Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 131

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Chapter 131


For a brief moment, everyone in the Tokyo Area saw the pillar of light .

The resplendent pillar of light pierced into the heavens .

Soon after that pillar of light disappeared, a loud boom echoed throughout the city that threatened to rip everyone’s eardrums .


The ground started shaking, everybody started panicking because they thought this was the sign of something bigger .

The humans living in this world are accustomed to a life where death can come in the form of Gastrea monsters at any given moment .

This is the first time they saw something apocalyptic like this . They thought the world is finally going to end so their panic is reasonable .

Fortunately, the ground didn’t give away and there weren’t any casualties as a result of this earthquake . In less than a minute, everything returned to normal .

The residents are still quaking in their boots, they didn’t stop making a ruckus until some time later .

Area 39, Tokyo Area .

Stones and rubble rained down from the sky .

A strong gust blew away the smoke and clouds of dust here .

When the dust settled, the area is less than presentable .

A huge hole some 500 meters in diameter appeared in the middle of this place .

There were cubes of what used to be the ground tumbling around inside the crater .

There is only spot in the center of this crater that was spared from utter destruction .

At a closer glance, the relatively unharmed area was wide enough for one person to stand there .

It looked like everything around that area was blown away by a miniature bomb . Anyone who saw this would probably hold their breath in shock .

Noah remained with one knee on the ground, he lifted his fist as the white mist-like mana around him retreated back into his body .

He looked around at the destruction he wrought and he frowned .

“Maybe that was a bit overboard . ”

Noah stood up, he isn’t even fazed by how he changed the geography here .

This is the Outer Zone . There is almost nobody in this area aside from Fairy Tail headquarter . A little destruction here wouldn’t harm anyone .

Secondly, this kind of thing usually happens, his adept understanding of Crush notwithstanding .

This is a scene that’s normal for him .

Noah looked at a certain direction .

The three buildings were reduced to rubble, although the buildings still stood, it was no longer safe for anyone to be in the area .

Noah leaped into the sky and he landed in front of the destroyed buildings

Thud thud thud

The walls around him cracked and collapsed as the sound of this building collapsing resounded throughout the hallway .

Noah paid no heed to the creaking sounds, he continued venturing into the building .

He can feel it .

A faint aura that hid like a savage wolf, waiting to ambush its prey in the grass . He can also feel the hectic breathing of this ambush attacker .

In one year, ht strengthened himself by integrating the Gastrea Virus from thousands of different mutations . It’s not just physical strength that he has augmented, he can see, hear, and perceive things on a level like that of Gastrea monsters or better .

At a distance, he can already feel the target’s breathing and motion .

Noah made a special note to hold Crush from completely decimating this area . He also didn’t use it on the sniper . After falling from the height of more than 50 floors, even a cursed child would be harmed . He can tell the fighter is in no condition to continue fighting from the breathing rate .

Noah looked at the sniper’s hiding spot, a pile of rubble that could hide a person .

“This game is meaningless, come out . ”

Noah’s voice reverberated throughout the ruins .

The hiding sniper’s breathing rate and aura became even more flustered .

It feels like the attacker is in greater panic and shock than before .

A petite figure pushed a boulder away as she emerged with the shining-red eyes of a cursed child using her powers .

Noah’s eyes shook too .

The attacker was a young girl around the age of ten .

She wore a stylish dress and she had a . 50 cal sniper rifle in her hands .

This wasn’t why Noah’s poker face crumbled . It’s her platinum blonde hair, her icy cold look that didn’t look like the sleepy expression she usually wore .

It’s a mien Noah recognized because he was touring around the city with her . He should know, he wiped the sweat off her face when she was tired from running around the commercial district .

Noah also remembered her name .


Noah said with a hoarse voice .

“So it was you…”


Tina backed away with a horrified look . She wanted to reject reality in front of her .

“You’re Noah Dreyar, the guildmaster of Fairy Tail? Why must it be you?”

Tina is clearly unaware that her target was none other than Noah .

Nobody could blame her, Noah was living a very low-profile life and he hid his true identity from her .

Tina was also hiding her identity from him .

She hid the fact that she was the sniper who tried to assassinate Seitenshi .


Tina frantically ran away with a whimper, ditching her . 50 cal sniper rifle in the process .


Noah suppressed his emotions and he rushed after her .