For one, the city faced a gigantic threat, then, there were issues stemming from the solutions she proposed that further aggravated the citizens .

Humans are not all saints .

In a normal functioning society, people carry within them a tiny speck of darkness that\'s usually hidden from view . In such a manner, the citizens lived relatively peaceful lives .

But, when all hell breaks loose, the darkness within humans got magnified and they manifested in an incredible unsightly manner .




Dominated by these mind-numbing emotions, they lost rationality . They treated Seitenshi like a demoness, they weren\'t gonna take her words for it .

The citizens entered another round of uproar .

Seitenshi expected this, she answered questions regarding how the chosen ones are picked to enter the bunkers, she also advised the citizens to seek refuse in other Administrative Areas .

However, the number of flights out of Tokyo Area is woefully insufficient .

Her words failed miserably at stamping out the widespread panic of the populace .

There are already citizens criticizing Seitenshi for her inept crisis management skills . There were also others questioning her ability to protect and govern the Tokyo Area .

There were others who denounced her as a foolish ruler, giving refuge to cursed children when she can give it to citizens who need it the most . They were mad that she had the heart to watch citizens die .

Moreover, there were others who used gender stereotypes to attack her . It was a complete mess .

At this rate, this protest will turn into a riot .

If they overwhelm the enforcement and the military patrols then the Tokyo Area will most like fall into a state of complete anarchy . The Gastrea will have nothing to ruin when humans trample all over each other .

Against the deranged citizens, Seitenshi maintained her composure despite being attacked verbally from all angles . However, she couldn\'t hide the sadness within her eyes .

I must show them that peace will prevail .

Seitenshi kept chanting that in her mind .

She felt like she\'s just fighting against the flow of the river, everything she did and said were for naught . The frustration and despair built up within herself .

She knows, they weren\'t doing this because they wanted to use violence . They are just victims of a pandemic of fear, dread, and panic, they couldn\'t think straight with such a dangerous threat looming over them .

She saw humanity at its worst .

Though inevitable, she saw the inferior nature that plagued humans .

She has to understand it .

That\'s what she told herself . Then, she remembered a certain youth who wouldn\'t bow down to norms, who wouldn\'t give up his own identity no matter how hard the world pressed down on him, how he stood his ground with iron fists and a big warm heart . The youth who carved himself into her psyche .

She recalled what Noah said .

"Why should I protect the Tokyo Area? Why should I protect these humans who are so consumed with hate they would wish death and cruelty upon kids of ill fate?"

His description overlapped eerily with the current mob she\'s facing .

A gloomy mood gripped her even while she maintained a cool look .

Alas, her brief moment of peace got broken in an instant .

Step step step step step

Powerful and rhythmic steps echoed from beyond the rowdy mob, catching everyone\'s attention .

"Move aside! Move!"

A bunch of mean-looking civil defense officers equipped with top-notch equipment and accompanied by pre-pubescent kids carved a path through the mob .

The mob wanted to curse the officers when a certain person\'s presence silenced them in a second .

Seitenshi looked at the incoming individuals and she was stunned .

"Guild master Noah?"

Seitenshi fell silent too .

It was just that . . .

Noah looked completely different despite sporting the same poised look from before . The pressure he\'s emanating from his gaze, it froze hearts and wills, even Seitenshi couldn\'t help but shiver .

The mob didn\'t think the guy behind the abominable sanctuary would make an appearance here, all of them forget what they had to say .

Noah led the Fairy Tail members here and he stopped in front of Seitenshi .

He looked into Seitenshi\'s eyes, without saying anything, he waved his hand and the criminals they caught were thrown onto the ground, gags and ropes included .

The criminals moaned in pain . Meanwhile, Takuto looked like he could use some medical help, he was bleeding from his nose and mouth, he\'s also a sad mess of mucus and tears, in addition to a few bones that weren\'t in the right place . It\'s a medical miracle he\'s still twitching right now .

The citizens stared at each other as they weren\'t sure what to say .

"What happened?"

Seitenshi couldn\'t hide her shock .

"Guild master Noah, what is this?"

Noah slowly opened his eyes .

"These criminals placed and buried bombs around Fairy Tail!"

The place went silent .

Just that sentence was enough to let the people know how things came to be, why Noah was here .

Seitenshi also knew where her unease came from . She wanted to say something but Noah cut her short .

"I came here because I had a question for you all, citizens of Tokyo Area . "

Noah made sure everyone heard him .

"What have these children ever done to you? Why do you desire their demise so much?!"

A heavy silence fell upon the plaza .

Then, someone shouted .

"They are monsters! They should all die!"

That was the line the lit the keg, everyone else joined in on the riot .

. . .