Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 142

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Chapter 142

"Guild master, wake up . . . "

"Onii-san, please wake up . . . "

Noah heard these faint voices while he\'s deep in dreamland .

They were familiar voices so Noah slowly stirred into consciousness .

Before he fully opened his eyes, he heard someone talking .

"Looks like it won\'t be that easy to wake him up . "

"I don\'t think so? Onii-san has very astute senses, right? I am sure he sensed our aura and already woke up, right?"

"Maybe guild master recognized our aura so he\'s sure we won\'t attack him or something, that\'s why he\'s still asleep?"

"What do we do then?"

"We can only use the tip we got from the book the other day . "

"The one from the book?"

"Yes, a true love\'s kiss to wake someone from the other gender . "

"-—A kiss?!!"

"Now you understand what we need to do, right . . . ?"

"Wi-with Onii-san . . . "

"Alright, I will undertake the task of waking up the guild master!"

"W-wait! Please let me do that task!"

Two petite and warm body were on top of Noah, he can feel two distinct breathes and scent coming closer and closer to him .

Noticing that this is going in a dangerous direction, Noah opened his eyes in an instant and he sat straight up .

"Kyaa . . . "

The two girls who were on top of Noah got flung away, they bounced along his bed when they fell . They stopped just short of falling down the bed .

Noah interrogated them .

"Kayo, Tina, what are you two doing here again?"

Tina and Kayo tilted their heads out of habit and they answered without answering his question .

"Good morning, guild master (Onii-san!)"

These cute girls were tilting their heads at him . One of them looked at him with an expressionless but innocent face while the other is beaming at him while leaning on top of his blanket, she looked like she\'s letting him do whatever he wants . Noah\'s heart started racing .

"Guild master . "

The girl with 210 IQ pointed at Noah\'s red face .

"You\'re blushing . "

"N-no I am not!"

Noah panicked unlike his usual cool self . He even stuttered but he quickly recovered as he coughed in a rather forced manner . He used a stern face with them .

"You two, what did I say about breaking into my house? You have your own houses, why do you girls keep sneaking into my house?"

Kayo and Tina exchanged a look and they answered at the same time .

"To wake guild master (onii-san)!"

Noah felt his strength leaving him . His shoulders dropped down and he couldn\'t help but feel a little sad .

They are skimping over this .

I am absolutely sure of that . . .

"Guild master, help yourself to some tea . "

"Onii-san, here\'s a towel . "

Inside the slightly cold living room, Noah sat on the sofa with Tina and Kayo serving him tea and wet towel . They presented the objects they brought to Noah .

Kayo who is normally standing next to him with an expressionless face and Tina who is ditzy most of time were serving him like a very loving wife . Noah was so amused by their demeanour he chuckled .

His chortle was not met with the amused looks of the girls .

"Guild master, help yourself to some tea . "

"Onii-san, here\'s a towel . "

They repeated the same lines but they looked completely different than the first time they said it .

If they looked like loving wives before this, then they looked like pouting wives who wanted to wage a cold war against their husband but they still couldn\'t help but want to make up as soon as their hubby apologized first .

Noah endured the urge to laugh and he grabbed the towel from Tina and he wiped his face with it . He also drank the tea Kayo brought him .

"Thank you, you two . "

Kayo and Tina immediately brightened up when he thanked them . They sat down by Noah\'s sides .

Kayo switched on the TV and she started channel surfing by herself .

Meanwhile, Tina yawned while kicking her legs . She didn\'t look as exhausted as she did before .

"Tina, are you, by some chance, more energetic than usual? Or, are my eyes playing a trick on me?"

"No, Onii-san . "

Tina smiled at him . Yeah, that\'s definitely an energetic smile .

"I started eating sleeping pills to go to sleep at night . Now, I am more or less used to operating during daytime . "


Noah asked .

"Are you going to be okay?"

Tina is an owl-type initiator, she\'s adapted to moving around in the night .

The daytime is a bane for Tina . She\'s just someone who came alive during the night .

The night hampered the vision of normal humans . Due to moving around during daytime, humans usually rest at night to recover stamina, mental energy, and so they can operate at optimal levels the next day .

Not only is Tina unaffected by this, she performs better at night, she can see better and she can hear better .

Tina held an advantage in fights at night .

She paid for this advantage by being vulnerable during daytime .

That\'s why Noah asked her if this is okay .

"It\'s okay . "

Tina shook her head . She sounded very resolute .

"I want to live with Onii-san and the other girls . "

Noah and Kayo slept at night after working hard during the day .

To go along with Noah and Kayo, Tina needed to revise her daily routine . Otherwise, she wouldn\'t be able to spend time with them at all .

Tina wanted to spend quality time with individuals she cared about, she wanted to properly enjoy this life that brought her tons of joy and bliss .

Just for this, Tina would do anything, even changing her routine .

"I see . "

Noah understood Tina\'s motives . Of course, he decided to let her do her thing . He rubbed her head while Tina revealed a very satisfied look . He beamed at her .

"I also like to live with you girls . "

Tina immediately sprouted a bright smile on her face .

"Guild master . "

Kayo pulled Noah\'s sleeves .

Kayo pointed at the TV, turning Noah and Tina\'s attention towards the TV .

It\'s the news channel .

"Last night, a plane heading from Osaka area to America got attacked by a gastrea with flight ability, the plane crashed . "

The plane\'s debris and missing humans were shown along the bottom of the screen .

Tina\'s eyes shot wide open when she saw the news .

The reporter continued reporting with an expressionless tone .

"It is believed that the famous doctor Ayn Rand was on board when the plane fell . Ayn Rand is confirmed dead by personnel who searched the plane . "

A tense mood started spreading in the living room .

Kayo looked at Tina while gasping after hearing the name, Ayn Rand .

Noah\'s eyes were flashing with an ambiguous glimmer . His lips started spreading into a grin .