Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 136

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Chapter 136

Like a dark meteor streaking around the building, the phantom chased after the car while using the surrounding buildings as a foothold .


Saitake Sougen felt fear from his core, he couldn’t help but mumble and tremble at the same time .

Sougen has heard of superhumans who can jump between buildings like they are going for a walk or something .

Cursed children, kids born with Gastrea virus in them, can do this with ease .

For a human, however, this power is probably not an innate talent .

“Is that guy a product of the New Human Creation Project?”

Saitake thought about this possibility .

Ruling out cursed children, humans who were modified with varanium metal must be the only explanation .

“Damn you Seitenshi, to think you were hiding a trump card like that in Tokyo Area…”

Saitake roared in anger at his guards .

“What are you guys spacing out for?! Shoot him!”

Stunned by the force of nature they were up against, the guards quickly recovered as they steadied their guns to fire at the encroaching sinister shadow .


Ting tang ting ting ting

The bullets either missed or were deflected by Noah with his oversized gun .


Noah zoned in on the car, specifically, the tires . He aimed and he took the shot .


With his target in sight, Noah fired without hesitation .


A gunshot louder than the heavy caliber guns inside the car reverberated throughout the night .

The bullet’s aim was true as it blew the tire to smithereens .


The car started swerving out of control after losing one of its wheels .

The car spun out of control as a collision against the rail nearby seemed very likely .


The limo struck the guardrail in a violent manner . Flipping up, the car fell about 100 meters away from the collision site .


The limo exploded soon after crashing .

If the passengers were alive, they are deader than dead now .

Fortunately, the bodyguards did their job as they escorted a rather haggard-looking Saitake out before the car exploded . But, they were grunting in pain .


Feeling dizzy, the president couldn’t stand properly . He was hurting all over while feeling out of breath . He collapsed on the ground almost instantly after the guards let go of him .


The guards examined the president for any external injuries as they ran towards him . However, a clear voice greeted them .

“That all?”

The guards were petrified .

Saitake also heard the voice, he struggled to lift his head up .

Like the envoy of death, the figure standing in front of the burning car slowly walked towards him . Spine as straight as a proud tree, Noah approached with his gun at his side .

Saitake finally knew what true terror felt like .

“St-stop him!”

Saitake yelled without caring for his image .

“Quick! Hold him back!”

Hysterically yelling like a pig being slaughtered, the guards took up their guns as they took aim .

Bang bang bang bang

Four precise shots disarmed the four guards .

Their guns were shot away from their now numb hands .

“Get out of my way!”

Noah growled coldly at the four guards in his way .

“This doesn’t concern any of you!”

The guards failed to take Noah’s advice . Like madmen, they took out their knives while rushing Noah down .

With the four guards in his sights, he closed his eyes to focus . The four guards attacked at the same time only to be counter-attacked by a quick roundhouse gun swipe by Noah .

Ding ding ding ding

Sparks were emitted .

The batons and knives in the bodyguards’ hands got knocked away . Their palms ruptured from the immense reaction force .

With a firm foot planted in the ground, Noah stopped his swipe .

He saw the staggered guards and he followed up with another round of attacks . To the guards, they only saw a blur before…

Bam bam bam bam

Their vision blurred . The guards were sent to take a dirt snap, blood flowed out of their mouths as they moaned in pain .

Saitake couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath of air .

The guards were top-notch security personnel he took the time to recruit and cultivate .

They were equivalent to promoters who ranked in the top 300 .

These 4 guards were experienced enough to take down cursed children . However, that didn’t stop them from getting their asses handed to them in less than a minute . Why wouldn’t he be shocked?


Saitake backed away from Noah who was making sure the guards stayed down .

Noah slowly turned around . He looked like he was only tying up loose ends from his side . He inched towards Saitake with a cold look on his face .

He placed his gun against Saitake’s head . He continued with a merciless tone .

“Looks like you weren’t able to escape…”

Saitake froze up . His eyes were completely on the cold hard metal pressed against his head .

The moment the owner of this gun pulls the trigger, his head would explode like a watermelon struck by immense force . This gun fired bullets that can pierce the armor on a tank, after all .

Even a president like him would die like the millions of poor peasants he left to die . He would be reduced to a mere footnote in the annals of history .