Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 137

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Chapter 137

Crack crack

The flames on the limo is still ongoing, the fire from the fire lit up the dark night .

In front of this fire, Noah was holding Saitake at gunpoint, they looked at each other without saying anything .

Noah’s merciless eyes told Saitake that he wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger .

Calm down .

I must calm down .

Saitake told himself to calm down . He looked at Noah with gnashed teeth .

“What is it going to take for you to let me go?”

“Begging for mercy?”

Noah scoffed .

“That’s not like you, great president Saitake . ”

“At least, I am not someone who would choose dignity over death . ”

Saitake was afraid that if he looked away from Noah, he’s going to fire the gun .

“I still have things to do . Death is not on my schedule right now . Name your price, what’s it going to take for you to get off my back?”

“Be glad I am not a hero with justice for days . After all the things I heard coming out from Osaka Area, death would be an easy escape for you . ”

Noah said .

“Before that, let me ask you one question . ”


Saitake nodded .

“Go ahead . ”

“You’re the one behind Seitenshi’s assassination attempts, right?”

Noah stared into Saitake’s eyes .

“You put Ayn Rand up to this task, didn’t you?”

“It was me…”

Saitake knew only telling the truth would prolong his life right now .

“But, I only request foreign agents to take care of it . I didn’t note who ordered what or who were sent to fulfill the order . ”


“Cooperation with foreign agents? Looks like you’re not just daydreaming . ”

Noah reckoned Saitake was telling the truth .

High profile assassination attempts like this are usually layered behind multiple individuals to hide the mastermind .

Saitake assigned this task to foreign agents . Through their decisions, Ayn Rand was chosen and he sent Tina Sprout to do this .

Even if the assassin was caught, the mastermind would have been safe behind so many layers .

Saitake’s luck ran out when he stumbled on Noah .

Even if someone had a good reason to suspect Saitake, they couldn’t do anything against Saitake Sougen .

Without proof, it’s hard to take out someone like Saitake Sougen .

Even Seitenshi had a hard time getting dirt on Saitake .

Then, came Noah who couldn’t care less about the law . He used brute strength to grab Saitake and destroy his meticulous plans . He got checkmate because he didn’t factor in a force of nature like Noah .

“I don’t care who you gave the mission to neither do I care about your supposed ambition to control the world . ”

Noah said with his eyes still trained on Saitake . His aura started dipping into a frosty area .

“I am very displeased with your cooperator this time, very, very displeased . I am very upset with the handler who sent the assassin . ”

Saitake flinched . He gasped at Noah’s suggestion .

“You want me to go against Ayn Rand for you?”

“Nope, you’re not cooperating with me . ”

Noah stared down Saitake .

“You’re trading Ayn Rand’s life for yours . ”

Saitake Sougen shivered . He had an unbelievable idea .

He wasn’t after me, he just wanted to use me to get to Ayn Rand?

I wasn’t his primary target?

This was just a means to an end?

He knows how to handle politicians and he knows how to leverage his power, what a scary guy .

I must not make an enemy out of him .

Saitake Sougen clenched down on his teeth with renewed fear and respect towards Noah . He nodded .

“I promise you I will catch that guy for you . However, you will need to give me some time!”

He’s the head of NEXT, a guy who is so smart he is probably among the three most intelligent humans on earth . At least, he’s good enough in what he does that he can make hybrid mechanized soldiers .

His utility outweighs his dubious nature, on a national level, someone like him is going to be well-protected . Even Saitake would have a hard time luring this guy out . At least, Saitake can only go after Ayn Rand from the dark like how he tried to kill Seitenshi .

Noah didn’t say anything . Tina’s matter weighed heavily on his mind, now, it’s somewhat relaxed .

He needs to get payback for all the cursed children who died on the experiment table .

Once he’s done with Ayn Rand, he won’t be able to operate on any more cursed children .

“I look forward to the news of this troublesome guy disappearing . ”

Noah stored away his gun and he walked away .

“I hope you took away one lesson from today . If I want to find you, hiding in Osaka will do you no more good than hiding out in the open . ”

Noah leaped into the sky like a dark meteor . He disappeared beyond the horizon in a swift manner .

Saitake sat limply on the ground . He looked at the unconscious guards nearby and the burning limo . Then, he looked in the direction where Noah disappeared . He fell into a speechless stupor .

Tokyo Area, the Holy Residence .

Noah dredged towards Seitenshi’s room with heavy steps .

Yasuwaki Takuto and a bunch of guards followed Noah from behind .

Takuto yelled at Noah .

“Noah Dreyar, stop right there!”

Alas, Noah didn’t care about the crows around him, including Takuto . He continued walking forward .

“Didn’t I tell you Seitenshi-sama is resting for today?!”

Takuto is yelling hysterically, he almost clawed his hair out .

“Noah Dreyar, do you like staying by Seitenshi-sama’s side that much?!”

He let Takuto yell to his heart’s content . He passed another corridor and soon enough, he arrived in front of Seitenshi’s room .

Seeing as Noah is ignoring him, he recalled how Seitenshi was basically rubbing up against Noah during the sniper incident, he felt his rage boil out of control at the thought of how she welcomed Noah into her boudoir multiple times .

“You’re just a civil defense officer…”

Takuto whipped out his guns . He pointed it at Noah’s back while shrieking .

“Don’t get cocky with me!”


It wasn’t a shot from Takuto’s gun, it was Noah’s iron-hard fist in Takuto’s face . He sent the guy flying back .

Before Takuto left his attack range, he kicked Takuto, sending him crashing into the ground .

Groaning from pain, Takuto heard a voice .

“It’s like you want me to beat you up, I am not having the best of days today . ”

He stomped on Takuto one more time .


Takuto’s wail echoed in the Holy residence .