Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 128

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Chapter 128

“La la la~”

Noah looked at the cheerful girl skipping in front of him and the calm girl walking by her side . He bitterly laughed .

“I say, Enju, Kayo, what are you two doing following me here?”

“Hehe . ”

Enju grabbed Kayo’s hand and she took another leap forward as she cheered out loud .

“I tagged along to play!”

“Isn’t this just nice?”

Kayo looked forward as she responded like a tiny adult .

“It’s rare to see Guild Master going window-shopping when the second talk isn’t over just yet, I don’t see why we can’t go with you though?”

“I am cool with this . ”

Noah shrugged .

“But, I will be meeting up with another person in a short while . ”

“Just introduce her to us . ”

Kayo said with a face that said “there’s no issue here’ .

“I remember Guild Master saying stuff about how even kids like us should have the right to make friends with others, right?”

“I did say that sure . ”

Noah’s lip twitched .

“But, I feel like I should have added an asterisk for a situation like this . ”

“Stop being such a stick in the mud . ”

Enju twirled around, she’s the one with the highest excitement level here .

“The more the merrier, I don’t mind at all . ”

“I am not asking if you girls mind . ”

Noah sighed .

“I am just worried if the other party would mind . ”

“We already came all the way here . Does Guild Master want us to go back?”

Kayo glanced at Noah .

“We are only kids . ”

“So you did hear the phone call . ”

Noah felt like he had his hands tied, he could only roll along .

“Since you two are coming along, remember to drop the Guild Master title, don’t reveal my true identity . ”

“Got it . ”

Kayo responded . She’s just happy she got what she wanted .

“We will take note of this . ”


Enju tilted her head . She looked like a chipmunk who is chewing on a nut, totally cute .

“What should we call you then?”

“Well, about that . ”

Noah rubbed his head .

“I don’t have an idea, you girls just think of something . ”

Kayo and Enju’s eyes lit up immediately .

“Danna-sama!” (Husbando)

Enju called out .


Noah shut her down in an instant .

“Goshuujin-sama!” (Master)

“Do you want me to be treated like a human scum?!”

Noah wanted to give her tiny head a good knocking .

“My love!”

Enju called out .

“How is that different from the first one?!”

Noah raised his voice with them .


Kayo suggested .

“Now you girls definitely want me to be treated like human trash!”

Noah’s leg weakened .

“Why can’t you girls just call me something normal?!”

Enju and Kayo got kicks out of using various embarrassing terms of endearment to test Noah’s bottom line .

Noah might have all the love in the world for them but he felt like locking them up in a dark room so they can properly reflect on their actions .

The trio finally arrived at their destination .

Noah immediately identified the girl who is dozing off .

She didn’t wear a sloppy pajama this time . She wore a long green and black dress . She also had a small coat to cover herself . Her tidy platinum blonde hair lit up under the warm glow of the sunlight .

Alas, Tina still looked like she needed more sleep . It looked like she didn’t get a single wink of sleep last night . Her eyelids quivered as they struggled to stay open . Her head was also bobbing up and down . More like, she’s probably sleeping while standing .

Noah placed his face to his palm .

“This girl, did she really stay up playing games and watching shows?”

Enju and Kayo got close to Tina, the two examined Tina after exchanging a look .

“Ohhh! She mastered the same skill as Rentaro, she can sleep while standing . ”

“I heard tales about this kind of people but this is the first time I saw a real-life case . ”

“Won’t she fall down like this?”

“I don’t know, Enju should poke her and see if she falls . ”

Enju looked like she wanted to do just that but Noah stopped her .

“You two, this is very rude to someone you just met . ”


Tina slowly lifted her head up after hearing Noah’s voice . She rubbed her eyes and she gave him a radiant smile .

“Good morning, Onii-san, nice weather we have, isn’t it? It feels so invigorating . ”


Noah, Kayo, and Enju said at the same time . They didn’t even hesitate .


Tina finally noticed the two extras . She stopped for a second before she asked .

“Did Onii-san kidnap two girls on the way here?”

“I don’t know why you arrived at the conclusion . What is your brain made of anyway?”

Noah riffed on her .

“Plus, I don’t have the ability to abduct girls, okay?”

Enju and Kayo threw him a weird gaze .

What about the heaps of kids back at the headquarters of Fairy Tail?

If Mira and Lisanna were here, they would also retort at the same time .

Mira and Lisanna were dragged into Fairy Tail by Noah when they were young .

“Anyway . ”

Noah rubbed both Kayo and Enju’s head, he pushed them forward .

“Now, you two, introduce yourselves . ”

“I’m Aihara Enju . ”

Enju raised an arm energetically and she hugged Noah’s arm .

“I’m his fiancee, you know?”

Noah almost planted his face into the ground, he staggered for a moment .

This isn’t the end .

“I am Senju Kayo . ”

Kayo used her usual cold face to introduce herself . Then, she hugged Noah’s other arm .

“I am also his fiancee . ”

Noah looked up at the sky, he gave up trying to explain himself .

Tina’s mouth was slightly agape with shock . She saw Enju and Kayo’s happy faces and she giggled .

“Onii-san is so incredible . ”

“What makes you say that?”

Noah weakly asked .

“This is just another proof of Onii-san’s warmth . ”

Tina still looked sleep but her smile was as genuine as they came .

“Without a truly warm and soft heart, I find it hard to believe that so many kids would flock to you . ”

“That’s right!”

Enju nodded vigorously . She bounced over to Tina and she slapped her hands onto Tina’s shoulder .

“Alright, I’ve made up my mind, you’re my friend from now on!”


Tina was stunned . She looked like she wasn’t expecting a friend request out of anywhere .

“I will call you Tina from now on!”

Enju patted her flat chest and she snorted with pride .

“Come, let me take you window-shopping!”

Enju pulled Tina who wasn’t prepared and she ran away leaving only giggles in her wake .


Noah and Kayo chased after them .

The four-person group disappeared into the crowd with giggles and laughter .