Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 146

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Chapter 146


Noah & co saw the guest room when they opened the door to this cabin .

A familiar figure who regularly appeared on television greeted them .

He was an old man in white hakama . He stood with a straight back and he also sat at the couch with perfect style . He waited there with closed eyes . He looked like a disciplined warrior who is meditating . He gave off a sharp feeling just by looking at him .

Looking at the old man who they haven\'t seen for quite some time now, Rentaro and Kisara had tense expressions . They weren\'t treating each other like family members, it\'s like they were faced with their arch-nemesis .

Compared to Kisara and Rentaro, Noah who had the pleasure of fighting against the old man for a whole year looked rather composed . He told the other girls .

"Kayo, go play with Enju and Tina . "

Kayo who knew about the relationship between Noah and Kikunojou nodded without delay . Enju who more or less knew about this also sighed in relief . They were glad they didn\'t have to deal with this .

Tina doesn\'t know about the animosity between Kikunojou and Noah . She is also unaware of the implications of Kikunojou\'s visit . However, she can tell something\'s not right .

Kayo led the other two girls out of the guest room .

Kisara and Rentaro stayed, rather, they looked like bodyguards when they stuck by Noah\'s side . They also kept their eyes trained on Kikunojou .

Kikunojou is Kisara\'s grandfather, and, the enemy she can never reconcile with .

Kikunojou is Rentaro\'s adoptive father, he\'s also his master who taught him battle skills . Due to Kisara\'s bad blood with Kikunojou, his relationship with Kikunojou soured as a result . However, he doesn\'t hate the guy as much as Kisara .

Noah didn\'t ask them to leave . Instead, he sat down with the two in tow .

Time froze, the room just felt so tense .

Noah sat with crossed legs . Meanwhile, Kikunojou, Kisara, and Rentaro sat in Seiza .

Kikunojou said nothing for a full 5 minutes . He just sat there with shut eyes . Finally, the old man spoke with a hoarse voice .

"I never thought I would visit this sanctuary . "

The mood immediately turned hostile .


Noah grinned .

"How do you feel?"

"As you would expect . "

Kikunojou opened his eyes, he used his sharp gaze on Noah .

"I\'ve been to many places over my long life . I even ventured into Gastrea monster dens . But, this is the worst place I\'ve been to . "

Indeed .

As the poster child of the one who hated cursed children, this figurehead of the Stolen Generation abhorred the idea of coming to Fairy Tail, a place brimming with cursed children .

Noah just laughed Kikunojou\'s harsh words off .

"Good, it would upset me if you found this place cozy . I like what I am hearing . "

The two wasted no time going at each other, making the already tense mood basically dry powder waiting to ignite .

Watching the two composed monsters going at each other made Kisara and Rentaro sweat . They finally got a good look at the animosity between them .

They assumed they were just on bad terms .

Kisara and Rentaro didn\'t think they would unabashedly jab at each other with no signs of compromising . They were like water and fire .

Anyone watching them would get nervous no matter their nerves .

Yet, the two were unperturbed .

Apparently, verbal blows like these were customary between them .

Kikunojou got tired of this uncultured exchange of hostility . He looked at Kisara and Rentaro .

"You two, so this is the kind of place you two visit?"

Rentaro said nothing, he endured Kikunojou\'s scrutinizing gaze .

Kisara narrowed her eyes and she smiled back at him .

"Tendo-dono, long time no see, I missed you so very much . "

Kisara\'s words carried no warmth . In fact, her tone and look were bone-chilling .

"Hmph . "

Kikunojou snorted, his gaze turned frosty .

"You realized your own weakness and you came wagging your tail at an abominable place like this?"

"Oh, I came here on a whim, that\'s all . "

Kisara smiled .

"Relax, Tendo-dono . "

Kikunojou stared at Kisara\'s passive-aggressive grin .

"It seems time has only worsened your bad habit of not watching your tongue . "

"If Tendo-dono doesn\'t like that, I can present my honest self . "

Kisara stored away her fake smile and she glared at him .

"Just so you know, I am still planning on killing all Tendo members, I will see to it that I bury them all in the ground!"

Kikunojou\'s sharp gaze turned dangerous .

This conversation is between a grandfather and his granddaughter .

Rentaro felt chilly, he knew about the background between Kisara\'s feud with the Tendo clan .

Noah drank his tea sip by sip, letting the two go at each other like it\'s not his business . He looked like he had all the time in the world .

Kikunojou turned his attention back towards Noah . He mused out loud after seeing Noah\'s reaction .

"You\'re calmer than I thought, do you not wish to know my aim in coming here?"

"I just want to know if you\'re done with whatever you wanted to say or do . "

Noah sipped his tea without looking at Kikunojou .

"If you\'re finished you should leave soon . Leave while you still can . "

Noah said something that almost made Rentaro jump in astonishment . Kisara tightened her grip on her sword . She is ready to join in the moment a fight starts .

"What a bold brute . "

Kikunojou replied .

"Is this how you influenced Seitenshi-sama?"


Kisara and Rentaro gasped .

Noah raised his head, he looked at Kikunojou for a second and then he grinned .

"What\'s the matter? Someone\'s falling out with Princess-sama?"

"I heard you acted as Seitenshi-sama\'s guard while I was out of Tokyo Area on official business . You also sent Saitake packing back to his own Osaka Area . "

Kikunojou brushed off Noah\'s sarcastic comment . He stated his piece .

"After that, Seitenshi-sama slowly changed . She devoted more of her energy to politics . She even took some duties off my hands, I am simply astounded . "

"Ah, so you admit you\'re losing the princess\' favor?"

Noah continued jabbing at him with raised eyebrows .

"The previous rulers were not experienced enough to handle political power . Now, the current ruler is taking initiative, she\'s growing and making her own decisions . Does that intimidate you? To know that your days are numbered and your position isn\'t as solid as you thought . Did you come here to have a consulting session with me?"

Kikunojou showed a very rare look of anger .

"Don\'t give me that hogwash!"