Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 130

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Chapter 130

A bad kid, huh?”

On the way back, Noah thought about what Tina said .

Tina’s words were veiled with multiple meanings . Noah couldn’t help but pick up on this weird vibe .

“That kid, she’s someone with a long story behind her . ”

He met her twice and he’s still convinced that Tina is a very eccentric individual . Noah couldn’t let her be for some reason .

It’s not because his intrigue got him . He didn’t lose any sleep over Tina’s words .

However, he had this feeling that if he neglected this mysterious girl, he would be missing out on a crucial piece of the puzzle .

His gut feeling is telling him to pay more attention to Tina .

Noah trusted his instincts .

He acted on instincts and that led him to scenarios that were at par or exceeded his expectations .

Noah felt that this was a similar event .

“I should probe her the next time we meet . ”

Noah quickened his steps and he headed towards Fairy Tail .

Enju invited Kayo along to visit her workplace, the Tendo Civil Security Corporation . As such, the two girls weren’t with Noah when he was on the way back .

After entering a dilapidated area, Noah continued walking among rubbles that gave off a creepy air . He walked with steady and firm steps where others would probably dare not .

Drip drip drip

The sky darkened and it started to drizzle .

A normal person would find shelter to wait out the rain . However, Noah let the rain do its job without minding his wet body one bit .

Noah is someone who lived in harsh conditions to temper his Crush mastery .

Rain or shine, he forged his body through intense training . He also couldn’t recall ever falling sick to anything . Hence, unless it’s a huge storm or rain, Noah wouldn’t go out of his way to avoid them .

As for his clothes, well, he can just wash them at home, it’s not a big issue for him .

Noah continued his journey back to Fairy Tail serenaded by the drizzle around him .

Noah stopped as he raised his head, his eyes had a sharp glint in them .

It’s faint but he’s sure he heard a weird noise that didn’t belong here .


This nose entered his ear and he immediately recognized it .

This was the same noise when Seitenshi got attacked by a sniper .


Noah heard something that sounded like the flap of a tiny insect . The sound originated some distance away but Noah heard it nonetheless .


Noah responded by whipping out his gun, smacking the incoming projectile .


Sparks were emitted when the bullet collided with his gun .

He deflected the bullet into the distance .

Anyone could tell what happened .

After the sniping incident with Seitenshi, the aggressors are now after Noah .

By gross observation, the attacker appears to be the same sniper that tried to attack Seitenshi .

Noah closed his eyes, sensed his surroundings and he zoned in on one direction .

He was looking at an old building that looked like it burned down some time ago . There are also two other buildings with the same appearances there . It was the perfect cover for an attacker .

His outstanding perceptual abilities told him that the sniper is hiding in one of the three buildings .

One of the building emitted a red flash . Noah picked this up .

A sniper fire .


The bullet came at astonishing speed .

Noah put strength into his legs and he shot out a like a cannon instead of blocking the shot .


The ground he stood on cracked open as the anti-material bullet struck where he once stood .

In a blur, he traversed the obstacles in his path, quickly clearing his way towards the aggressor .

The building steadily increased inside his field of vision

Another shot was fired .

He shifted towards the side without delay .


The bullet struck empty ground once more .

With another side-step, he dodged to the side gain .

Shots after shots were fired but none of them landed anywhere near Noah . The sniper only succeeded in creating countless holes in the area .

With a zig-zag pattern, he drew closer to the sniper .

Noah’s calm expression hid his slight surprise .

He is using a speed that exceeded a human’s ability to perceive .

Any normal sniper would be panicking over Noah’s speed and ability to hide . Not being able to obtain a clear shot means not being able to shoot . But, this sniper clearly can trace Noah, the shots followed his movements .

As Kayo had speculated, this sniper isn’t a human . A cursed child would also find it hard to exhibit such a high-level ocular ability .

If he allowed this sniper to keep operating like this then it is only a matter of time before Seitenshi’s life is forfeit .

“I must take her down!”

A cold glimmer flashed in his eyes . He glanced at the building from which the sniper is currently still targeting him and he stopped all of a sudden .


A storm of mana erupted from Noah, strong gale assaulted the structures around him .

“Get Crushed…

Noah lifted his fist and he slammed down hard on the ground .


A tremor assaulted the Tokyo Area as a loud boom echoed through the sky .