Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 123

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Chapter 123

“An era of peace?”

Seitenshi and Saitake were both stunned .

“Seitenshi is not disqualified as a ruler . ”

Noah looked at Saitake .

“You’re the one who’s not cut out to lead people, President Saitake Sougen . ”

“You’re not going to amuse with words like a democratic leader is the one who can lead most effectively, right? That was all the in past!”

Sougen laughed out loud .

“In the end, you’re just a civil defense officer . A leader that is bound by the will of his people, how can someone like that do anything noteworthy in a time of utter chaos?”

“I already said the premise should be an era of peace, not troubled times though?”

Noah chuckled .

“President Saitake, there is nothing wrong with thinking about what to do with a world without Gastrea monsters . You are too fixated on how to make yourself the king of a new world . You never thought about the consequences of your actions, did you?”

Saitake continued looking at Noah without saying anything .

“You’re right, the first one to recover from the Gastrea crisis will become the ruler of a world reborn . I see a different world, I see a world where humans work together to rebuild a world ruined by Gastreas . ”

Noah grinned .

“When that time comes, when peace returns to humans . What will the residents who lived under oppression and high taxes think when they think about the rulers of the previous era? What will they think when they remember the fact that they had human rights, that they can decide who is the government?”

“Please, enlighten me . ”

Noah continued with a bored look .

“President Saitake, what will happen to you when you rule the new world?”

Saitake’s expression darkened when Noah let him sit with his own thoughts for a brief while . In no time at all, his face is about as distorted as it can get .

Seitenshi’s gaze started sharpening again, she knew what Noah is up to .

In front of two regional rulers, Noah didn’t hesitate when it came to firing shots at Saitake .

“If you’re still playing dumb, I can say the thing on your mind . Revolutions will happen, and they will continue to spring up again and again until the dictator is chased away from his iron-and-clay throne . In a peaceful era, humans will demand a democratic regime, and you will be the ultimate loser in this scenario!”

“I won’t become a loser!”

Saitake lifted his head while he shouted back at him .

“What basis do you have to say that I will become one?!”

“How about this, I think you’re delusional!”

Noah looked at Saitake with pity in his eyes .

“Saitake Sougen, you need to know that even if you somehow became the ruler of a chaotic world, when the era of peace dawns, you’re one of the relics that will be thrown out as obsolete!”

“You might be very proud thinking your actions are justified as a ruler . Well, let me tell you one thing . ”

Noah fired verbal arrows at Saitake’s heart .

“People like you will cower in the corner, praying that an era of peace never come back . The people will always support a leader like Seitenshi who earnestly wishes for peace . If you claim to be a ruler of chaotic times then the Tokyo Area ruler will only need to wait and survive until an era of peace that will cast away the previous era . She will ascend the throne of a ruler in a peaceful period . ”

“Saitake Sougen, you’re not qualified to look down on Seitenshi!”

Noah said .

“Seitenshi will win if she survives until the end . Meanwhile, even if you survive until the end, you will still end up losing!”

“Shut your mouth! Civil defense officer!”

Saitake tried to pull out a small pistol from his suit with eyes clouded by anger .

Clack .

A black iron pipe was millimeters away from his eyes . He can see the grooves inside the barrel from this close distance . Saitake completely froze up with his hand inside his gun pocket .

“Guild master Noah!”

She immediately stood up to grab Noah’s arm .

Noah didn’t budge, he continued holding his gun to Saitake’s head with a calm look .

Saitake calmed down and he removed his hand from his pocket . He gave Noah a smug look .

“You might be a Tokyo Area resident but you just pointed your gun at him . Unless Tokyo Area wants war between both Areas, it’s death penalty for you!”

Saitake kept up his superior attitude .

“Do you understand your position now?”

“Guild master Noah . ”

Seitenshi tried to pull Noah’s arm back in a flustered manner . She wanted him to lower his gun .

Noah snickered like he’s not even fazed by his threat .

“You are still so clueless . Saitake Sougen, I am surprised you got this far with your narrow big-picture vision . Why is Kikunojou treating you like you’re a very troublesome opponent?”

“What did you say?”

Saitake got pissed off by his snide remark .

“Say that again!”

“I can say it as many times as you want me to . Saitake, you’re dumb . I can kill you right now and Osaka Area won’t be able to do anything against Tokyo Area, do you understand that?”

Noah sighed .

“Like a dictator, I am sure you stepped on a lot of toes, I am sure those people in Osaka Area will be very excited at the chance to seize your position, right?”

Saitake stopped .

“If you die here, I am sure the people aiming for your position would start a civil war among themselves trying to integrate and consolidate their power and factions . I am pretty sure some of them will start airing your dirty laundry to reduce your fame and influence . Some of them might even band together to take you down or to increase their influence over the people . ”

Noah is the one with the smug smile now .

“Heck, if I play my cards right, I will come out this as a hero rather than someone who started a war between two Areas . You still with me?”

“You bastard!”

Saitake started growling like Noah stuck a sharp object up his butt .

“You were destined to fall in this manner when you started talking and acting like a dictator!”

Noah glared at him .

“I can already hear the bad titles the historians will give you when they are drafting history books . Can you hear it?”

“Mister president of Osaka Area . ”

“Bastard… bastard… bastard…”

Saitake’s body started trembling . He leered at Noah so hard it’s like he wanted to stare holes into his body .

“Guild master Noah!”

Seitenshi finally managed to muster up a harsh tone .

“Let me start the talk between me and President Saitake!”

Noah lowered his gun and he stood behind Seitenshi once more, he also gave Saitake a smile before he did that .

Seitenshi crossed her arms and she calmly continued .

“President Saitake, can we get into the heart of the matter?”

Recognizing her words as an escape route, Saitake calmed down with difficulty and he replied .

“Sorry, Seitenshi-sama, I don’t feel so good today . Can we schedule another meeting for tomorrow?”

“I understand . ”

Seinteshi nodded as if she’s not surprised .

“I will look forward to our next meeting . ”

Saitake gave Noah one last glare and he left him with a sentence .

“I will not lose!”

Then, he turned around to leave the place .

Seitenshi looked at Saitake’s back, she confirmed his departure while Noah had a weird flash in his eyes after Saitake left .