Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 139

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Chapter 139

When the sunlight lit up the room, Tina opened her heavy eyelids to see a foreign ceiling .

Tina looked dumbfounded as confusion started spreading across her face .

She sat up to discover herself on a bed inside a room she\'s never seen before .

Tina looked around to try and ascertain her present location .

"This is . . . "

She furrowed her brows, she tried her best to remember what happened before she lost consciousness .

That\'s right, she got stopped by a monstrously strong individual during her attempts on Seitenshi\'s life .

She found out from her handler that she was up against someone who can stop sniper bullets with his aiming skills . She was up against the guild master of Fairy Tail, Noah Dreyar .

Fairy Tail, and Noah Dreyar are names that were familiar with Tina .

Noah is the one who made Fairy Tail a sanctuary for all cursed children .

He achieved almost worldwide fame for his act of sheltering and nurturing the cursed children .

For cursed children who heard about Fairy Tail, they all paid attention to any news coming from this organization . In addition, they are also immensely grateful and respectful of the patron who established this institution .

Noah is someone Tina admired very much .

After receiving her mobilization orders, Tina looked forward to seeing Noah, she wanted to see what Fairy Tail is like .

Alas, she received orders to take Noah\'s life because he was a hindrance to her mission .

Frankly, Tina couldn\'t accept it .

However, an order is an order .

She was brought up as a tool of murder . Going against the reason she was made would be tantamount to losing her raison d\'etre .

Tina compromised in the end .

In the end, she was defeated again .

To add insult to her injury, the guild master she looked up to turned out to be the warm Onii-san who took care of her without caring about her background .

Her fight with Noah vividly replayed in her mind .

It ended with Noah pointing a gun at her head .

Her recollections stopped there because that\'s where she blacked out .

After Noah pulled the trigger, she woke up in this room .

"Is this heaven?"

Tina mumbled when a creeping sense of fatigue gripped her .

Ignoring her identity as a mechanized soldier, Tina is an owl-type initiator .

Due to the genes of the owl inside her, she exhibited the astute senses of an owl at night . She can enter a state of heightened visual and auditory awareness when night comes .

Due to that, she\'s practically a beast night . Whereas in the day, she\'s very slugging and she gets bogged down by this crippling desire to sleep .

Click .

The door opened and Tina turned towards the source of the sound almost immediately .

The girl who entered was about the same age as Tina .

She\'s also a girl Tina recognized .

Tina gasped .


"Oh, you\'re awake?"

Kayo looked at Tina with her poker face . She proceeded to ask her .

"Are you uncomfortable anywhere? Hurting anywhere?"

"N-no . . . "

Tina answered on reflex . She trained her owl-eyes on Kayo .

"Where am I?"


Kayo asked .

"You\'re currently at Fairy Tail . "

"The Fairy Tail?"

Tina looked like she couldn\'t believe her ears .

"Why am I here?"

Kayo reminded her .

"Do you remember what happened before you lost consciousness?"

Tina recalled the result of the duel on that fateful night and she looked lost .

"I-I was defeat by Onii-san . I asked him to kill him and then Onii-san acquiesced to my request before he pulled the trigger . . . "

"You\'re right . "

Kayo interrupted Tina .

"The guild master ended your life once . "

"He killed me?"

Tina couldn\'t wrap her head around Kayo\'s word .

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean, Tina Sprout is already dead . "

Kayo answered in a nonchalant tone .

"You\'re now the guild master\'s captive . "


Tina was showing a vacant look when Kayo grabbed her hands .

"Come with me . "

Kayo pulled Tina along without any further words .

Noah sat in the living room . He\'s now free, an abnormal event considering his busy schedule . He was using the remote on the TV to find shows that strikes his interest .

Soon, two sets of footsteps came from the hallway and Noah stopped . He looked at the hallway to see Kayo escorting Tina here .

Kayo let go of Tina\'s hand and she backed away to the side like a well-trained maid .

"Onii-san . . . "

Tina couldn\'t look Noah in the eyes as she lowered her head . She wanted to say something but her words got stuck inside her throat .

If Tina couldn\'t figure what happened by now, her experience and reputation as someone who held the rank of no . 98 would be wasted on her .

Noah spared her, what else can explain her survival .

She went at him with the intention of killing him .

Noah returned her malice by sparing her and taking her back to his home, Fairy Tail .

There is an emotional storm inside Tina\'s heart, that\'s why she couldn\'t locate the correct words to voice her thoughts .

"If you don\'t know what to say then don\'t say anything . "

Noah read her mind and he reached out to rub her on the head .

"Now, do you want to live at Fairy Tail?"

"You mean I can stay here?"

Tina looked very riled up .

Any cursed child who heard about Fairy Tail would do anything to get to Fairy Tail .

Fairy Tail is one of the few institutions that genuinely took care of curesd children .

But, can someone like her stay in a place like this?"

"My body is the product of my nation\'s hard work and technology . "

Tina said with a disappointed look on her face .

"My master will never permit my stay in this place . "

Noah shut her up with another line .

"Let me worry about that!"

Noah caressed her hair .

"You girls are children, just think about how to live happily!"

The warmth from the giant hands above her seeped into her heart . She stood there like a statue for a short while .