Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 125

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Chapter 125

The sniping caused the car to drift out of control as the car screeched from the sudden braking . The noise echoed throughout the dark rain .


The driver wasn’t prepared for this sudden attack . He used all his skills to keep the car from hitting obstacles as he turned the steering wheel . He was also crying and yelling in panic .

Seitenshi buried her head in Noah’s chest . She couldn’t handle this as evidenced by her anguished look .

Noah was the only one who had a leveled head under this desperate situation . He hugged Seitenshi with one arm and he grabbed the driver with his other arm .

Noah got into a stance and he kicked the limousine’s roof .


The roof immediately gave away as he made a huge hole in the limousine .


A figure dashed out from within the car .

The limousine hit a hard wall and the front of the limousine immediately became a lost cause, parts and metal scraps scattered everywhere .


The limousine then exploded into a molten mess of chemical fire and metal shrapnel .


The other escort cars stopped and Yasuwaki Takuto’s bodyguard corps rushed towards the explosion scene while screaming like unprofessional bodyguards .

Noah landed with both Seitenshi and the fainted driver in his arms . He landed gracefully although he is already drenched from the heavy rain .

Noah looked at the building that had a red flash just a short while ago .

Combining the sniping attack and the weird red flash just a brief moment before the attack actually landed, it was highly probable that someone sniped at them from that building .

The assassin that tried to snipe Seitenshi is probably still in that building!

He saw another flash of light as his superhuman senses kicked up .


He took out his gun and he fired without hesitation, he acquired his target in no time at all and he fired when he saw the shot .


His black bullet flew at supersonic speed as it charged straight for the building .

En route, the trajectory of the bullet met with the sniper rifle bullet coming from the tall building .

The two bullets collided in the air .


Statistically, this impossible shot is so unlikely it should have been impossible given the circumstances . Yet, Noah did just that as the two bullets deflected each other away .

“You’ve got to be kidding me . ”

With an Anti-tank sniper rifle gun in her hands, the young cursed child’s burning red eyes shook with shock .

She was well over 1 km away from them .

Her sniping skill is obviously very polished as she can confidently hit a target over 1 km away .

This is why her handler treated her with such importance .

The young lady assumed that she was the only one in this world who can pull off something like this .

However, the scene she saw caused her to revise her assumptions .

Moreover, from what she saw, her opponent outclassed her .

He spotted her from a kilometer away, with little preparations available, he fired a shot that targeted not her, but the bullet she fired . He thwarted her attack with apparent ease .

This isn’t on the level of 100% accuracy, this is just an inhuman level of skill .


While she was temporarily stunned, her enhanced visual and auditory senses picked up on the tell-tale signs of a gunshot . Normally, a human would have been shot just like that .

A gunfire!

An alarm went off inside her, feeling a threat to her life, she moved her head away without hesitation .

The shot obliterated her sniper scope, her eye would have been done in the same way if she didn’t move in time just now .

The sniper scope exploded into fragments of plastic, metal, and alloy .

The ensuing force also blew the sniper rifle away from her hands . It was a shot that rivaled her sniper fire in firepower .

She had proper control over her sniper control as well . In the end, she got sent into a tumble because of this attack .


Groaning, she used her trembling hands to grab her sniper rifle and she charged straight for the exit . She took the stairs .

Bang Bang Bang Bang

Four more devastating bullets landed behind her, blowing four impressive holes in the wall near her .

Had she delayed her escape, the four bullets would have perforated her .

“Hah… Hah… Hah…”

Wheezing from the pressure and stress, she tried to steady her breathing . Her back was already drenched from sweat, it didn’t help that her panic and sense of crisis gripped her when she was running for the stairs .

Her red eyes are still shaking with shell shock . She trembled while hugging the sniper rifle in her arms . She looked at the four holes that narrowly missed her and she hugged her rifle tighter .

“What a scary person…”

At the same time, Noah who used his exceptional senses to first block, then disarm, and then pursue the assassin, emptied all 6 bullets in his gun before he stopped .

He slowly opened his eyes and he squinted his eyes at the tall building in a distance .

“That aura, that was definitely a cursed child . ”

Because he was too far away, he didn’t immediately identify the assassin as a cursed child .

After he picked up on the fluctuations in the environment caused by a cursed child using her Gastrea power, he finally identified the assailant as a cursed child .

No doubt it, that was a cursed child!


Yasuwaki Takuto and his retinue finally arrived near Noah .

Seitenshi is still shaking from fear, she grabbed Noah’s shirt with a pale face .

Noah patted her back and he placed his remaining hand on her smooth glistening shoulder . He removed her from his chest and he looked into her eyes .

“It’s okay now, don’t be afraid . ”


Seitenshi nodded but her mind is still out of it .

She exhausted her mental energy with the attack just now .

“Noah Dreyar!”

Yasuwaki cried out in shock when he saw Noah holding a weakened Seitenshi in his embrace .

“Unhand Seitenshi-sama at once!”

Noah ignored Yasuwaki . He continued patting Seitenshi until she calmed down .

Yasuwaki Takuto was yelling and screeching in jealousy and rage for quite some time after this .