Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 135

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Chapter 135


On a well-built highway, a car is currently speeding away at 150km/h (93miles approx) . The car is certainly making everyone on the highway know that it wanted to get somewhere fast .

“Damn it… damn it…”

Inside the car, Sougen grabbed the support bar so hard his veins were bulging . He continued crying out the name of his most detested enemy .

“How dare a civil defense officer, how dare he… Fuckkk!”

The bodyguards were keeping their guns handy as they endured the incessant rage brought about by Sougen .

One dauntless bodyguard voiced the question on the other guards’ minds .

“President, why are we afraid of that civil defense officer? We can just shoot him dead, yes?”

For someone who only met Noah today, it looked very embarrassing for someone like the president’s level to be intimidated by a mere civil defense officer .

They couldn’t stop Noah from apprehending Sougen when they faced off in the hotel . They thought it was only because Noah had some skill, far from enough to take down someone like the ruler of an entire region .

They couldn’t wrap their heads around the idea of their respected president scampering off from a threat of a mere civil defense officer .

Absolutely pissed, Sougen roared at them .

“You imbeciles!”

The guards shrunk back, Saitake lowered his head as he anxiously bid for his time .

If it was only that easy, Noah would have been long dead by now .

As much as he coveted the organization he built, the legions of cursed children who would die for Noah, and the bullets he purportedly had which could bring down Zodiac-level Gastrea . A cocky attitude from a lowborn like Noah was enough for him to sentence Noah to death .

Granted, he needed a strong enough executioner to do so .

However, Noah is a very influential man, he can also hold his own in a brawl .

Sougen is aware that even if he gathered all his capable lieutenants, he would still not be able to survive a shot of the magic bullet that took down a Stage V Gastrea .

Noah also can sense the animosity veiled within Noah’s actions and words every time they spoke .

He can try to play dirty but the odds are stacked against him and he knows it .

It is as Noah said, he can kill Sougen and still be able to walk away scot-free .

Aside from running away, what can Sougen do?

It’s a known fact that ridiculously strong civil defense officers can influence the geopolitics of this world . He just didn’t think he would get to experience it himself .

Against an untouchable foe like Noah, he finally understood what is meant by might makes right .

As for identity, well, Noah already laid the case to rest . He can scamper back into Osaka and hide there to safeguard his life, or come out and risk social execution, his pompous attitude didn’t help with the populace either .


Saitake Sougen had a very ugly smile on his face .

“Noah Dreyar, you win this time . You inhuman son of a bitch, now I see why Tendo Kikunojou couldn’t take you down in his own turf . You taught me the importance of real power, I will make sure to turn every powerful individual into my talons just you wait!”

Saitake already had plans for that .

This incident reinforced the idea in his head .

When he returns…

He’s going to recruit every capable he can get his hands on and make them do his biddings .

With an army of experts, he will realize his ambitions .

Well, if he can make it back in one piece…


The driver saw something on the top of a building in the distance, he shouted in disbelief .

“What the hell is that?!”

Sougen looked up, everyone in the car immediately raised their guards .

“What is going on?!”

The driver pointed at the roof of a certain building .

“There! There!”

Everyone looked at the subject in question .

The building was enlarging because the car approached at a breakneck speed .

With the night sky as the background, a figure stood there as the wind ruffled his clothing . The distinctive gun drew everyone’s eyes despite the distance . The person spotted the car from a distance, rather, his sights were trained on them from the start .

“No way… Impossible…”

Saitake looked at the clock on his hand .

It has been exactly one hour since they left the hotel .

It only took Noah 10 minutes to catch up to them .

This meant he covered a distance close to 150 kilometers in an hour .

How can a human move at such speed?

“No, how can this be?!”

Sougen roared .

“Fire! Fire at him, now!”

Noah looked at the moving car and he sneered .

“President of the Osaka region, our game begins, now…”

The car didn’t stop speeding, the next instant, guns peered out from the windows as they fired shots after shots at Noah without caring for collateral damage .


Like a hail storm of bullets, Noah was facing a storm of explosion-propelled metal chunks .

Alas, a screen of black-colored strikes deflected all the bullets .

Saitake’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw this .

“Step on it! Lose him!”

The car swerved into another highway on his command .

Noah’s defensive brandish stopped as he jumped down to chase the car .

Unable to fly, Noah used the buildings around him as jump pads, like a meteor between the buildings, he kept up like a bloodhound .