Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 153

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Chapter 153

In the plaza of Fairy Tail, Noah stood with Enju, Kayo, and tina by his side, he was addressing the people here .

Near them was a pile of packages with timer or tightly wrapped packages with suspicious contents . There were at least 600 or so packages stacked there .

Noah who is quite adept at controlling his own emotion, Kayo who is known for being level-headed, Tina who is usually easy-going, and Tina who is usually laidback, without an exception, they were all frowning hard .

Soon, more arrived with packages and they stacked the packages on the designated pile with looks of disgust and fury .

"Guild master, we found 20 more of these!"


Tina gasped .

"In total, there\'s a754 of these that were placed?"

"No way!"

Enju winced in fear .

"If these all went off, Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail will be . . . "

"Fairy Tail will be blown to high heavens . . . "

Kayo said with a rarely-seen angry tone .

"We found 754 bombs!"

Yeah, that\'s right, they were busy finding and defusing bombs .

These things packed a punch if they went off .

Fairy Tail members worked together to locate these bombs which were buried around Fairy Tail\'s exterior area .

Kayo\'s hypothesis isn\'t too far from the truth . If all these bombs went off, Fairy Tail would have to be rebuilt from the rubbles .

"Those bastards! I didn\'t think they would do something like this!"

The members denounce the actions of the vile perpetrators who sought Fairy Tail\'s fiery end . Even Enju, Kayo, and Tina felt outraged by the actions others have brought upon them .

Noah clenched his fists hard as his eyes went as cold as the arctic pole .

There\'s no shortage of lunatics in this world .

With a threat that can wipe out the entire Tokyo Region, the rationality holding the lunatics from going mad were broken by their fear of the unknown and the fear of death . This is their way of dealing with reality .

With the chance of entering the bunkers "taken away" by the cursed children, this was the result .

That wasn\'t the scariest part .

It\'s what these lunatics could do when they are completely unbounded by sense and reason .

They would do anything to increase the chance of survival .

For instance, they wanted to reduce the number of people alive who are eligible to enter the bunker .

By killing others, they wanted to increase their chances of being chosen as one of the 30% population that gets to hide in the bunkers .

There were also murders, robberies, and rampant gambling that were targeted at the plane tickets leaving the Tokyo Area .

This happened only half a day since a reporter broke the news of the crumbling Monolith 32 .

In just a few minutes, all the tickets leaving Tokyo Area were bought up .

To buy the ticket, people did crazy things .

It\'s not hard to imagine getting knocked out while on the streets just so the robbers can frisk you for airplane tickets .

Without a doubt, crazy people buried these bombs in the hopes that a poor cursed child will step on it or get caught in the explosion .

Noah saw this coming .

Noah trusted his premonitions . He knew people were going to do desperate and unthinkable things just to get in the bunkers . The discrimination from the Robbed Generation would not stop at a less-than peaceful resolution .

Noah\'s gut feeling turned out to be correct .

He was right 754 times .

The unsightly residents of Tokyo Area actually went so far as to lay down mines and bombs for Cursed Children .

Noah inhaled deeply, trying his hardest to pacify the storm within his heart . All traces of mercy and emotions were gone as he looked in a certain direction .

"Unhand me! Do you know who I am?!"

A snake-looking glasses guy with a lanky figure struggled there .

Noah knew the guy much to his disapproval .

"I am the captain in charge of security at the Holy Residence!"

The guy roared .

"You dirty civil officers, how dare you handle me like this! You\'re all dead, ya hear?! Dead!"

Yasuwaki Takuto, that\'s his name .

He got tied up and he was placed in front of the explosive stack . Behind him, there were 30+ individuals who were acting as his conspirators .

The prisoners were stared at by the Fairy Tail members . Their eyes were either cold or hot with disgust and anger . Takuto\'s ego couldn\'t handle this demeaning treatment and he continued shrieking .

Noah slowly stepped towards Takuto .


Takuto stopped shouting and he looked at Noah with terrified eyes .

"Wh-what are you doing?!"

Noah said nothing as he made his way over . Takuto remembered how Noah taught him a physical lesson last time, he squirmed in fear .

"Wait! Wait! Stay away! Don\'t come over here!"

Noah landed a kick on Takuto\'s chest .



Takuto barfed up blood as he flew like a soccer ball, bouncing against the ground as he crashed .

Then, he followed up with another kick to his chest .



Takuto yelped in anguish .

Nobody felt a shred of pity for Takuto\'s treatment . They watched with cold indifference .

"Tell me!"

Noah interrogated Yasuwaki, with his foot firmly placed on his chest .

"Who ordered you to install the bombs here!"

Cursed Children made up around 5% of the 30% chosen to enter the bunkers .

To hog the 5%, unscrupulous individuals tried to kill the cursed children here to clear up the quota for themselves .

Although Yasuwaki Takuto got fired, he should have been able to obtain a plane ticket out of Tokyo Area with relative ease .

His appearance here is either personal vendetta or somebody ordered him to do this .

How would a civilian be able to get his hands on 754 military-grade explosives?

"G-gargh . . . "

Takuto wanted to say something but the pain coursing through him prevented him from doing so .

"Seize them!"

Takuto got kicked back to his cohorts . Noah left them and he headed for the exit .

"We are heading to the Holy Residence!"