Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 150

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Chapter 150

In the ivory-white hallway of the Holy Residence, Noah went by the layers of security here as he walked onwards .

The guards saw Noah walking hastily so they wanted to question him, asking why he\'s here . When they finally identified Noah, none were brave enough to stop him .

Clearly, the guards had heard tails or saw Noah\'s crazy achievements .

For one, Noah acted as Seitenshi\'s personal guard before and during the sniping incident . He also beat the living daylights out of Yasuwaki and his lackeys who were strutting around like they owned the join . Yasuwaki Takuto got the lion\'s share of Noah\'s beatings .

Some guards even saw how Noah going into and coming out of Seitenshi\'s room . From this, rumors arose about Noah\'s suspicious relationship with Seitenshi .

This would also explain why Noah walked away scotfree when he whacked Takuto .

This suspicious rumor would also explain why Takuto got fired despite working years for Seitenshi . His dismissal was done with just a single memo .

From an observer\'s POV, it seems like Seitenshi is sticking up for Noah when Takuto unwisely chose to tick Noah off . She did this by dismissing the entire bodyguard squad led by Takuto .

Although the person himself is unaware, he has already become someone feared within the Holy Residence . Hence, nobody dared to stop or even question why he\'s here .

Noah didn\'t notice this because he\'s too busy thinking about osmething else .

After Kisara underwent her surgery, Noah and Rentaro stuck around to take care of Kisara . Fortunately, she woke up this morning which took some weight off their backs .

Before Noah can talk with Kisara, his phone rang .

Seitenshi called him .

She invited him to the Holy Residence, she didn\'t divulge any useful information during that call .

Noah can sense the gravity within her tone so he accepted the invitation . He told Rentaro to take good care of Kisara before rushing over here .

After his arrival, he can tell the Residence is under an intense mood .

There are people here doing their jobs like normal . There are also people with stressed and anxious looks, they couldn\'t hide their grave expressions no matter how hard they tried .

The Holy Residence is also brimming with activity .

Officials can be seen rushing into and out of the office with documents . All of them were as tense as the air here .

Something big must have happened, that much Noah can tell .

Noah opened the door to Seitenshi\'s room .

"Guild master Noah . "

The scent of her boudoir entered his nose, tickling it . In it, Seitenshi greeted Noah after standing up from her sofa . Her face was cloudy with distress .

Noah raised an eyebrow and he entered the room without caring that it\'s the private room of a young woman . He sat down opposite to Seitenshi and he continued .

"Since it\'s an emergency, please cut to the chase . "

Seitenshi didn\'t feel insulted that Noah ordered her to make it quick . Noah\'s firm words calmed her unsteady heart down slightly .

"Alright, allow me to summarize everything . "

Seitenshi began explaining .

As the talk went on, Noah\'s expression turned to shock and then he frowned .

Aldebaran .

That\'s the name of a certain infamous Stage IV Gastrea .

Noah read what little records detailing this creature, that\'s why this name rang a bell .

Of the 11 known Stage V Gastrea known as the Zodiacs, three has been slain .

The IP pairing with the no . 1 ranking, the strongest initiator took down a heretofore invincible enemy of mankind, the icon of terror, the zodiac gastrea that led a legion of Gastrea known, the Taurus Gastrea .

The second Zodiac to be slain is the Gastrea known as Virgo, the german IP ranking no . 2 took it down .

The third one was killed by Noah, the same Scorpio Gastrea that Noah reduced to dust .

Aldebaran is a very important member of Taurus\' legion . It appeared along with Model Taurus in organized attacks during their rampage .

The legion isn\'t led by Taurus, in fact, it was Aldebaran who controlled the legion with its pheremones, assisting the Stage V Gastrea in its rampage across the region . This is how Aldebaran got its name as it is the brightest star in the Taurus constellation, the right-hand man of Taurus .

It\'s not just because of this that Aldebaran got its name, it had a special ability .

It can secret Varanium-corroding liquid .

The absolute worst nightmare of all humans .

"You\'re telling me, Monolith 32 got attacked by Aldebaran and got corroded by it . "

Noah raised his head after digesting Seitenshi\'s report .

"The corrosion will be complete in six days and at that time, Gastrea monsters will flood the Tokyo Region and cause widespread devastation?"

Seintenshi nodded with a grim look . Then, she perked up and she added .

"The new monolith is already near completion, however, the fastest we can get it here is in 9 days . "

"9 days?"

Noah bit his nail .

"The monolith will crumble in six days but the new monolith will only arrive in 9 days time . Which means, Tokyo Area must withstand legions of Gastrea for 3 days?"

"Soon, news will reach the populace . I can\'t imagine the chaos it will spark . "

Seitenshi said with her hands clasped, she closed her eyes as if praying for everyone\'s safety . She looked like a heroine in a tragedy .

"The Tokyo Area has underground bunkers that can shelter the populace . But, only 30% of the area\'s population can be protected . Food supplies will only provide for 2 months of consumption at most . "

If the Gastreas pour into the Tokyo Area, 70% of the population are going to become Gastrea food .

The remaining 30% will find salvation . However, if no help comes in 2 months time, they will similarly die .

They must somehow defend the Tokyo Area from hordes of Gastrea monsters for 3 days while the new monolith is on its way .

"Right now, my subordinates are gathering all the Civil Defense operatives they can get their hands on, buffing up the self defense force . In 6 days time, we will launce our offensive against the invading Gastrea army . "

Seitenshi looked at Noah with hopeful eyes .

"Guild master Noah, can you use your bullets to save Tokyo Area?"

Noah finally understood why Seitenshi invited him here .

His bullets .

Seitenshi wanted him to use the bullets that killed the Stage V Scorpio . Maybe Noah can do something like wiping out the Gastrea horde threatening to overrun the Tokyo area .

Noah chose silence .

A bad feeling rose up within Noah .