Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 124

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Chapter 124


On the way back to the Holy Residence in their limousine, Seitenshi sat with her hands clasped on top of her knee like a classy lady . She looked out the window with a worried look .

Noah sighed .

“Are you still thinking about Saitake?”

Seitenshi stopped gazing out the window and she shook her head .

“I was thinking of measures to get along with him . ”

“Getting along with Saitake?”

Noah thought Seinteshi was joking, he waved his hands .

“Impossible . Your ideal is too far apart from his . We have an idealist on one hand and a selfish dictator on the other . You two will never get along . ”

“It seems that is the case . Actually, I am troubled because of this . ”

Seitenshi adopted a respectful tone with Noah .

“I wish I had your confidence . I want the confidence to not back down when a brash person like President Saitake comes knocking . If I was more competent and visionary, I am sure Guild master Noah wouldn’t have to cover for me like what happened today . ”

Noah pursed his lips and he looked the other way .

“I just said all that stuff because I don’t like that old villain’s attitude . I didn’t do it for you . ”


Seitenshi can feel that Noah is not being honest with himself . She giggled as she commented on his behavior .

“I didn’t think Guild master Noah would have such a cute side to him . ’

“What are you going on about?”

Noah threw her a quick glance, warning her to back off .

“I am not playing with you and I don’t have a cute side . Keep poking me and I’m gone . ”

“I wasn’t poking fun at you . I really respect and admire you . ”

Seitenshi continued with a look of sorrow .

“I get why Kikunojou lost sleep thinking about how to deal with a civil defense officer who started out with no identity, background, or a deep pocket . I can see why he’s so troubled by you and your actions . ”

Seitenshi still had that pitiable look on her face .

“I was even thinking, what would happen if Noah became the ruler of Tokyo Area, maybe the people will be better off and the city more prosperous than any time in its history . ”

“Let’s stop joking around . ”

Noah frowned .

“Don’t tell me you’re losing faith in front of an old man who is sleepwalking?”

“I am just stating the facts . ”

Seitenshi said with strangely flustered breathing .

“Just from your attitude and response against someone of President Saitake’s stature, I can see you’re a man of talent . You created Fairy Tail despite Kikunojou’s obstruction . You forced President Saitake into a corner with your words . I am sure with your help, Tokyo Area will see lightning-fast developments!”

“Tokyo Area can really transform if you lend an arm to us!”

Seitenshi placed her hands on her chest while trying to persuade him with passion .

“Please, Noah-san, aid me and govern Tokyo Area with me!”

There was a heavy silence in the car .

Noah looked back at her without saying anything .

This was enough to answer Seitenshi’s plea .


Seinteshi sounds dejected .

“Why won’t you accept my request?”

“The reason is very simple . ”

Noah looked out the window while supporting his chin with his palm .

“I haven’t found a reason to protect Tokyo Area, specifically, the hate-filled people that can tolerate and live with treating a bunch of innocent children cruelly . ”

Seitenshi’s jaw fell for a moment but she couldn’t think of a proper response as she lowered her head .

There is a very easy solution to persuade Noah but the practicality of this approach is about as difficult as accepting Saitake’s authoritarian regime .

Noah only wanted a simple thing . He wanted the cursed children to live like other children, there shouldn’t be touched by discrimination . They should laugh and play around like kids their age .

If Seitenshi can do this, Noah definitely will help Seitenshi should she ask for his help .

But, this method sounds simple, in reality, is it even possible?

Maybe it is, in a world where humans who didn’t lose their loved ones to Gastrea existed . Only in this kind of world will the cursed children be treated with decency .

If the Cursed Children continue to live with the Gastrea virus inside them . If there’s even an iota of a chance that they can morph into monsters, they will never be truly accepted by other humans .

Nobody wanted to live near another human that can turn into a monster at any time .

Even without hatred, cursed children will still invoke emotion in humans .

Fear .

Seitenshi became silent . She turned her eyes which are filled with complex thoughts away from Noah .

Tap tap tap

It started raining and rain droplets fell upon the car and the windows . The noise filled the inner space of the limousine .

They couldn’t see the scenery outside because of the heavy rain .

The relaxed silence got replaced with a tense silence . The rain became annoying because of this .

Noah suddenly noticed something .

Buzz buzz buzz buzz

It sounded like the wing flaps of a bug .

He never heard this kind of noise . He flinched and he extended an arm towards Seitenshi .

“Give me your hand . ”

Seitenshi didn’t expect this sudden request .

Noah looked outside the window vigilantly . He extended his perception far and wide .

Seitenshi knew something is off from his reaction, she also raised her guards .

Seitenshi grabbed Noah’s hand with her gloved hand .

He continued scanning the situation outside the car without moving a muscle .

Clouded by the dark clouds above, only a few buildings in this concrete jungle flashed red light at the top . This was nothing out of the ordinary .

At least, that was the case for Seitenshi because she couldn’t see anything wrong .

But, Noah had superhuman senses, his perceptions are also beyond human limits .

Noah sensed it .

The weird wing flaps from a bug he didn’t recognize distorted the air around them slightly . Then, he picked up a familiar sensation .

It’s something Noah is very used to .

The energy fluctuation of a cursed child activating her Gastrea powers .

He saw a flash of light coming from the upper floors of a building far away .

At the same time, Noah quickly pulled Seitenshi into his embrace .


Seitenshi’s original spot burst into a mix of car cushion and metal .


The car drifted out of control like a spinning top .


Seitenshi yelled in panic, she returned to her senses as she quickly processed that .

A sniper!

The limousine, no, Seitenshi was targeted by a sniper!