Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 138

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Chapter 138

The moment he entered the room, he was greeted by a sonorous melody .

Noah stopped for a short moment before he entered the room . He closed the doors and he turned his gaze towards one corner of the room .

As usual, Seitenshi wore a white dress that looked like a bridal gown as she sat in front of the piano . She churned out divine notes with closed eyes . Her faint smile can reduce the stress of anyone who saw her . Her gloves-covered dainty little fingers, dancing across the piano keys as she emitted notes after notes of trained perfection .

Noah’s tense expression softened up when he saw this scene . Without making a sound, he leaned against the door as he enjoyed the music with crossed arms . He found his heart slowly calming down .

Seitenshi’s piano skills could use improvements .

At least, she’s not on par with musicians who honed their skills throughout their lives .

But, compared to the average piano player, her melody carried a sense of refinement that would turn heads if she played in the public .

This might be due to her nature, she loved peace and her saintess soul could be seen in her soothing music .

The scores turned into something beautiful when they are paid by this stunning beauty with the heart of a shining star . It’s also easy for others to resonate with her .

Noah was also caught by her soft magic .

Noah can feel her love for the world and her unbending will to realize her idealistic world . Her music managed to pacify his boiling emotions which was something he found rather surprising .

The music played on .

When the music stopped echoing in this room, Noah who was listening intently opened his eyes .

The man and the woman stared at each other as their gazes met .

In this rather luxurious room, the warm mood turned into hotter as the perceived temperature increased the longer the two stared at each other .

Noah looked a bit awkward while Seitenshi blushed red in response . Their cute responses around each other destroyed the pink mood from before .

Seitenshi got up from her seat and she greeted him with a wide smile .

“This is the tune composed by the same composer of the piece you played last time . ”

“Yeah, I know . ”

Noah chuckled .

“Your skills have grown since the last time I saw you . I dare say you might even better than me already . ”

“That’s because I have a great teacher . ”

Seitenshi replied with an elegant smile .

“I am just happy I can finish one piece of music . ”

Noah can empathize with her . Like Seitenshi, he only honed his skills to a level where he can proficiently play the pieces he liked .

They played piano for fun, they weren’t serious about it in the first place .

After all, they had more important affairs to attend to .

After chatting for a bit, Seitenshi stored her smile away as she got down to brass tacks .

“I saw the fight between you and President Saitake . ”


Noah sighed and he bowed towards Seitenshi .

“Sorry, I went ahead of myself here . I apologize for making you cover for me . You have my thanks for that . ”

“You told me to trust you, no?”

“Rather than me, you are the perfect counter to someone as ambitious as Saitake . Plus, you saved me from the sniper before this . It was only natural that both of us clashed in the meeting room, our ideals are way too different . ”

“You were thinking about that?”

Noah knitted his brows .

“I am going to say this to you straight . Saitake is as you have seen, he wants to eliminate you so he can rule all the regions and install a world order . Meanwhile, you want to create an era of peace in this chaotic world . So long as he is alive, there will come another when the two of you will butt heads again . ”

“I know, that’s why I am very grateful to you . ”

Seitenshi said with an earnest heart .

With your forceful actions, that ambitious guy should go into hiding for quite some time . He will also be too afraid to do anything to Tokyo Area for now, buying precious time for me . ”

“Yeah, these measures are only temporary . ”

Noah looked at Seitenshi .

“Anyway, I caused you a lot of trouble by moving on my own . This is a fact that I am ready to admit and apologize for . ”

“Guild master Noah, you’re going overboard . ”

Seitenshi isn’t used to Noah’s sorry look .

“You acted on your own, but, your actions are mitigated by the consequences of your action . You helped me greatly by taking great risk upon yourself, for that, you have my gratitude . ”

“Seitenshi respectfully curtsied for Noah .

This is the highest honor coming from the ruler of a region .

Noah accepted the formality and he bowed once more .

“With that, my escort mission is complete . I guess this is the end . ”

Yes .

This is the end .

Saitake’s assassination plans got foiled and he got routed back to Osaka Area .

The sniper aiming for Seitenshi also got defeated by Noah .

With the meetings over, his assignment is now officially over .

His job is now complete .

“Yes, this is the end . ”

Seitenshi’s eyes wavered as she kept her pearly eyes on Noah .

“Will you not reconsider my offer from last time?”

Noah turned silent .

Seitenshi asked Noah to remain by her side as an aide . She wanted his help to govern the Tokyo Area .

Seitenshi offered this critical position to Noah through begging, this is how much she valued Noah .

Noah smiled and he turned her down .

“No matter how many times you bring it up, the answer will always be no . ”

“I am very troubled by that . ”

Seitenshi bitterly laughed .

“Why won’t you say yes?”

“You want the reason?”

Noah mumbled .

“Do you not know the reason?”

Seitenshi lowered her head .

Noah already told her last time, he sees no reason why he should protect Tokyo Area, this place devoid of joy and humanity is not something he wants to guard .

There is also another reason .

“I believe Kikunojou Tendo is still your right-hand man, right?”

Noah pointed it out .

“You sure you want me to stay by your side with someone like Kikunojou Tendo lurking around?”

Seitenshi thought for a bit before she answered .

“I want competent people by my side . I know I am woefully weak, therefore, I need strong and capable individuals to guide me and compensate for my weaknesses . . ”

“You’re wrong!”

Noah stopped her .

“You shouldn’t try to compensate for your own weaknesses by one-sidedly begging from another!”

Seitenshi was stunned .

“Look at you, Kikunojou Tendo’s help was instrumental to establishing order in Tokyo Area . But, lo and behold, his mistakes almost caused the destruction of the city, you know this but you can’t do anything because you’re in no position to say anything!”

Noah shot her with verbal lashings .

“If you want to present yourself as a symbol of peace and a fair ruler, I suggest growing up and gaining independence for yourself, princess-sama . ”

His words were like arrows that struck her heart true and swift . They left indelible marks on her heart .